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October 3, 2018

Rivalry Week October 3 - 7

Wednesday Senior High Bible Study @ PCR 
7:30 - 9:00 pm 
Relationship with your Enemy  

Friday, October 5 Tailgate Party 
5:00 - 7:00 pm
At Pastor Keith's House located ½ mile from the stadium
4606 Rockwood
Houston, TX 77004

Parking on and near campus is very limited.  There are 12,000 tickets available for the game and only about 3,000 parking spots approved for our use by UH.  2,400 of these spots will be in the Stadium Parking Garage which creates bottlenecks for traffic arriving and leaving the event. In addition, expect Friday evening rush hour traffic to interfere with your commute to the UH campus.  Please plan ahead to carpool or take the Metro Rail Purple Line to the TSU/UH Athletics District station in the TDECU stadium parking lot.

If you plan to have someone drop you off at Pastor Keith's house, follow the google maps driving directions. There is little to no street parking allowed in University Oaks.

If you plan to drive and park,
TDECU Stadium Parking will be $5.00. We recommend that you arrive early to park in the south or east side of surface lot 12A and walk to Pastor Keith's house. 


If you plan to ride the Metro Light Rail Purple Line, it will cost $1.25 for a one way ticket.  Parking is free in a well-lit, secure parking lot at the Palm Center Transit Center located at 5300 Griggs Road, Houston, TX 77021 . Trains run every 12 minutes and the ride to campus is less than 10 minutes.  
The station closest to Pastor Keith's house is "UH South/University Oaks."  We recommend you get off here to walk 5 minutes to Pastor Keith's house for the tailgate.  From his house, it will take less than 10 minutes to walk to the stadium.
Following the game, you will want to board the train at the "TSU/UH Athletics District" station located in the stadium parking lot outside Gate 3.
Sunday, October 7 Eat the Menu
4:00 - 6:00 pm 
McDonalds on Hwy 35 close to church 
Let's finish off rival week (DHS vs PHS) with the possibility of your team taking home the crown. The cost for this event will be $15.00 per participant. This will cover the cost of menu items each team will be eating! Remaining proceeds will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.  
Form your team of ten people, or we will help you find a team. This is going to be a blast, invite your friends!
Here is the link to register for Eat the Menu. 

Make note of the time.  This is an hour earlier than our usual Sunday evening so that we will not miss the kick-off of the Texans vs. Cowboys at 7:00 pm.
What's Happening This Week
Sunday, October 7
9:15 am - Sunday Morning in the PSM Youth Building. 
                Senior High - The Greatest Week 5 
                Junior High - Vital Week 5
5:00 pm - Snack Supper, Games and Worship in the MFC
                 Let Jesus lead you towards Love 

Wednesday, October 10:  
7:30 - 9:00 pm - Senior High Bible Study at PCR
Sometimes following God feels a little complicated. With so many rules to remember, prayers to pray, and guidelines for how we're supposed to live, it's easy for it all to feel overwhelming. In this series, as we look at how Jesus kept faith simple, we'll see that it's really all about doing one thing-the greatest thing.

We will cover Week 5 of this series  Oct. 7th
Week 5: Let Jesus lead you toward love.  

A five-week series about following the Greatest Commandment by loving God, others and ourselves.
Week 5: A relationship with Jesus fuels our love for God, others and ourselves. 
Student Ministry Moment

Some of you know that growing up I had the great pleasure of attending three different high school. A couple of things that I learned from that experience is that there are constants in all schools. Things l ike cliques, the one teacher that everyone loved, that one teacher that everyone didn't love and of course each school had their rival.  
Rivalry in High School activities is such a huge part of our DNA as a school and part of the experience. Think about any story through history. What would many of our heroes be without their antagonist? What would Peter pan be without a Captain Hook? What about Batman without a Joker? Harry Potter without Lord Voldemort? Dorothy with no Wicked Witch? The point is that we all have things that we fight against and that are truly part of who we are.  We fight it so hard and for so long it becomes ingrained in us. If you think real hard you will think of at least one thing.
These things have the ability to weigh us down or maybe just maybe push to be better. My hope is that not only for this week in all of the festivities, but at any point of your life when your Vilians, Rivals, Antagonist or any other word we may call them, comes in sight that you will understand that they were created by our creator. May you find patience and love for them in a way that is hard to understand or describe. May you share the love of Christ with them and may you be blessed to speak life into them and may you not let it weigh you down but push you to be the best that you can be.

Blessings and Thank You,
John McClure
Help Keep the Youth Fridge Stocked 

The youth building has a beautiful new refrigerator...thanks to many of you it is beginning to fill-up! However those of you who have teenagers in your house, you know it won't stay that way for long.  Please consider picking up an extra 12-pack of soda or water (or 2) the next time you are at the grocery store. Drop them off in the Youth building. 
Wednesday Night Senior High Bible Study
@ Pearland Coffee Roasters
7:30 - 9:00 pm
Join us and bring friends!

John McClure, Student Ministry Director
Susan McElya, Student Ministry Assistant/M&M's Coordinator

Equipping students to live out and share the mission of Jesus Christ to the world.