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December Edition 2018

A Look Back!
Matcom Moving the Legendary Avro... Again
Matcom last month, had the pleasure of moving the Avro plane for the second time in our history. It was a magnificent honor to be able to move such an iconic piece of Canadian history. I was able to join the Matcom crew and get a first hand look at the lift. The Matcom crew were complete professionals and did a fantastic job with the move. Special thank you goes out to Dan Hertz and Jon Ayres for leading such a successful lift. Congratulations to everyone involved.
Matcom Fun and Games
The Lego Game!

December's winner was Vincenza Longo! It was a run away victory this month.

Congratulations Vincenza! Good luck to everyone for the month of January!
Field Staff Draw!
Field Staff it is that time again! The winner of the random draw is Mark Procter! Please come by and collect your gift in the new year. Don't worry next month there will be another winner! Stay tuned cause it could be you.

If you've been selected as this month random draw prize winner. Please come upstairs and see Alexander McCleave to collect your prize!
Christmas Party!
This years Christmas party was an absolute success! Judging by all the smiles from the photos, its fair to say that everyone had a blast! A special thank you to all the recipients of the service awards. Matcom really appreciates all your hard work over the years. We hope everyone had a great time!
Matcom Giving Back
Vaughan Christmas Time Float
Matcom once again, helped to sponsor a Christmas Parade float for the Vaughan Santafest celebration. A big thank you has to go out to everyone who gave there time to make the event run smoothly. That includes everyone who worked on the float and helped to install the railing. A special thank you must go out to Leon Salmon and Pina Mucci for staying over the weekend to help out.
December Give Back
This past December Matcom took on the responsibility of sponsoring a family in need. It was an absolute success. Thanks to everyone who participated you helped make a family in need, have a very Merry Christmas.
Stay in the Know!
Health and Safety Tips: Amendments to the  Globally Harmonized System

Inspection initiative results: Personal protective equipment and high visibility clothing. Results of a province-wide enforcement initiative that focused on personal protective equipment, including high visibility clothing, at mines and mining plants from February 1 to March 31, 2018.

Treacherous Driving Conditions as Snow Hits 

A pedestrian crossing the road, a car jumping a red light, a boar passing by... In terms of transport, from the moment it takes place on a public road open to other users there is no such thing as zero risk. RATP Dev is nonetheless far from leaving the question solely to benevolent fate. While greater rail safety was the first focus of attention, the improvement of road safety is now the subject of many initiatives within the company.
Industry News
This is what you need to know about Canada's new drinking and driving laws!

Convicted impaired drivers now face stricter penalties, and police officers now have enhanced powers to determine whether drivers are impaired by alcohol or other drugs.

Police officers are also now able to test drivers for impairment by using any device approved by the attorney general.
Matcom Employees!
We would like to congratulate Rob Goyeau on gaining his inter-provincial Millwright License (C of Q Red Seal) Great job Rob, we're always happy to hear Matcom employees bettering themselves and the company! Keep up the amazing work!
If you know of someone that you think would be a good fit here at Matcom please do not hesitate to contact Natasha Lewis at Explaining why you believe the person would be a good fit and remember to send their resume as well.
Local News
GTA Researcher Wins Award for Work on Spinal Cords

Emily Giroux was awarded the Mitacs award in Ottawa late last month for her innovative research on working with people with spinal cord injuries, and trying to “predict what someone with a [spinal cord injury] needs or what their priorities would be."
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