June 18, 2021
Not long after our first "warning" and video removal, we received our second strike. This put us on a forced hiatus from YouTube for a week. BUT, this has only inspired us to fight even harder!

We have therefore started a NEW YouTube Channel. Be sure to like, subscribe, AND hit the notification bell!
To learn more, watch this video from David.
As our freedom of speech begins to be limited by the tech overlords, we will be posting exclusive content in addition to our "less controversial" content to Rumble. Be sure to check us out on this site and give us a rumble.
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* This video was shared out by Sidney Powell and Lin Wood as a must-watch!

Available ONLY on Rumble (it's that good of content!)

In 2016, Former Intelligence Officer, Seth Keshel, not only read the tea leaves correctly in predicting a Trump victory, he predicted every single state accurately as well!

Seth has been an advisor to many household names including General Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell since the Nov 2020 election and he breaks down much of that intel for you on this episode.
Are you ready for Shofar-Blowing, Jesus praising, Power-Packed Monday night session with Stacy Whited?! If not, then get your mind right because we are LIVE at 7:00 PM CST.

This week we are with THE Doctor and we are talking about... RESISTANCE! Despite how difficult resistance can be, it is actually the very thing that makes us better... that makes us STRONGER! But how do you incorporate it into your everyday life in a healthy, beneficial way?

To learn more about Dr. "So Good" Sherwood's services, no matter where you live, go to https://www.sherwood.tv/flyover to get access to his services AND a free copy of Dr. Sherwood's ebook "Build resiliency in health, hope, and freedom!"
Featured Headlines

Steven has an impromptu conversation on Libertarian Socialism, whether it can work and debunks the myth that the Left is the party of the "Little Guy"
In part 1 of this interview, Dr. Darren Beattie, founder of Revolver News, joins Dinesh D'Souza to explore the question: Was Jan. 6 the result of an intelligence failure? Or is there a more likely and more sinister possibility?
Johnny discusses biblical prophecies coming to pass in our current day, including the wealth transfer, the enemy losing and being caught, and much more!
Guys, this video is utterly amazing. He stands up to critical race theory in schools and tells his amazing story.
All I can say is... TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP! 🇺🇸
The one thing that I think most people would agree on is that the whole subject is approaching the world’s consciousness like a skydiver whose parachute hasn’t opened - you know that impact is coming FAST and is as inevitable as taxes and death. So for that reason, I want to take a view of the whole subject not in detail, but from at least 10,000 feet up, or maybe let’s instead say from the “second heaven” (you’ll get why that term has significance later).
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