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January 10, 2020 - Weekly News Update

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Columnist: Paul Collyer
Thermal Bowing With Insulated Metal Panels  
paul-collyer "An important aspect of using metal in construction is understanding the concepts of expansion and contraction," writes Paul Collyer of Metl-Span, in his latest column for DesignandBuildwithMetal. "As metal heats up, it expands; as it cools, it contracts. Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are unique in how they respond to temperature changes because they are composites (steel facings with an insulating foam core)." More 
Industry News:
Alpine SnowGuards Sets Benchmark With Test Facility 
alpine-snowguards-hq-testing Morrisville, VT - Alpine SnowGuards, a leading manufacturer and supplier of rooftop snow management systems, announces that it has constructed a real-world testing facility for its products on a new building located at its headquarters in Morrisville. Alpine will also initiate testing of its entire snow guard product line in 2020. More 
Featured Project: Varco Pruden Buildings
Metal Buiding Approach Tapped For Yacht Dealership 
Freeport, ME - A new boat storage and sales location for DiMillo's Yacht Sales opened in Freeport in May 2018. The 12,432 sq. ft. operation features Rigid Frame construction from Varco Pruden Building Systems. DiMillo's Yacht Sales was selected as a winner in the Retail category in the 2019 Varco Pruden Hall Of Fame presentation. More

Industry News:
Free MRA Resources Help Homeowners Choose Roofs 
MRA-resources Portland, OR - Putting a new roof on an existing home is a major expense for the typical homeowner. Choosing the best roof and finding the contractor to put it on can be difficult but with a host of free resources from the Metal Roofing Alliance, much of the guesswork is eliminated. More 
Featured Project: Schweiss Doors
Bifold Doors Protect Minnesota Farmer's Equipment
Atwater, MN - When you farm big with big equipment, you need big machine sheds with big doors. Schweiss Doors has filled that bill through the years by manufacturing three large bifold liftstrap doors for Huisman Farms of Atwater. More

Industry News:
MBMA Report Showcases Members' Top Projects Of 2020
mbma-2019-annual-report Cleveland, OH - The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released its 2019 Annual Report entitled Beauty and the Beam, A Salute to Metal Building Architecture. This resource highlights the work that MBMA and its members have undertaken over the past year while celebrating engaging metal buildings from a range of end uses across North America. More 
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