Pearland Student Ministry
FUMC Pearland

April 3, 2019
PSM Philosophy of Ministry
Pearland Student Ministries exists to equip Students to be engaged Christian Disciples so that more young people may be connected to Christ.
Pearland Student Ministries strives to be a safe place for students to grow and explore their faith by welcoming, loving, and inviting ALL students and their families.
Pearland Student Ministries is a Student-driven community where students look to serve God by serving others.
Pearland Student Ministries works to connect the hearts of parents to their students and the hearts of students to their parents.
What's Happening This Week

Wednesday, April 3
7:15 pm
Senior High Bible Study at PCR
Sunday, April 7
9:30 am   Meet in the Youth Building 
                Senior High:  Week One - Like A Boss
                Junior High:  Week One - Says Who 

5:00 pm    
PSM Sunday Night Meet in the MFC 
Wednesday, April 10
7:15 pm  Senior High Bible Study at PCR    

Student Ministry Moment 
This weekend is the Opal Cote Memorial Dinner Theater and I am always amazed at the amount of talent our students have. This year isn't any different and will blow you away. I hope that you will come out and support our ministry this weekend. We still need cakes and help on Friday night. If you know of anyone that needs tickets, we still have some available and would love to sell them.

Don't miss this annual event!

Friday, April 5, 7:00 pm
Saturday, April 6, 12:00 pm

Online Ticket Sales will close at Midnight 
Wednesday, April 3rd 

Thursday, April 4th - 6-8 pm final rehearsal ALL ACTS; lights and sound

ORANGE Weekly Resources
Senior High 
Let's be honest: Nobody likes being told what to do
and nobody wants to be bossed around. In this series,
we'll take a look at how we can all begin to honor
and respect the authority in our lives, even when it's
hard! As we do, we'll discover that life's better when
we learn to handle authority like a boss.

Week 1: Life is better when you honor the boss.

Week 2: Control what you can control, and trust God with
what you can't.
God and gain  freedom when we respect the authority figures in our lives.
WEEK 1: Honoring authority now brings more freedom  later.

WEEK 2: When you honor authority, you honor God.

Saturday, April  13 th - Bethany Methodist Day School
Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm
Where: 3507 Linkwood Dr. Houston, TX 77025
What: painting, landscaping,
 repairing a fence, repairing a tree bench.
          $300.00                                            $400.00                                      $150.00      
PSM Upcoming Sunday Nights


Youth Volunteers

VBS June 10 - 14

GIFTS Camp July 15 - 19

John McClure, Student Ministry Director
Susan McElya, Student Ministry Assistant/M&M's Coordinator

Equipping students to live out and share the mission of Jesus Christ to the world.