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The Cinco de Mayo Race is Coming! 

That's right- it's time to start training for your next 5K or 10K. The Cinco De Mayo Run, Walk & Roll is just around the bend, on Saturday, May 5, 2018.  

It will take place at the PlayTri Store located at: 

7951 Collin McKinney Parkway 
McKinney, Texas 
Start Times: 

1K @ 7:45am
10K @ 8:00am
5K @ 8:10am

register online at  PlayTri.com/cinco

Art In The Square 2018!
We are honored to once again be a beneficiary of this great event hope that all our supporters and friends will come out to enjoy the festivities! 

Art in the Square is one of the top art shows in the nation and we're looking forward to celebrating their 19th year with them!


Friday, April 27         4:00pm - 10:30pm*
Saturday, April 28    10:00am - 10:30pm*
Sunday, April 29       11:00am - 6:00pm
Robot, Anybody?

Introducing you to the Aeolus Robot, created by  Alexander Huang, Global chief executive of Aeolus Robotics. The Aeolous Robot is  "Capable of being fitted with various "grippers," the arms can be adjusted for different tasks. Do you want Aeolus to use your vacuum for some tidying up? Or maybe you want the robot to pick up a glass and bring it to your buddy across the room, or pinch some clothes off the ground? Aeolus has appendages
for all of that. One day soon, we were promised, it will be able operate your microwave and dishwasher as well. 
"It's the human's assistant," explained company founder and CEO Alexander Huang. 

But Aeolus is about more than enabling laziness. Huang told us he truly believes it will be able to help the disabled and the elderly with household chores. When asked what excited him most about the robot, it was this aspect that he focused in on."

If you would  like tor read more about this exciting invention, visit the  Washington Post or  this website

Celebrating Five Years Later
Remember Benjamin Hetrick?

It was five years ago this February 26th that Ben Hetrick was involved in the motorcycle accident that left him a t-12 paraplegic.  Not everyone would find that as much of a reason to celebrate, but Ben does! He is happy to be alive and living to the fullest. 

Let's take a look at what Ben has accomplished in these last five years:

"I can't believe how fast time has flown by! I will be graduating college this summer with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UT Dallas. I plan to be getting a full time job shortly after that. In the last five years I married my wife Joy (we just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary), we bought a little house in Dallas, I have ridden my handcycle over three thousand miles, including the MS150 in 2014 and the Cowtown Marathon this year, successfully hunted a deer (first time ever in my chair!) and even had the opportunity to travel to Cleveland, OH for the summer to participate in a research internship. I feel so lucky to have been able to do and experience so much. I am so thankful to family, friends, and NAF for all the support they have given me over these last few years. I am excited to see what the next five years bring!" 
Introducing You to Our Clients
Meet Traci and Chris...

We are so honored to help two amazing individuals in our community with their new van conversion - meet Traci and Chris. 

This is their Facebook post from January, 2018:

"After 2 months we are finally BACK IN ACTION!!!! Thank you United Access for doing all the conversions. BIG BIG Thanks to the VA and The Neuro Assistance Foundation for the funding of our van conversions. This wouldn't be possible without your support. Watch out y'all...here we come!" 

Meet Jim...

This is Jim. He became a paraplegic two years ago after disc compression surgery. Jim's doctor at Baylor wanted him to have a standing frame to improve his overall h ealth. 

NAF was able to deliver the standing frame to Jim and his wife, Dianna, on January 17th. 
Welcome to the family, Jim. 
Meet Kimberly...

Thanks to your donations and support, we were able t o repair a wheelchair van that was donated to us and we presented it to our sweet client, Kimberly! Look at her complete joy! You might remember that Kimberly, age 15, had back surgery in December to correct severe scoliosis. The surgery at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital was a great success
as you can see from her before and after x-rays!

Now she can roll up her ramp, lock down her wheelchair and GO! This opens up a whole new world for her. This is what your donation dollars look like! Want to make a donation to help our next child? Just click the donate button at the bottom of this newsletter. You can make a difference!!

"I'm the smiling mom in the background. My sweet Kimberly is so excited because of the access to life that Neuro Assistance Foundation provided today. This is inspiration for anyone with a dream to create positive change in the world. If you have the heart and means to give and have wondered where it could go to make an impact, I encourage you to zoom in on Kimberly's smile. Neuro Assistance Foundation not only provided a means of transportation, it gave Kimberly endless possibilities to experience freedoms she never had. God bless Neuro Assistance for all you do."

We Need Your Help

Donate ~ Sponsor ~ Volunteer

Your $25 donation will help provide clean catheters to a paralyzed child for one month when their insurance won't cover the expense.

Your $100 donation will help build a wheelchair ramp so we can get our clients out of rehab and through their front door at home.

Your $200 donation will help widen the doorways in their homes so their wheelchair can fit through the bathroom door. Insurance doesn't covers home modifications.

Your $500 donation will help provide life-changing medical equipment: wheelchairs and specialized shower chairs, etc. Most insurance only covers a small part of wheelchairs, if any, and no "bathing aids" are covered. 

No donation is too small. Click here for more information. 
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