Volume 3, Issue 6 | June 2020
For fathers and other good and faithful men in our lives, we give you thanks,
O Father-God.
June 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What a challenging time we have all gone through this past month of May. And we are not finished with the COVID-19 pandemic. When we were advised that non-essential businesses needed to be closed, our associational office fell under that category and I moved my office work to my home. That is not what I wanted to do, but had to. Not only did I continue my office work at home, but I also inherited the task of administrating my son’s schoolwork, since his school closed for the remainder of the year. Did I get frustrated at times? Yes! Was I overwhelmed at times? Absolutely! But it had to be done, as work life kept going.

During this time I thought a lot of our pastors and all they were having to adjust to with the restrictions and closures they were having to deal with. None of them had been trained in how to minister when you cannot meet together as a church family for worship, Bible Study, fellowships, and other church related activities. No training was given on how to preach to an empty sanctuary via “YouTube” or “live-streaming” or recorded messages and studies to be shown later. They were told they could not hug their church family members, or even shake their hand, and if they did meet one of their members in person, they had to stay 6 feet away from them. Oh yes, and then they had to “attend” meetings or teach a class by using Zoom (or some other online program). A lot, if not most, of their communicating with their church family was probably done by phone, texting, FaceTime or e-mails. Yes, my heart went out to them with all they were having to deal with.

But even as I communicated with our pastors via phone, text messages or e-mails - attended meetings with them via Zoom or GoToMeetings - or was in their presence and had to talk to them with a mask over my mouth and nose and stay 6 feet away from them - I was in awe at how upbeat and positive they were. They were excited to share about all the people who were listening in on their Sunday sermons or weekly Bible Studies. It was good news to hear.

It has been hard for them. Some of our bi-vocational pastors have lost their jobs. Some have had to work more without their usual days off. Many are getting weary preaching to empty pews. Some are discouraged. I read an article sent to me entitled “The Coming Pastoral Crash”. It was not a very encouraging article, but life and ministry go on. What can we do as members of our Baptist church families? Let me suggest the following ideas on how you might encourage your pastor (and his family):

  • Keep praying for them, and make sure you let them know that you are doing so.
  • Send them an e-mail, or a letter or a text with uplifting words or a scripture verse.
  • Give them a call and let them know you appreciate their leadership.
  • Thank them for being your pastor.
  • Encourage them to take a day off and rest.
  • Offer to help them with something.
  • Send them a care package.
  • Take them out to eat or give them a gift card to a restaurant.
  • Show them a lot of grace. They did not ask for (or plan for) the constant changes they are having to deal with.
  • Let them know you love them.

I close with a passage of scripture we are all familiar with, Jeremiah 29:11 . Even though it was directed to the Israelites who were captive in Babylon, in a sense we all sort of feel like we have been captive to COVID-19:  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future ”. We will get through this pandemic. Don’t lose hope. Keep your focus on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your Fellow Servant,
Bro. Loren
During these days of self-isolation, there may be times when neither Loren nor Laurie Beth is in the office during our regular office hours, but we're working from home instead. Please rest assured that we are still available
and ready to help you however we can.

We are always available by e-mail: LGFastFRBA@outlook.com or LBScantlinFRBA@outlook.com
and through our cell phones at:
Loren - 830-267-1234 or Laurie Beth - 210-854-9362.
Upcoming Events
(PLEASE NOTE: All events are subject to cancellation or rescheduling
depending on COVID-19 guidelines at the time.)
June 2020
2nd - OCL Meeting
3rd - South Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
(see note below)
7th - FRBA Compa ñ erismo Quarterly Meeting - CANCELLED
9th-10th - SBC Annual Meeting
(Orlando, FL) - CANCELLED
11th - East Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
(see note below)
15th-18th - Area Kids Camp (Alto Frio) - moved to July
19th-20th - Alto Frio 100-Year Celebration
(Alto Frio - details below)
21st - Father's Day
22nd-26th - GA, Acteen & RA Camp
(Alto Frio - details below)
25th - North Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
(see note below)
June 28th-July 1st - Family Camp Session 1
(Alto Frio - details below)
July 2020
1st - South Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
 (see note below)
2nd-3rd - Independence Day Observance
2nd-3rd - Mini Kids Camp for Grades 1-3
(Alto Frio) - CANCELLED
2nd-5th - Family Camp Session 2
(Alto Frio - details below)
4th - Independence Day
6th-10th - Area Youth Camp (Alto Frio - details below)
7th - OCL Meeting
9th - East Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
(see note below)
13th-17th - Master's Camp - Youth (Alto Frio)
17th-18th - SBTC Pastor & Wife Retreat - CANCELLED
20th-24th - Emmanuel Camp - Youth
(Alto Frio - details below)
21st - Father's Day
23rd - North Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
26th-29th - FRBA Progressive Youth Fusion
(details TBA)
27th-30th - Area Kids Camp (Alto Frio)
Pastor's Prayer Meetings : For the month of June, all prayer meetings will most likely be held
in person following recommended safety guidelines. Either way, we hope that our pastors
will reserve these mornings to pray together (even if not meeting with the group in person). Specific requests can be sent to Loren for distribution to the other pastors in each zone.
Watch your e-mail for specifics about each meeting.
Alto Frio is Alive & Well This Summer!!

After the May 18th address to the state by Governor Abbott, the Alto Frio Board of Trustees voted to move forward with their 100th Year Anniversary Celebration, and their summer camps! Thank you Lord!

It will be a blessing to get out and get together in God's Country! I pray you will take advantage of this decision and join us for the anniversary celebration and one or more of the camps at Alto Frio this summer.

Camp will look different this summer as Alto Frio institutes health and safety procedures that exceed the recommendations of the CDC and state officials. You may rest assured that you and your children will be kept as safe as possible.

Revised camp safety protocols and registration information for the anniversary celebration and all summer camps can be found at www.altofrio.com.

You are also welcome to call me for more information at 210-219-0921.
--David Cooke
Alto Frio 100 Year Celebration
100 Years of Discovering God
​June 19-20, 2020

Though details are still being finalized, all of the weekends events are
expected to be FREE OF CHARGE . The only costs would be lodging
(for those who choose to stay overnight) and meals.
One of those meals will be an old-fashioned chuck-wagon meal.
Click HERE for details & registration.

Friday - June 19th
6:00pm - Burger & Hot Dog Dinner - $9.00 per person
7:30pm - Worship & Kick Off - Shane Pruitt, Speaker - Worship, UnionHouse
9:30pm - Fireworks & S'mores

Saturday - June 20
Reunions throughout the Day--Call the Office to Schedule
8:00am - Breakfast, $7.50 per person
10:00am-6:00pm - All Activities Open
10:30am - Worship - D.L. Lowrie, Speaker - Music led by The Singing Men of South Texas & The Singing Women of South Texas
12:00-2:00pm - Chuckwagon Lunch - $7.00 per person
2:00pm - The Singing Men & Women of South Texas Concert
3:00pm - AFBE Presentation
3:30pm - Staff Reunion - Ice Cream Social (for all past & Current Staff)
6:00pm - All Activities Close, Gift Shop & Coffee Shop Close

All activities and events are FREE unless otherwise specified
Camp is still on for RA/Challenger Boys and GA/Acteen Girls!
Boys and girls who have completed the 3rd through 12th grades will be gathering
at Alto Frio from June 22nd thru 26th.

RA/Challenger boys - click HERE for all the details,
and HERE to register!
GA/Acteen girls - click HERE for all the details,
and HERE to register!
Looking for a getaway for the whole family? Head out to Family Camp ! Alto Frio is offering two back-to-back sessions that will be jam packed with worship, fun & adventure for the whole family! Price includes everything--lodging, meals, activities, pool & river access, worship times and all the fun you can squeeze in! Make plans to be there!
Session ONE:
Sunday, June 29-Wednesday, July 1st
Session TWO:
Thursday, July 2-Sunday, July 5th
Details are still being ironed out and will be released soon but, go ahead and register. You do not want to miss this!!
(Click on the picture above to register, or HERE to view the schedule.)
Sign up TODAY!
Cost is only $200 per person if you pay your $50 deposit before July 1st!
July 13-17, 2020
Click on the picture above for registration and general information.
JULY 20-24, 2020
at Alto Frio Baptist Encampment

Camp Pastor:  Shane Pruitt
Worship Leader:  Bryan McCleery
Bible Study Leaders:  Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Special Events:  TBD
Click on the picture below for registration and all the details!
July 26th thru 29th, 2020

Progressive Youth Fusion will be here before we know it! Our Youth Committee is already working hard to make it a wonderful (and safe) event this year!
Watch your e-mail for more details - coming soon!
Around the Association
Did you know that Frio River Baptist Association has
online giving available?
Click HERE to make a donation to our general fund
or to one of our special designated funds.
FBC Carrizo Springs is happy to welcome Bryson Cunningham onto our staff as Minister of Students and Worship. Bryson is engaged to Abigail and they will marry June 13.
Bryson and Abbi have just graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University. Both are PK's and have had great experiences ministering to children and students and going on mission trips. Our church is confident in God's superintending guidance and provision.
FBC Pleasanton recently hosted a
drive-in service for their
2020 graduates.
Brian Avery of
FBC Pleasanton on his graduation
from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary!

Dan Newburg of FBC Devine on his graduation from Logsdon Theological Seminary!
On Sunday June 7th , First Baptist Church of Pleasanton will be honoring John and Lisa Coleman for 40 years of service to our church and community. John graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1980. They came to our church and we have been blessed to have them ever since.  During the morning worship service, former Pastor Don Higginbotham will be preaching.
Operation Christian Love
by Beth Ann Brundrett
Dancing bright lights, high winds, thunder & rain have rolled through the area recently. Power outages & hot muggy days change our lives. Perhaps, God is reminding us He is in control.

Living Stones’ His Island resident homeless shelter & church for veterans (in San Antonio) has been financially affected like so many others. Their needs are many but their count is few. They have stayed under 10 in order to keep their doors open. They hope to be able to increase the number of their residents again in June - depending on city guidelines at that time. They are thankful for a new air conditioner & walk-in refrigerator, and they send many thanks to those of you who contributed to make these blessings a reality. The following is a list of the items they use and are constantly in need of.

If you would like to donate some of these items, please contact OCL: John E. Heiligman at 830-570-0458 or Beth Ann at 210-854-9360.
  • Coffee
  • Simple Green spray
  • Spic & Span Spray
  • Lysol disinfectant spray
  • Antibacterial hand washing soap (pump)
  • Bath soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Palmolive liquid dish detergent                      
  • Bleach
  • all® free clear (or other unscented/hypoallergenic) laundry detergent pods
  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • Facial tissue
  • Toilet tissue
  • Paper Plates & Bowls
  • Paper cups (coffee & ice tea sizes)
  • Disposable knives, forks & spoons
  • Disposable vinyl gloves (no powder)

Nancy Seals’ work with the First United Methodist Church of Cotulla, has allowed OCL’s “Helping One Another” program to continue support to the Cotulla community. Br. Lupe Negrete is leading the effort in Eagle Pass & Piedras Negras, Coahuila, MX. Sister Ursula Herrera, & Alma Chaires are helping coordinate all these efforts. Several churches are participating. Beans, rice, canned goods and fresh produce are being taken where they are needed.

If YOU would like to help take food to these areas, get your car, pickup and or trailer and give OCL a call. Also, if you would like to donate food items like tomato sauce, pasta, vegetable oil, flour and canned soup (or other items of your choice) you can easily join this effort by collecting your donations and calling Beth Ann at 210-854-9360.
Receiving a load of produce bound for Eagle Pass. Left to right: Leroy (Jack's Produce), Alford & Beth Ann Brundrett and a volunteer driver from Eagle Pass.
This man is receiving food that has travelled through many hands to be given to "Sowers of Christ's Word" ministry, which delivered it to his home.
Many damages have been reported due to the recent weather conditions. A ladies home in the Rosita Valley (south of Eagle Pass) received roof damage. The “Helping One Another” program has added her to the food delivery list and they are researching the possibility of helping repair her roof. The home of a lady from El Indio, will soon receive assistance as well. A local group led by Br. Lupe and another group, from Rosanky ,TX (led by David Sloan), are making plans to put a roof on the house, put in a functioning commode and shower, and dividing walls as needed. If enough donations are received, improvements to her kitchen would be a tremendous blessing as well. Sister Ursula Herrera will provide housing for workers at Casa Carridad .

Thanks to Br. Lupe & volunteers, sheet rock and plumbing repair (necessary because of water damage) at Mercer’s Cornerstone Children’s Ranch will be completed by the time you receive this.

The House of Peace and Love Orphanage in Piedras Negras had roof damage which caused flooding in both the orphanage and the director’s home. A new roof is needed. Thankfully, a local church has already donated $5,000.00 to the home which will cover this and other expenses. Tears of gratitude show the depth of their appreciation.

Under the leadership of Jack Seals, the OCL venison program is delivering meat to several of the ministries. Nancy Seals and Debbie Brundrett faithfully make deliveries to the area and Alma Chaires coordinates the distribution along with the chicken distribution.

La Mano de Dios soup kitchen is still unable to prepare and serve meals. However, they continue to hand out whatever food they can get to help feed 63 families. OCL continues to try to provide rice and beans for this ministry.

Mundo de Fe church, led by Br. Nataniel Ramirez, is also handing out food. We do not know the status of his soup kitchen at this time. He has received rice, beans, meat and other items from OCL.

The Banda Ministry has been allowed to open the Bethesda Church, soup kitchen and homeless shelter (in downtown Piedras Negras) by following some very restrictive guidelines.  Please pray for them along with these other ministries, as they are all struggling to “Serve God by Serving Others” in this special time we are living through.

Monetary donations may be made to Operation Christian Love by mailing them to:
John E. Heiligman
PO Box 117, Charlotte, TX 78011 .
Thank you for your prayers & support.
Click HERE to see more pictures of what OCL has been doing.
January 1st thru May 31st
Income: $62,954.73
Expenses: $61,249.53
Income: $62,499.01
Expenses: $56,651.82
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Unshakable Hope
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