Volume 4, Issue 6 | June 2021
Hanging out with Dad
I’ve always been a “daddy’s girl.” Growing up, I usually spent Saturdays in the garage with my dad. We’d build something, fix a car part or get into some trouble together.

Though Joseph wasn’t Jesus’ biological father, he certainly served as a father figure for God’s Son. Jesus followed in Joseph’s footsteps as a carpenter, but we’re told little about his childhood. When Joseph advised Jesus to “measure twice and cut once,” did Jesus mention he’d get it right on the first measure? How many craftsman tips did Jesus learn from Joseph? And did Joseph learn a few from Jesus? Surely young Jesus looked up to Joseph. What did wonder look like in the eyes of the One who invented wonder?

How am I hanging out with God on a regular basis? Am I continuing to learn his “trade”? Do I intentionally mimic his words, his kindness, his ways of loving others well? Take a minute to ponder that. Imagine yourself out in the garage with God (or in the kitchen with God, or at the computer with God). What task do you imagine doing together? What does God say to you as you look into his eyes?
—Janna Firestone
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have participated in a weekly interdenominational prayer group here in Pearsall for the past year. We just finished a weeklong city-wide revival…meeting in different churches each night with fellow pastors and their congregations. What a blessing those services were. Each night we had full attendance. As we continue to meet each morning for sharing and praying together, one layperson mentioned that he was really feeling tired. And that brought up the subject of “rest”. So let me share some thoughts (my thoughts) on that subject.
In Genesis, after “the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array…by the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so, on the seventh day he rested from all his work.” (Genesis 2:1-2). Later in His giving of the 10 Commandments, the 4th command refers to the matter of rest: “Six days you shall labor and do all your work…but he rested on the seventh day.” (Exodus. 20:8-11). “Six days you shall labor, but on the seventh day you shall rest; even during the plowing season and harvest you must rest.” (Exodus. 34:21). In the Hebrew wording, the word “rest” carries the meaning of “cease” or “rest” or “desist” or even “quietness”. In other words, stop from continuous labor and take a break (Loren’s interpretation).
Now let us go to the New Testament and see the example of Jesus, especially after He had been ministering to so many people. In Matthew 14:13 & 23 we read “..he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place” and “he was there alone.” In Mark 6:31 we read “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” In Luke 5:16 we read “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” Jesus took a break to refresh Himself by being alone, praying to the Father and possibly a break from the many needs of the people. Jesus did not stop ministering, He just “rested” for a time and then continued ministering.
This brings me to wonder how are we today following this teaching of God’s Word? As a minister or as a layperson, are you taking a “break” from your labor to “rest” and “refresh” yourself? Working with people can be very draining at times, so that might be a real good reason to take time off to refresh yourself and be re-energized to continue working with them. Regardless if you are in fulltime ministry or a fulltime secular job, I believe God would have all of us practice the “6 days of work and 1 day of rest” to keep ourselves healthy and to prolong our days of life. Too many are dropping off because of burnout. Don’t be one of those.
To my fellow ministers, we joke sometimes about having a 24/7 job, and at times it may feel that way. But let me encourage you to take a day off each week and get “away” from your assigned ministry for a time of rest and refreshing. And take a vacation each year. In the long run it will pay off. Don’t become a minister who has quit early in life due to burnout because he was too busy and felt that “if I don’t get it done, no one else will.” God has called you and He will provide rest and peace and hope to continue in the ministry He has called you to. But you must do your part: take a break and rest! Psalms 62:5 says “Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.”
Ok, your assignment this month is to take a break from your weekly schedule and step aside and rest and refresh yourself in the Lord. He will enjoy spending quality time with you. Remember, He loves you and wants you to have a long and productive life.
Your Fellow Servant,
Bro. Loren
During these days of uncertain requirements and self-isolation, there may be times when neither Loren nor
Laurie Beth is in the office during our regular office hours. Please rest assured that we are still available
and ready to help you however we can despite
working from home.

We are always available by e-mail: LGFastFRBA@outlook.com or LBScantlinFRBA@outlook.com
and through our cell phones at:
Loren - 830-267-1234 or Laurie Beth - 210-854-9362.
Upcoming Events
(PLEASE NOTE: All events are subject to cancellation or rescheduling
depending on COVID-19 guidelines at the time.)
June 2021

1st - OCL Meeting - 6:30pm
2nd - South Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
7th-12th - Mission Devine
10th - East Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
20th - Father's Day
21st-25th - GA, Acteen & RA Camp (Alto Frio)
24th - North Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
SAVE THESE DATES for Alto Frio!!
(details below)
July 1st-4th - Family Camp
July 5th-9th - Area Youth Camp
July 12th-16th - Master's Camp
July 19th-23rd - Elevate Camp
July 26th-29th - Area Kids Camp
July 2021

4th - Independence Day
5th - Independence Day Holiday Observance
6th - OCL Meeting - 6:30pm
7th - South Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
8th - East Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
22nd - North Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
25th-28th - FRBA Progressive Youth Fusion (details coming soon)
July 25th thru 28th, 2021
Progressive Youth Fusion is coming!
Our Youth Committee is already hard at work planning an inspiring and fun event!
All the details will be coming soon,
so be sure to keep an eye on your e-mail!
Memorial Day Prayer
We remember, O Lord, all those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice for our country. Do not let us breathe the air of freedom or claim the right to justice or enjoy the privilege of worship without remembering with great gratitude those who gave the last full measure of devotion - their very lives - for our benefit. May they now know the peace of eternity and the joy of your presence. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
Daily Events:
7:30am - Breakfast at FBC Devine Fellowship Hall
7:45am - Devotional
8:00am - Teams head off to their work projects
12:00pm - Lunch at FBC Devine Fellowship Hall
VOLUNTEERS do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

Contact Us For More Information:
June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month! It's a good reminder for all Texans to look out for and help those in our communities who are elderly. This month we encourage you to promote elder abuse awareness within your churches, networks and communities online.

On June 15, join us by wearing purple for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. When someone comments on your outfit, start a conversation about elder abuse. It's more common than you think, yet rarely discussed.

Learn more about World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and how to recognize adult abuse at: Everyonesbusiness.org and share the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day flyer. Click HERE for a video message you can use as well.

By law, Texas requires anyone who suspects adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation to report it to the Texas Abuse Hotline at 1-800-252-5400 or online at TxAbuseHotline.org. Callers can remain anonymous.
Summer Camps at Alto Frio
RA/Challenger Camp will be held at Alto Frio Baptist Encampment June 21st-25th for
grade school and teen boys.

For details, click HERE or contact:
David Cooke

GA/Acteen Camp will be held the same days at Alto Frio for grade school and teen girls.

For details click HERE or contact:
Jenna Deckert
Click HERE for all the information!
Click HERE for details & registration.
​Ages: 6th-12th grade
Click HERE for details & registration.
Elevate Camp
July 19-23, 2021

Camp Pastor: Bo Knightly
Worship Artists: TBA

Click HERE for more info. & registration.
For additional information on Alto Frio Baptist Camp & Conference Center
Did you know that Frio River Baptist Association has
online giving available?
Click HERE to make a donation to our general fund
or to one of our special designated funds.

Alto Frio is in need of a RN or EMT
to serve at camp for the week of June 14th-19th!
Please email Kim at kim@altofrio.com if you are interested!
Cowboy Fellowship would like to introduce their new Connections Pastor, Clif Jones, & his wife Mary Sue.

Clif is eager to help people connect and grow in their relationship with God. He will also oversee their Small Groups ministry and help it flourish.

Please welcome them to our Association.

Members of FBC LaCoste met in front of the LaCoste City Hall on May 6th to celebrate National Day of Prayer in prayer and fellowship.
FBC Cotulla honored all the mothers in attendance at church on Mother's Day.
The men prepared a delicious lunch after the service, and also cleaned the kitchen!
Forty-four (44) ladies (representing 13 different churches) recently made their way to Disciple Oaks Camp & Retreat in Gonzales for our annual FRBA Ladies’ Retreat. We had to relocate from our usual campground due to COVID-19, but we found a lovely retreat center to host us. Sarah Foster was our facilitator this year, and she led us in a wonderful study called “It Is Well: A Reflection on the Beatitudes”. Her husband, Hadley Foster was brave enough to join us on Sunday morning to lead us in a special communion service as part of our morning worship.
Our incredible retreat team worked on planning and putting all this together for months prior to the event. Once we were there, Roberta Osio & Larissa Arriazola (Belen Baptist Church) - kept us going with meaningful worship music throughout the event. Our fabulous mother/daughter team - Angie Stelzer & Ada Sledge (Somerset Baptist Church) cooked our meals & kept the kitchen running smoothly while Lindsay Cartwright & Faith Smith (Cowboy Fellowship) got everyone checked in and led us in some fun activities. In addition to facilitating our event, Sarah Foster provided some fun craft activities for us to take part in during our free time too.
While COVID and the new location kept our numbers a little lower than usual (and prevented some of our “regulars” from attending this time), we were excited to welcome LOTS of new ladies to our group. 59% of our group were first-timers! What a blessing!
While we’re all hopeful that we’ll be able to return to HEB Foundation Camp next year, we LOVED Disciple Oaks and are so grateful to them for working with us to make it a wonderful experience for everyone this year.
The ladies already excited about next year, and plans are already in motion for another day retreat (RESTORE 2021) to be held on September 11th. More details coming SOON!!
As always, there are LOTS of pictures. If you'd like to see them click HERE!
January 1st thru May 31st
Income: $62,529.31
Expenses: $56,697.45
Income: $61,028.12
Expenses: $59,520.91
First Baptist Church Big Wells Honored Law Enforcement Officers
with BBQ Lunch on May 8th
Pastor John Work and his wife Renee decided to show appreciation to our Law Enforcement Officers by hosting a BBQ Lunch for them. Once the idea took hold, a number of their church members and other volunteers stepped up to help out. It was exciting to see just how grateful people are for the tiresome work these men and women are doing to protect the residents of Dimmit County. We need to continue praying for them as they encounter very dangerous situations on a daily basis.

Also in early May, members of
FBC Carrizo Springs happily pitched
in to feed their Border Patrol (all 3 shifts), DPS Troopers and sheriff’s deputies.
They also prayed for them and
expressed their support.
120 breakfast tacos and 145 brisket sandwiches were well received.

Church members said "It was our privilege and we had fun doing it!"
Operation Christian Love
by Beth Ann Brundrett
The rains have blessed southwest Texas. Our countryside has gone from sandy drought to lush green. COVID restrictions are relaxing. Long-awaited visits with family and friends are being enjoyed by many. Our service to the Lord has been able to continue through the many prayers, donations, and hours of service by faithful volunteers. Finding ways to continue within recommended guidelines has been a challenge but joyful in many ways.
Vida Eterna Church in Del Rio has picked up 100 to 130 boxes of precooked meat, vegetables and dairy products such as yogurt plus gallons of milk for OCL to distribute in Eagle Pass each week. Please pray for this wonderful ministry to continue. Those most in need have been sought out and served. Transition is underway for a new volunteer driver (to drive to Del Rio to pick up the food and return to Eagle Pass) and a coordinator (for immediate distribution of these refrigerated products). The recent driver (Br. Joe) is leaving to return to the foreign mission field. Please pray for the continuation of this ministry and for Br. Joe as he follows the Lord’s leading.
Once a month, Sister Ursula Herrera and John Bivens from Casa Hogar Getsemani coordinate OCL food purchase and distribution to 8 Mexico orphanages and 3 large ministries. Donations have been received to continue this for a few more months. Please pray for this ministry and those who work so hard to make it happen. May it be able to continue as well. The recipients are so grateful and send their heartfelt thanks.
One of the challenges for this ministry has been that it has been necessary for volunteers to do the shopping, then meet in a large parking lot to separate items into packages for each ministry, and then coordinate distribution (to a representative from each ministry) in that same parking lot. Now, we’re excited that one of the grocery stores in Piedras Negras has offered to take our orders and then separate the items and package them for each ministry for us! The store will even hold the items and coordinate pickup. This business and its staff simply offered to do this. What a blessing!! God’s hand once again directs the hearts and hands of His servants.
FBC Natalia had Irma Juarez from Casa Hogar Vision de Amor in Acuna speak at their church. In addition to thanking the church for their recent donation of a van, she shared information about the home, its activities and the religious training the children receive. It was a blessing for all of those who were able to attend.
The King ministry and Adolpho & Rosita ministry continue in the Jimenez/Dolores community, El Marte, Ciudad Acuna, Piedras Negras, and the surrounding area. Fabiola teaches the children while Pedro preaches. Ramon and Norma help children with homework and teach of Christ. Adolfo & Rosita and their volunteers hold open air services, Bible school classes for the children and preaching. All of these ministries serve food, and hand out clothing, shoes and household items.
Casa Hogar Getsemani’s chicken program is flourishing. They also have an abundance of quail (600 plus). The eggs are an excellent source of protein. The meat, too, is a tremendous blessing. The chickens (obtained with the help of OCL) will soon be laying eggs and the young hens and roosters will soon fill the shelves of the freezer with much-needed meat. John Bivens (home director) is instructing other orphanages in the care of poultry as well. Getsemani’s program includes hatching and raising the baby chicks in equipment donated by OCL. OCL also helps provide needed supplies for the other endeavoring start their own chicken yards and Getsemani donates chickens that they have hatched. Chicken count at this time is 99 (9 Jersey Giants, 55 white Leghorns, and 35 Rhode Island Reds).
La Mano de Dios Soup kitchen is providing 600-plus meals a week. They also hand out clothing and shoes and other items as they are donated. Tireless hours of seeking, preparing and distributing food and Christian teaching to needy in their area.
The Frank Banda ministry continues to hold worship services, serve meals and hand out clothing and other needed items. Prison restrictions have been lifted, allowing religious services (followed by a meal) to be resumed. The homeless shelter in downtown Piedras Negras continues to preach and teach of the Lord, and to provide a meal after each service. More and more immigrants come through, some announcing that they do not have to listen to receive a meal. Bro. Frank stands strong in saying, “Yes you do. This is not a government program. We set our own rules.” Standing strong for our Lord takes courage and faith. These volunteers, Frank and his family certainly need constant prayer support, not just donations.
The workers in the above mentioned ministries receive no salary. God meets their needs as He tells us He would. Theirs is a daily calling from our Lord as they continue to follow His direction.
The above mentioned ministries and others receive support from OCL through the Meat/Venison Ministry, Clothing Ministry, Sewing Ministries, and through donations and volunteering from churches, businesses, and individuals. The greatest method of support is PRAYER. What else can you do? Volunteers are always needed to assist with construction of handicap ramps and other items, to donate their vehicles and time to transport donations, and to help with sorting and packaging donations, which is all done by volunteers. Please call Beth Ann at 210-854-9360 if you would like to help.
OCL recently constructed a handicap ramp in Pleasanton. They have also been assisting with remodeling, repairing and constructing a new roof on a portion of the Devine Food Pantry. Mission Devine will be able to help complete this job.
Please note: preparations for the 2021 Christmas Ministry are already under way. Think about what YOU can do. Contact your family, church family, friends and others. Set your goals now for your part in this exciting ministry. It is a great opportunity to share the knowledge and love of our Lord. The birth of Christ (given to us for our eternal salvation), should be a time of giving and sharing, not just receiving. Bibles, religious pamphlets, toys (no guns, knives, or sexually inappropriate dolls or other items please), new shoes, jackets and warm clothing for children and adults are needed. Coordinate or find a group in your church to join in this opportunity. If you would like to sponsor His Island homeless shelter in San Antonio, an orphanage in Mexico, or contribute to the overall gift donations, make a choice and let us know. Get excited about it now. Share your excitement with others. Notification of participation is simple. Call Beth Ann at 210-854-9360.  Let us know by Monday, August 2, 2021, if you are going to participate.

Deadline for the delivery of collected gifts to OCL for distribution is Monday, November 1, 2021.

Click HERE to see more pictures of what OCL has been doing.
Do you know someone who is lonely or needs help? 
Pray!  In Christ’s name and strength, reach out. Try to fill the needs as you can.
Ask others to help you. Contact OCL.
Join hands in Christ’s name to “Serve God by Serving Others.”

Monetary donations may be made to Operation Christian Love by mailing them to:
John E. Heiligman
PO Box 117, Charlotte, TX 78011 .
Thank you for your prayers & support.
This NEW Bible study and many more are available
through our resource library!

Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

by Lysa Terkeurst
(6-session DVD study)

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