Hola Sun...Cuba Specialists 
Did you know that Hola Sun is offering REFUNDS if they cancel your trip?  No credits/vouchers.   Hola Sun now owns the aircrafts allowing them full control.     Cuba may be the destination that will soar during this pandemic.   With Americans not able to cross the border to fly to Cuba, you will likely be surrounded by Canadians!...
Recorded Tahiti Presentation for you to view.  The Sailing is for March 25, 2022.  Any questions, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Dec 2 @ 4pm online webinar for 2022 sailings
Have a Scenic credit?  You may want to consider joining the webcast to learn what offers are being offered for future sailings

Creative Travel and Tours presents... Australia and New Zealand Uncovered with Optional 3-Night Fiji Post Tour Extension October 18 - November 8, 2021

Let's make this the last holiday that we all have to distance ourselves.   2021 must be the year we beat this pandemic to get on with life.   As I monitor the business, I remain committed to be here for all those waiting.   I'm a plan ahead kind of gal, so if you are looking at 2022 to be the year to start up, just give me a call to begin the dialogue. 
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