The shock of such cold weather, sent us scurrying for our warm clothes
& bedding. Blankets & quilts covered our beds. Excitement filled the air...then,
the reality of the suffering of our neighbors made us stop, think & pray.
How can we help? How can we make a difference?

New jackets, sweat shirts and pants, & hoodies caught our attention when
we went shopping. As a result, we are asking you to please join us by buying
any of the above for distribution to those in need. You may contact OCL
Beth Ann 210-854-9360 to make arrangements to have the items picked up.
Please pass this need to your families and friends and encourage
them to participate as well.

As I slip into my warm bed on these cold nights, I am able to relax in comfort. However, my heart reminds me of the elderly that sleep in tiny
pallet homes on mats with little or no covers, and of children huddled
together for warmth. Then reality that they are also hungry brings me
to my knees.  Together, WE CAN make a difference.

Many have responded to our request for Bibles for Christmas
Devotional booklets & tracts along with the Bibles have been ordered.

Thank you to all of you who joined in prayer for this and those who have been
able to donate toward this need. Enough has been received to order
400 Spanish and 100 English Bibles. Fifty bilingual Bibles have been ordered
as well. These are for families on the Texas side of the border for whom
Spanish is the primary language in their homes. Often the children in these
homes are being taught and are functioning in English. The bilingual Bibles
help these families during their devotional and worship time. Thank you for
your prayers & donations. Together, you are making a difference!
OCL is receiving notifications daily from churches in our local area
and across the state reporting the number of gifts they are preparing.
Gifts for Terlingua, (near the Big Bend area of Texas) have been donated as well.

Please pray for our ministries and our volunteers during this special time as we celebrate the birth of our Savior and share His love.