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Year End Giving!  

Donate in 2017

Please consider making a year-end tax-deductible contribution so we can continue to help those with spinal cord injuries/disorders in our community. Help us change lives!

Looking Back at 2017... 
We helped a total of 139 clients in 2017, with the oldest being 77 years old and the youngest just 7 years old!. As you can see from the charts below, our organization sees a large variety of Spinal Cord Injuries and disorders. 

Hurricane Harvey Relief

NAF was asked to help with hurricane evacuees in the Dallas and Houston area. In the Dallas area, NAF provided medical supplies to two shelters. In Houston, NAF provided 2,000 catheters for spinal cord injured people displaced from their homes without supplies.
Introducing You to Our Clients
Meet Kevin...

Kevin, age 55, is living with a C5 spinal cord injury. Kevin needed to have his shower modified because he was unable to access it.  NAF helped to remove his existing shower doors and replace them with new glass doors which provide access. In addition to helping with the shower, Kevin also needed assistance with the expense of staying in a rehab facility while he was awaiting surgery. It's been our honor to help Kevin with these things as he moves forward.

Meet Roman...

Roman, age 16, is living with cerebral palsy and a diverted spinal column. The wheelchair accessible van his parents use to transport him needed repairs to the wheelchair lift and he was unable to use it until it was fixed. NAF paid to repair the wheelchair lift and also paid for engine and transmission repairs that were found in the process. Roman is back on the road now!

Roman's mother, Maria, left us a message saying, "Thank you so much for the repairs. God bless you. This is our Merry Christmas!"
Meet Deandre...

Deandre, age 22, was just recently diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome which is affecting his spinal cord and causing paralysis. Deandre needed a manual wheelchair with a pressure releasing cushion but couldn't afford it. We were able to provide a brand new chair and cushion to Deandre to keep him mobile and independent.
Meet Michael...

Michael, age 44, went into sudden cardiac arrest in May of this year . As a result of an extended period of time without oxygen, he sustained an anoxic brain injury. CPR administration then caused a spinal cord injury. Michael's wife approached NAF to ask for help to keep Michael independent. In addition to referring Michael to a few other charities who will help with some in-home care, NAF was able to provide ramp access to their rental home and will be providing additional assistance with some much needed intensive rehab.

We Need Your Help

Donate ~ Sponsor ~ Volunteer

Your $25 donation will help provide clean catheters to a paralyzed child for one month when their insurance won't cover the expense.

Your $100 donation will help build a wheelchair ramp so we can get our clients out of rehab and through their front door at home.

Your $200 donation will help widen the doorways in their homes so their wheelchair can fit through the bathroom door. Insurance doesn't covers home modifications.

Your $500 donation will help provide life-changing medical equipment: wheelchairs and specialized shower chairs, etc. Most insurance only covers a small part of wheelchairs, if any, and no "bathing aids" are covered. 

No donation is too small. Click here for more information. 
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