April 4 - featuring Wellness Travel @ 630pm RSVP
If you are adventurer at heart, somewhat active and love nature, then  you won't want to miss this seminar.  It covers the Arctic, Europe, Canada.

I had the opportunity to take a 10 day Circumnavigation cruise around Newfoundland.  

The coastline was amazing, the sheer natural beauty and the people.   Had the chance to visit France for the day and buy some wine. 

If you are a bit curious, it is worth the time.

Rsvp to our office -

Work in progress
Australia 2020 custom tour.  If you are interested in joining a small group, and have the time and budget to travel please contact Colette@carlsoncreativetravel.com   A spring meeting will be arranged to find out more.  

Royal Irish Tours will be at our office on March 19 @ 630pm
Everything you wanted to discover in Scotland and Ireland.   Join us by calling or emailing   Space is limited

Tracy Davies
Agent Highlight
As a senior advisor, Tracy's experiences are still accumulating.   Besides being a cruise specialist (both river, ocean),Tracy has experienced the Norwegian Fjords, Vietnam, Cambodia, Queensland Australia, and will be hosting a small group to Portugal (Douro rivercruise) and Spain.  Tracy is always setting the bar to explore new areas for her customers.   I encourage you to reach out to Tracy when planning your next amazing adventure.