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September 5, 2017 - Weekly News Update

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Industry News
Beckers Introduces New Universal Primer
beckers-universal-primer.jpgElk Grove Village, IL - In today's age of right-on-time production and reduced inventory, many people are beginning to find it troublesome to hold multiple Stock Keeping Units (SKU's) when one will suffice. Beckers, a leading supplier of coil coatings, addresses this issue with the launch of its universal primer. More 
Featured Project...ATAS International
Aluminum Panels Bring Roller Coaster Station To Life 
Sandusky, OH - With a name based on a supernatural raven from Danish folklore, Cedar Point's Valravn in Sandusky is the tallest (223 feet), fastest (75 mph) and longest (3,415 feet) dive roller coaster in the world. The Valravn Roller Coaster Station design incorporated several aluminum panel profiles in three colors from ATAS International. The project was named as an ATAS International 2016 Project of the Year winner in the commercial walls category. More

Columnist...Shawn Zuver
Social Media For Metal Buildings, Roofs & Wall Systems
shawn-zuver.jpgDesignandBuildwithMetal's Shawn Zuver reminisces about the first time he saw a fax trasmission and how dramatically technology has changed since then. Aided by the use of tablets and smartphones, information is readily available any time of day in a variety of ways, including social media platforms. Check out ways to enhance the delivery of industry news and projects through your social media accounts. More 
Featured Project...Dri-Design
Metal Panels Align With LEED Gold Design Scheme 
Salem, OR - Building 20 at Chemeketa Community College in Salem has created a haven for its technical education program. The structure, designed to LEED Gold guidelines, has an exterior that reflects the building's technologically driven purpose with a high-tech feel created using Dri-Design Wall Panels. Smith Sheet Metal, Springfield, OR, installed 8,858 square feet of the 0.080-inch aluminum Dri-Design Wall Panels in post-painted Silversmith and pre-painted Rusted Bronze from the Inspire Series. More

Industry News
BPD Adds Fasteners To Product Lineup
bpd-fasteners.jpg Logansport, IN - Building Products Development (BPD), a member company of LSI Metal Building Components Group Inc., announces that it is now offering metal-to-wood and metal-to-metal fasteners. More 
August 2017 Architect Edition Ezine Now Available
August-2017-ezine DesignandBuildwithMetal's August 2017 Architect Edition ezine is now ready for viewing. This issue features excellent uses of metal building, roofing and wall products - including the preservation of a Beaux Art-style veterans facility, an award-winning observatory, an architect's stunning home design and a cover feature about a professional basketball practice facility. The ezine is free to read and requires no login to access! To view, click the link below or the image at the left.
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