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Watch as an iconic statue is lowered from the Courthouse roof!
Get the scoop on Jessamine County holiday celebrations!
Mark your calendars for a VERY important day!

In addition to the Jessamine County Courthouse renovation project, work began in mid-November to repair and preserve the statues of two very important ladies who have watched over our Courthouse since the 1870s.


Firs t —the moral of the story:  He/she who hesitates…loses out on the chance to rent a county-owned event facility.  

Second what we mean by that:  January 2 will be the first day in 2020 that residents can reserve a county-owned building.

That’s right. January 2, 2020 will be a big day at the Jessamine County Judge/Executive office.


Some traditions are too special to mess with, and the Jessamine County Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is one of them.

For approximately 30 years, residents and visitors have gathered at the Jessamine County Courthouse, located at 101 N. Main St. in Nicholasville and ushered in the holiday season with a traditional Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. And even though the Courthouse is currently in the midst of a major renovation and repair project, this year will be no exception.

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