Volume 2, Issue 6 | June 2019

God whom Jesus knew as Father:
Thank you for earthly fathers — biological or not — who nurture children in love and teach them to love others.
June 2019
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Last summer at the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, the new president of the convention, Dr. J.D. Greear, shared a challenge to all those in attendance, as well as all Southern Baptist churches and members:  Who’s Your One!  It was an evangelistic effort for all of us to consider. Many look to evangelistic conventions or crusades, to revivals, or church meetings to see people come to know the Lord. But how many look at the importance of the “one” coming to know the Lord? “This effort is designed to mobilize every Southern Baptist to identify one person in his or her relational network to pray for and share the gospel with in 2019”, stated Greear. What a challenge!

Too many times we leave the evangelizing up to our pastor, or youth leader, or SS teacher or others who have been called to evangelism or who know how to share the gospel. But doesn’t scripture say that we are to share Christ’s message of love to others? Was the Great Commission given only to the 12 Disciples? Was it given only to church leaders? The reality is that the Great Commission was given to every follower of Jesus Christ, to every Christian in church and that yes, our leaders should be leading us in sharing the message of hope to others.

If each one of us, leaders and members of churches, would commit to praying for one person in our circle of influence, bringing that person by name before the Lord, building a relationship with them, asking the Lord to make Himself known to them, and leaving the results up to God, wouldn’t that have an impact on our churches and Kingdom Work?

I personally have committed myself to this effort. Right now I have my “one” that I have been praying for and sharing with them. Will you join me? I challenge you to do that. I know that God does the saving and the changing of a persons life, but my part, and yours, is to share God’s love and hope with them.  I Cor. 3:6 says “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.”  So, we plant and water His message, and He does the changing and the growing.

Let’s do it! Keep this effort in your life going till the end of 2019 and see what happens. Then keep it going. Let’s do our part in helping lost people know that there still is hope in this world we live in.
Your Fellow Servant,
Bro. Loren
Upcoming Events
June 2019
4th - OCL Meeting - 6:30pm
5th - South Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
6th - East Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
10th-15th - Mission Devine
11th-12th - SBC Annual Meeting (Birmingham, AL)
16th - Father’s Day
17th-20th - Area Kid’s Camp (Alto Frio)
24th-28th - GA, Acteen & RA Camp (Alto Frio)
27th - North Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
28th-29th - MannaFest 2019 (more details below)
July 2019
2nd - OCL Meeting - 6:30pm
3rd - South Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
4th - Independence Day Holiday
7th-12th - Area Youth Camp (Alto Frio)
11th - East Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
15th-19th - Master's Camp - Youth (Alto Frio)
22nd-26th - Emmanuel Camp - Youth (Alto Frio)
25th - North Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
28th-31st - FRBA Progressive Youth Fusion (more details coming soon)
It's VBS time again, and our churches have been working hard to provide some special
and life-changing events for kids this summer.
Here are some of the upcoming VBS dates from around our Association:

Tilden Baptist Church
June 2nd-6th - 5:00-7:30pm

FBC Pearsall
June 3rd-7th - 8:30am-12:00pm

FBC Charlotte
June 9th-13th - 5:00-8:30pm

FBC Christine
June 10th-14th - 5:00-8:30pm

FBC Lytle
June 10th-14th - 5:30-8:30pm

FBC Big Wells
June 10th-14th - 6:00-8:00pm

Moore Baptist Church
June 10th-14th - 6:30-8:00pm

FBC Pleasanton
June 17th-20th - 2:00-5:00pm
June 21st 9:00am-12:00pm

Cowboy Fellowship of Atascosa County
June 17th-20th - 5:30-8:30pm
June 21st (FAMILY NIGHT) - 6:00-8:00pm

Belen Baptist Church (Dilley)
June 17th-21st - 6:00-9:00pm
Tilden Baptist Church kids are already enjoying their VBS this week!
FBC Carrizo Springs
June 17th-22nd - 5:30-8:00pm
(followed by VBS Monday Nights - June 24-July 29th 5:30-7:00pm - Monday's only)

Black Creek Baptist Church (Devine)
June 18th-20th - 9:30-11:30am
Pizza lunch for children & parents after closing
ceremony on Thursday

Hosanna Baptist Tabernacle (Leming)
June 23rd-27th

FBC Cotulla
June 23rd-27th - 5:30-8:30pm

Somerset Baptist Church
June 23rd-27th - 6:00-9:00pm

FBC Natalia
June 24th-28th - 8:30am-12:00pm

Primera Iglesia Bautista (Laredo)
June 30th-July 4th - 6:00-8:30pm

FBC Devine
July 8th-12th - 8:30am-12:00pm

Iglesia Bautista Calvario (Lytle)
July 8th-12th - 6:00-8:30pm

Faith Baptist Church (Devine)
July 10th-12th - 8:00am-12:00pm

FBC LaCoste
July 14th-19th - 6:30-8:00pm
Mission Devine 2019
JUNE 10-15, 2019

Daily Events:
7:30 - AM Breakfast St. Josephs Hall
7:45 - Devotional
8:00 - Off to our Work Projects w/Teams
12:00 - Lunch at St. Josephs Hall
VOLUNTEERS do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

Contact Us For More Information:
Come out and join the fun! This event provides a great opportunity to dwell together in unity and spiritual nourishment to praise our Lord through music and to help benefit organizations such as: HANK , Mission Devine and the children of fallen soldiers through Snowball Express .
Friday, June 28th
Worship Night

General Admission is FREE for 18 YO and under.
Children under 11 must be accompanied
by an adult.
No reserved seating tickets.

MannaFest Worship Night proudly
announces this year's headliners:

This year's worship night also features guest speakers, and periods of prayer and ministry.

Food concessionaires and vendors selling goods and services will be open during the event.
Please bring your lawn chairs for seating under the covered areas.
Saturday, June 29th

Saturday's MAIN EVENT presents music ministry by this year's Regional Performers: 

Plus this years LOCAL artists - Roland Gloria Band , Judge Not , 4theSon , Diakonia , and Cody Franz and Friends .

We will also include presenters featuring short messages, poetry, community leaders, spoken Word or important announcements about what Christians are doing in the South Texas region.

Gates open at 1:00pm.

Carry-in food and coolers are permitted for all attendee's. However, we hope you'll consider visiting our Food concessionaires and vendors, which benefit local charities as well.

Although performances will be under covered areas, warm weather clothing including hats and sunscreen is recommended.
Around the Association
Youth Ministry Intern JJ Lopez
will minister to students at FBC Carrizo Springs this summer
JJ grew up in FBC Carrizo Springs, and his mother, Janie, was a faithful member
until her untimely passing last year. His sister, Selena, still attends church there,
and is about to be a senior at Carrizo Springs High School.

JJ attends Texas A&M International University in Laredo, where he is majoring in engineering. He enjoys video games and playing music.
Please pray for JJ as he commits himself to serving the Lord
by working with the students of FBC Carrizo Springs this summer!  
May 3rd brought 66 ladies representing 30 churches to the Linnet's Wings campsite at the HEB Foundation Camps in Leakey, TX for the annual FRBA Ladies' Retreat (Last year there were 48 ladies representing 17 churches.)  Dawsie Meek was our speaker this year, with a theme of "Be Still & Know" and Bro. Loren Fast led a very special communion service for the group as part of our Sunday morning worship. 

Roberta Osio & Carmen Osio (Belen Baptist Church - Dilley), Dora Fast (FBC Pearsall) and Leslie Gonzalez (Primera Bautista Fellowship - Cotulla) provided the worship music throughout the event.  Angie Selzer & Ada Sledge of Somerset Baptist Church cooked our meals & kept the kitchen running smoothly.  Faith Smith & Lindsay Cartwright of Cowboy Fellowship provided assistance with check-in and program activities.  Sandra Parrish (also of Cowboy Fellowship) provided American Sign Language translation for one of our attendees. It was truly a group effort!

The event was once again very well received with most of the ladies already excited about next year. Plans are already in motion for another day retreat to be held in September. More details coming SOON!!

We've got lots more pictures posted, if you'd like to see them click HERE !
Belen Baptist Church in Dilley hosted Marriage Night Conference through simulcast at their church on May 17th. Everyone had a blessed time being called to live out their marriages for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission and relating with one another in a way that will honor God. They experienced great teaching, fellowship, laughs, tears, and great food! 
A nice group of adults from FBC Natalia recently participated in the
Experiencing God  Bible study led by Hadley Foster.
FBC Cotulla
Celebrating six baptisms on May 12th!
National Day of Prayer at Veterans Park in Cotulla
Frio River Compañerismo met at Iglesia Bautista Betania in Devine on
Sunday, June 2nd. There were 9 churches present with 147 in attendance.
Keynote speaker was Abby Rodriguez, wife of Moises Rodriguez of FBC Cotulla.
Love in Action
Adults & youth from FBC Cotulla put flags out in Cotulla Cemeteries for Memorial Day.
Volunteers from FBC LaCoste recently brought smiles to students and teachers at LaCoste Elementary by serving them over 600 snow cones in about an hour!
What a sweet way to end the school year.
Operation Christian Love
b y Beth Ann Brundrett
As the weather heats up, so have activities on the King Ministry building Quemado, TX. The plumbing inside the building will soon be completed. Work teams from FBC Charlotte have assisted Alford Brundrett in working on the construction. On Friday, June 7th & Saturday, June 8th, the Charlotte church & others will work on putting up sheetrock & insulation.  If you would like to participate, call John E. Heiligman, 830-570-0458.  OCL has reserved Sister Ursula’s Mission house starting Thursday night June 6th through Saturday night June 8th.
OCL was well represented at the Day of the Child at La Mano de Dios Soup Kitchen in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, MX. Approximately 300 children and some parents attended. Hungry children started arriving 2-1/2 hours early. Even though the new building is not completed, the program was held inside. Protection from the sun was a blessing.  Frank Banda Ministries , the Jimenez family (from a Messianic congregation in San Antonio) , and Wanda & John E. Heiligman , OCL, led the program. Following the program, OCL distributed clothing & a gift for each child.
A special treat for OCL volunteers was the attendance of 2 people: a young girl suddenly struck with Guillain–Barré Syndrome and left paralyzed a year ago and lady with a deformed foot. OCL had been able to furnish a wheel chair for the girl and a walker for the lady. Before the wheel chair, the father had to carry the girl everywhere. He brought her to us with gratitude in his heart. He said that with therapy she is now getting some movement in her hands. The lady showed us how the walker is helping her as well.
Br. & Mrs. Sepulveda, with the help of their all-volunteer staff , served to-go meals to all who attended. The soup kitchen is only open 5 days a week so on the weekend, there are 2 days when no food is provided . The volunteer staff works joyfully to help and serve. Their only pay is in meals for themselves and their children. If there are ever any leftovers, the staff can take them home.

My heart was deeply touched when a young boy and his 2 sisters received their to-go meals. He suddenly dropped to his knees, ripped open his meal, grabbed his piece of chicken & started devouring it. He had not eaten in over 24 hours.
The soup kitchen runs on donations of food and money (to purchase food). Through faith, they serve what God provides each day. One major donor recently dropped out after losing the grant he was purchasing food with. With your help , OCL is trying to raise enough money to provide them with a stable ability to purchase the needed food. OCL will continue to provide them with meat through our meat program donations, however, both the chicken and venison have only been enough meat for 4 or 5 days. The soup kitchen serves about 3,000 meals a month to children and the elderly.  Each month the food needs cost about $1,000.00.   Please, call John E. Heiligman, if you would like to help provide for this monthly need.
The Frank Banda Ministry is staying busy with their many activities as well. At a special service in their prison church the last week of May, 13 men who had accepted Christ were baptized! A meal followed that service, and the ministry continues to serve meals there several times a week. Prisoners help prepare them. The prison church has 130+ prisoners that attend regularly. Please pray for all of them, and especially for these 13 new Christians as they strive to serve the Lord and allow Him to change their lives.
These ministries and all the orphanages have to purchase their drinking water. OCL is working with them to provide water purification for their drinking water.  Anyone wishing to participate in this please, call Alford Brundrett, 830-965-3449.  Gaining this simple ability will save each ministry money desperately needed for other bills.
Sister Ursula Herrera , founder & director of Casa Caridad (House of Charity) where volunteers can stay, is such a blessing to OCL & many other churches & volunteers that are part God’s Army in that area. Much of her time is spent helping get food, clothing, wheel chairs, walkers, whatever is needed, across the border to those in need. When she sees a need, she notifies us. She also serves as a translator for us. In addition, she provides a clean, restful place for our volunteers to stay. Now Sister Ursula needs our prayers. She has had 9 vertebrae fracture since December 10th. She has had surgery on 5 of them. Despite these challenges, she is still struggling to serve the Lord as best she can.  Please put her on your prayer list.
A Special THANK YOU to the individuals & groups that are busy making stockings for our 2019 Christmas ministry !
This Bible study and many more are available
through our resource library!

Me Myself & Lies
by Jennifer Rothschild
(7-session DVD study)

Click here to download one of our checkout forms. Then just complete it and
bring it by the office to borrow a Bible study to meet your needs.

We’re also accepting donations of used DVD Bible study kits.
If you or your church have some that you are no longer using, we’d love
to have them here to share with other churches in our Association .
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