June 25, 2021
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We at Flyover Conservatives, could not be more excited to announce our partnership with the Satellite Phone Store. For the Flyover Family they are giving away their world famous satellite phone ($600 value) AND they are including their Faraday Bag ($70 value) with a monthly subscription of 100 Minutes for $89.99.

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Extraordinary people are usually just ordinary that show flashes of courage during challenging times.  There are certain people that run toward a burning building while others are running away, when it comes to fighting corruption and the Deep State, Attorney Thomas Renz is that kind of man.

Renz Law is deeply involved in the Medical Freedom issue. They have joined forces with Non-Profit Citizens Rights Groups Ohio Stands Up! and Make Americans Free Again to help legally fight against unconstitutional shutdowns, vaccine and mask mandates, falsified data & death rates, and social media censorship.
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Listen as Robin Bullock talks about the major shift that occurred on June 17th, as well as something big happening on July 4th. He discusses the group of people who call themselves the woke crowd.

Robin discusses what happened in Genesis 3:5 when the serpent tempted Adam and Eve and their eyes were opened (woke them up). Satan is doing the same thing now. It is an attempt to cause the whole nation to fall. But an even larger attempt to rule the world and bring it into bondage and tyranny!

Bogus racial incidents are now commonplace, but why? When people fake burglaries there is usually a motive, say insurance fraud. Why do minority students pretend to be white supremacists and then inflict insults and abuse on themselves?

The same people who were on social media lecturing everyone about the Carl Nassib example, as soon as they found out that Nassib might be a Republican or a Trump supporter, all of that inclusion disappeared. Clay Travis discusses the latest blue checkmark brigade hypocrisy.
A few weeks ago, I spoke of a movement called “Pitchforks & Torches” that I am calling people into implementing to change some of the major flaws and what I will call “ease of theft features” - to borrow from “software-speak” referring to things that have been purposely built into a product to the users advantage... READ MORE
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