June 4, 2021
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What a treat it is to have Mel K on Flyover Conservatives. She shares some of her story and then direct insights into What the Heck is Going On in our world today! If you enjoy this half as much as we enjoyed talking with her you will watch this over and over again!
Clay and Vanessa Clark are changing this country! They have been prophesied about for over a decade and today they are on the tip of the spear for revival across this country. In this exclusive interview with Flyover Conservatives, they share their story of what got them to where they are... so many great lessons for all of us!
On Thursday, we were LIVE with Andrew Sorchini, an economics expert, who can help you keep your money safe no matter what Biden or his handlers say.

Give him a call today and mention "Flyover" to see how you can insulate yourself from economic inflation OR deflation!

Are you ready for Shofar-Blowing, Jesus praising, Power-Packed Monday night session with Stacy Whited?! If not, then get your mind right because we are LIVE at 7:00 PM CST.
Featured Headlines

The corporate media is completely ignoring the real questions raised by Dr. Fauci's publicly-released emails. Instead, these so-called 'arbiters of truth' are painting Fauci as a "Mother Theresa in Pants" (and of course, bashing former President Trump in the process). But these emails tell a MUCH different story. Not only do his correspondence disprove the theory he was being censored by the Trump administration, but they eliminate any credibility he may have once had on the COVID pandemic, too.
Representative Madison Cawthorn speaks exclusively to Newsmax's Greg Kelly about the Fauci email revelations, his experience working with AOC, the joys and frustrations of being a Congressman at 25 years old, and more

We were live last Friday with Dr. Sherwood... ND from Tulsa Oklahoma who is now 9,000-0 against COVID-19. To learn more about his services, no matter where you live, go to www.sherwood.tv/flyover to get access to his services AND a free copy of Dr. Sherwood's ebook "Build resiliency in health, hope, and freedom!"
Robin discussed the latest heavenly intelligence from the Lord and briefing us in how we can participate.
Flyover Conservatives Blog
I am a long-time conservative who has heard the questions of why and how a seemingly intelligent person could possibly hold such mean-spirited, cruel, and simply anti-humanity views on so many things that almost everyone knows are true. Well, upon this momentous win for President-elect Biden, I feel that I can no longer suppress the awful truth – and I’m sorry to tell you, it’s far worse than you ever could have imagined:
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