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June Edition 2019
Matcom News
Lift & Move 2019
On May 30th, we brought Lift & Move to Canada for the first time! We partnered with the Crane Rental Association of Ontario and Anderson Haulage to promote careers in our industry to 200 high school and college students across Ontario.
We are overwhelmed by the positive response we've received from students, industry professionals, and the community. Thank you so much to all staff members whose hard work made Lift & Move such a success!

Save The Date:
Town Hall Meeting
July 10, 2019 @ 4:30 pm

Food will be provided.

Matcom Gives Back
Spring Cleaning for the Canadian Diabetes Association
This June, Matcom participated in a spring cleaning charity initiative for diabetes research! We accepted gently used clothing items for donation to the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Thank you to everyone who donated!
Attention Field Staff: Be The Best You Can Be
Are you thinking about developing a new skill set? Are you seeking new and rewarding challenges? Do you think you can handle more responsibility on the job? Do you have an idea about how to improve the company?
You are encouraged to talk your Foreman or Project Manager about opportunities to expand your knowledge!

There are plenty of training opportunities available for those willing to learn and work hard.
"Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it." - Cathy Hopkins
Construction In Focus : A Leader in Safety in Trades Work
Matcom was featured in the newest edition of Construction In Focus ! Check out the article to see what makes us an industry leader in health and safety.
Employees in the Spotlight
Happy Retirement!
Congratulations to George Little , who retired from Matcom on June 28th!
Thank you for your years of passionate dedication to the Matcom family, George. We'll miss you!
Time to relax... you've earned it!
It's a Boy!
Congratulations to Matcom's own Josh Berns who welcomed a baby boy named Bentley on May 28th!
Dressed to the K-9s
Phil Kelloway sporting Matcom sunglasses alongside his adorable pup.
Matcom Fun and Games
Field Staff Draw
The winner of this months' draw is Rinnie Loewe. Please come and collect your gift from Alexander McCleave upstairs!

Don't worry, next month there will be another random winner. Stay tuned for more opportunities to win!
Spot the Difference: Lego Gantry Edition
There are 2 Lego gantries at Matcom: one upstairs by accounting, and one downstairs by operations. They are almost identical, except for several small differences...
Can you spot all the differences between the two gantries?

Disclaimer: NO touching, moving, disassembling, or photographing the Lego!

The first person to identify all the differences will win a $100 gift card!

Submit your answer by emailing Alexander McCleave at . Good luck!
Stay in the Know: Health and Safety
Heat Stress Prevention
Working in the heat puts stress on your body’s cooling system. When heat is combined with other stresses such as hard physical work, loss of fluids, fatigue or some pre-existing medical conditions, it may lead to heat-related illness, disability and even death.

This can happen to anybody – even the young and fit. In Ontario, heat stress is usually a concern during the summer. This is especially true early in the summer, when people are not used to the heat.
Keep yourself safe from heat stress this summer by reading up on signs, symptoms, and prevention methods!
Industry News
Supporting Women in Trades Conference 2019
Building on the success of the 2018 event, where the  Road Map to Supporting Women in Trades  was developed, the skilled trades and apprenticeship community gathered to propose ideas on how to move from the road map to a 'how to get there' plan.

This June, the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum hosted the second annual Supporting Women in Trades Conference in Vancouver, BC. More than 300 delegates gathered to share ideas and engage in conversation about female participation in the skilled trades.

When asked about the goal of the conference , Executive Director of CAF-FCA France Daviault said, "we know what the barriers are, and we are finished contemplating those. Last year, conference attendees told us where we need to go. This year, they told us what we need to do, collectively, to get there."
'It is my love': Refugee gives back to sponsors by welding new cross for church

Sohail Khazaal learned to weld 25 years ago in Syria before immigrating to Canada in 2016. This summer, Sohail is paying back the Catholic parish that sponsored his family's settlement in Canada by  welding  a new cross for the 96-year-old church.

"I have been in this job 23 years, it is my love," he said as he put the finishing touches on the cross.

When the war brought trouble to Syria, St. George's in Ottawa stepped in and saved his family. Now, Sohail is trying to return the favour.
“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams
Local News
Cortellucci family donates $40 million to the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital
On June 13th, the Cortellucci family made a $40-million donation to help build and fully equip the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. It is the largest single donation in Mackenzie Health’s history and was announced during the 2019 Vaughan Mayor’s Gala. The hospital has now collected a whopping $160 million in donations.
New Vaughan school to be named after civil rights icon Viola Desmond

A new elementary school in Vaughan will be named after Canadian civil rights activist Viola Desmond. The new school will open in the fall at the intersection of Farrell Road and Via Romano Boulevard.

In 1946, Ms. Desmond challenged racial discrimination at a Nova Scotia cinema by refusing to leave an area designated for white people. The police forcibly removed her, injuring her hip in the process, and held her overnight in prison. She was then fined and charged with defrauding the Government of Nova Scotia. After this experience, Ms. Desmond protested against the government’s discriminatory policies. She also operated a training academy for young black women who were often excluded from local programs.
“Viola Desmond is a Canadian hero,” said trustee Dr. Elizabeth Sinclair. “To be able to recognize her contributions to dismantling racial segregation and inequality is a great honour...”

In November 2018, Viola became the first Canadian woman to appear alone on the $10 bill.
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