As we recently celebrated Thanksgiving, our many blessings were brought to our attention once again. Many of them we take for granted.  We have so much - even when we have to “tighten our belts” a bit. Let us be aware of how we can help others.

As the gifts have arrived from around our association and around the state, they are increasing in number, in spite of the COVID-19 threat. However, the number of those in need is also increasing. Many of the orphanages we all serve together, have smaller numbers, but one of the homes has an increased population. 

They now have 65 meals to prepare 3 times a day. That comes to 5,850 meals a month. Think of having to wash 65 pair of socks, 65 pair of underwear, 65 shirts and 65 pair of jeans a day. Water for the laundry, plus 65 baths a day and the kitchen water needs, is expensive. Sheets, blankets, towels and the laundry needs involving them is beyond my comprehension. They are no different than we are in this protective mode against COVID-19. Think of how many face masks they must use daily. Disinfectant, bleach, cleaning supplies and laundry detergent are so needed. Feminine products, toilet paper and facial tissue are important as well. They have no government financial assistance. This orphanage has a very strong Christian teaching program along with all of their other responsibilities. It is the basis for the entire effort.

OCL endeavors to assist 8 orphanages, 2 soup kitchens, 3 large street ministries, and 20 small churches in Mexico that have Gatherings for Christ, as well as a homeless shelter for veterans in San Antonio that celebrates Christ’s birthday by handing out gifts and Bibles to residents in their neighborhood. Teaching them of Christ is the most important thing that must be accomplished. Spanish Bibles, Bible study literature, and our prayers are so desperately needed. OCL no longer leads these Gatherings, but we continue to assist churches that have developed their own Gatherings and will continue Christian outreach and ministry on a daily basis. At present, most ministry is door to door with items being left at the door or gate.