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August 29, 2018

What's Happening This Week
Sunday, September 2:   
9:15 am - PSM Sunday Morning in the Youth Building. We begin the Orange Curriculum.
                Senior High:  The Greatest Week 1
                Junior High:   Vital Week 1 
5:00 pm - No Evening Activities due to Labor Day Holiday

Wednesday, September 5:  
7:30 - 9:00 pm - Senior High Bible Study at PCR
Sometimes following God feels a little complicated. With so many rules to remember, prayers to pray, and guidelines for how we're supposed to live, it's easy for it all to feel overwhelming. In this series, as we look at how Jesus kept faith simple, we'll see that it's really all about doing one thing-the greatest thing.

God is FOR you.
        Parent Cue  
Week 2: If you want to know God, get to know Jesus.
Week 3: Loving your life comes from knowing your worth.
Week 4: Move people from a category to a conversation.
Week 5: Let Jesus lead you toward love.
A five-week series about following the Greatest Commandment by loving God, others and ourselves.

What we're for is more important than what we're against.
Week 2: Getting to know Jesus is how we get to know God.
Week 3: Our value is determined by God.
Week 4: Everyone matters to Jesus, so everyone should matter to us
Week 5: A relationship with Jesus fuels our love for God, others and ourselves
Student Ministry Moment

  A couple of summers ago I met a man that would, as I have found, challenge me to constantly work on being better in the things that I do on a daily basis. The first thing I heard him talk about was Longview, Texas and how his time with his grandmother and her church would shape his life then and continues to today. He did an exercise though that was different than anything I have ever seen. He asked one side of the congregation to take to say, "You don't want to change" and the other tosay. "I can change". It continued to get louder and louder. He then asked for one student to come to the front. It moved from mob vs. mob to a one vs. the mob situation.

Change is hard and it is something that most people struggle with. But I can't tell you how proud I am in the amount of change and growth we have had in the past 6 months. We have been and continue to feel your support in the many roles that we have added this fall.

I wanted to take this time to thank you for striving towards being a lay driven student ministry and I pray that we will not only continue to be excellent in this but that we will continue to have an attitude of urgency as we move forward and continue to win in this area of ministry
Blessings and Thank You,
John McClure
Wednesday Night Senior High Bible Study
@ Pearland Coffee Roasters
7:30 - 9:00 pm
Join us for the first meeting of the 
new school year on September 5th.
Round Table with John

Sunday, September 16 or Sunday, S eptember 23
9:30 am in the Assembly Room 
All parents are encouraged to attend one of these meetings. 
Sign-Up Here to attend one of the meetings.                                 

John McClure, Student Ministry Director
Susan McElya, Student Ministry Assistant/M&M's Coordinator

Equipping students to live out and share the mission of Jesus Christ to the world.