New Examinations Effective Fall 2021
UPPCC recently announced that new certification examinations would be coming in 2021 as a result of the most recent job analysis project. Whether you are hoping to test under the current exams or if you are waiting to take the new exams, you'll want to plan carefully and be aware of the following key dates and deadlines.

Last Opportunity to Take Current Examinations is Spring 2021

Spring Exam Application Window Opens Nov 1st, 2020
Spring Exam Application Submission Deadline is Feb 11, 2021
Spring Examination Window is May 3 - 15, 2021

First Opportunity to Take New Examinations is Fall 2021

Fall Exam Application Window Opens May 1st, 2021
Fall Exam Application Submission Deadline is Jul 12, 2021
Fall Exam Window is Oct 18 - 30, 2021
UPPCC Offers Choices for Candidate Testing

In response to COVID-19, UPPCC now offers candidates the opportunity to test for their certification in a physical testing center or test remotely in their home or office. Candidates will now find both options when scheduling a testing appointment.
Congratulations Alisa Scott, CPPB, VCO, PMP!

UPPCC congratulates Alisa Scott, CPPB, VCO, PMP, Manager of Purchasing for the Town of Front Royal in Virginia, as the winner of the $250 Amazon gift card giveaway. UPPCC offered the giveaway as an incentive to encourage participation in the most recent UPPCC Job Task Analysis survey. Alisa was randomly selected as the lucky winner!

When notified, Alisa said, "I want to thank the UPPCC for this award and for always continuing the advancement of professional development. In this new world, each of us are asked to step outside our normal responsibilities so that we can thrive together as a team. When we work together like this, we can change the world. Thank you again!"

UPPCC would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all public procurement practitioners who participated in the survey this past spring.
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