Pearland Student Ministry
FUMC Pearland

May 8, 2019
PSM Philosophy of Ministry
Pearland Student Ministries exists to equip Students to be engaged Christian Disciples so that more young people may be connected to Christ.

We strive to be a safe place for students to grow and explore their faith by welcoming, loving, and inviting ALL students and their families.

We are a Student-driven community where students look to serve God by serving others.

We work to connect the hearts of parents to their students and the hearts of students to their parents.

What's Happening This Week

May 12th
Sunday Morning 
Meet in the Youth Building for Sunday School 
9:15 - 10:45 AM
Senior High: Week Two of Underrated 
Junior High:  Week Two of Underestimated
Sunday Afternoon
No Youth Activities - Hug Your Mom!

May 15th
Wednesday Night  
Senior High Bible Study meet at Pearland Coffee Roasters
7:15-9 PM
Student Ministry Moment 
This upcoming school year we are implementing a student leadership team. Click this link if you would like to serve on the team:  STUDENT LEADERSHIP APPLICATION We welcome students who feel led to help drive our student ministry in a direction that will impact other students in their relationship with Christ. If you are an interested student or know someone who would be a good addition to this team.
I hope that you will consider applying or encourage other students to apply. 

ORANGE Weekly Resources
Senior High 
Have you ever felt underrated or underestimated because of your age? It's a terrible feeling-as if, because you're still a teenager, you can't get this life or faith thing right yet. In this series, as we look at what was said to a young church leader named Timothy, we'll find that when it comes to our faith, instead of being underrated, we can own it.

Week 2: Only you can own your actions. 
Week 3: Give ownership to someone older.

A three-week character study on Timothy.

Week 2: Never underestimate your actions
WEEK 3: Never underestimate wise adults in your life.
College Scholarship Information 

First United Methodist Church, Pearland and Redeemer Church along with the Scholarship Committee would like to congratulate you on your plans to further your education! To apply for a scholarship, please complete and return all requested information before the deadline. All information will be held shared only with members of the Scholarship Committee and will be judged by the same members to evaluate and determine the person or persons who will receive a scholarship. The key criteria for evaluation will include: 
  • Active participation in the programs and ministries of FUMC Pearland/Redeemer Church, i.e. Student Ministry, Be the Church, Bible Study leadership, etc.
  • Demonstration of Community Service
  • Scholastic ability and extracurricular activities that demonstrate the ability to be successful at his/her chosen institution of higher learning.
  • Christ-Like behavior 
The information must be received in the Pearland Church office by 12:00 noon on Friday, May 31, 2019.

Help Stock the Fridge  
Parents make sure to ask your student about our youth fridge. Most of our kids love to come and get drinks on Sunday mornings. We are running low again and if everyone would bring one 12-pack, we would be fully stocked again.
P.S. We have enough Sprite to last us until Jesus comes back!
          $300.00                                            $400.00                                      $150.00      
John McClure, Student Ministry Director
Susan McElya, Student Ministry Assistant/M&M's Coordinator

Equipping students to live out and share the mission of Jesus Christ to the world.