Volume 3, Issue 8 | August 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I recall my last year of high school: I was finishing my senior year in Richfield, MN, living with my older brother while my Mom, Dad and little brother went back to Venezuela where they were serving as missionaries. My brother and I did not have a lot of income to live on, so we had to be real careful about how we spent our money. 

One of our expenditures was phone calls to our parents. Venezuela was almost 3000 miles away, and long distance phone calls were not cheap, so, we called through ham radio operators. My dad contacted a ham radio operator in Caracas, who then contacted a ham radio operator in the Minneapolis area, who in turn called us. The ham radio operators contacted each other via satellite communications. It was a different way of long-distance calling, but it was free. We could hear dad’s voice and he could hear ours. It sure beat writing letters and getting a response from my parents a month later.

This reminds me of what I think happens when we intercede for others, when we lift others up in prayer: we mention someone’s name before the Lord, who is on His throne in Heaven, He hears our prayer, knows the one we are mentioning, and He ministers to that person. A satellite “sees” pretty much all things here on earth and in a way responds back to earth. So does God in heaven. He sees all things and He also responds, but in a personal way. In James 5 we read of the need to pray for one another: interceding for others by taking them before the Lord.

At FBC Pearsall, for the last 7 weeks, a group of men and women have been meeting together each day of the week (at 8:30am) praying for others. We have prayed for our president, for our representatives in DC, for local and state leaders, for those who are lost, for our city churches and pastors, for loved ones who are sick or have other needs. We have been asking the Lord for unity and restoration and revival. What a blessing it has been to see this group coming together week after week praying for others: taking the needs to the Lord and the Lord responding.

How about in your church or your community? Do you have a meeting like this going on? What would happen if our churches organized a group like this, with pastors from other churches and began praying for our nation and our communities?  Jeremiah 33:3 says  “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”  I challenge you to do this. See what God will do through your faithful and unceasing prayers.

Brothers and Sisters, during this pandemic and social unrest we are all going through, let’s pray more fervently for our churches, our pastors, our church members and our communities. We believe God knows all that is going on and He has a purpose for it. We may not know what that purpose is, but we do know the One who does know and we can trust Him. He will carry us through it and we will overcome it.  I John 4:4 says  “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”  Satan is definitely hard at work, but God is greater than Satan and He will defeat that enemy.

Samuel Chadwick once said “The one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray." (Cameron Thompson, Master Secrets of Prayer )

Let’s pray. Pray a lot. Pray without ceasing. Then watch the Lord work. Don’t give up!

Your fellow servant,
Bro. Loren
During these days of uncertain requirements and self-isolation, there may be times when neither Loren nor
Laurie Beth is in the office during our regular office hours. Please rest assured that we are still available
and ready to help you however we can despite
working from home.

We are always available by e-mail: LGFastFRBA@outlook.com or LBScantlinFRBA@outlook.com
and through our cell phones at:
Loren - 830-267-1234 or Laurie Beth - 210-854-9362.
Upcoming Events
(PLEASE NOTE: All events are subject to cancellation or rescheduling
depending on COVID-19 guidelines at the time.)
August 2020
July 30th-Aug. 2nd - Family Camp Session 5
3rd-7th - Hispanic Senior Adult Camp - Session 1
(Alto Frio) - CANCELLED
4th - 1:30pm - FRBA Associational Council Planning Meeting (at FBC Pearsall)
4th - FRBA Executive Board Meeting
4:00pm - Business Meeting (at FBC Pearsall)
4th - OCL Meeting (location TBA)
5th - South Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
(see note below)
13th - East Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
(see note below)
27th - North Zone Pastor's Prayer Meeting
(see note below)
29th - South Texas Church Worker Training Clinic (details TBA) - CANCELLED
Pastor's Prayer Meetings :
For the month of August, all prayer meetings will
most likely be held in person following recommended safety guidelines. Either way, we hope that our
pastors will reserve these mornings to pray together (even if not meeting with the group in person).
Specific requests can be sent to Loren for
distribution to the other pastors in each zone.
Watch your e-mail for specifics about each meeting.
September 2020

1st - OCL Meeting - 6:30pm
2nd - South Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
6th - FRBA Compañerismo Quarterly Meeting
at Gethsemani Baptist Mission
(Carrizo Springs, TX) - CANCELLED
7th - Labor Day (FRBA OFFICE CLOSED)
10th - East Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
17th - North Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting
17th-19th - Texas Baptists Ministry Assistant's Conference (Lakeside Baptist Church -
Grandbury, TX) (details below)
21st-25th - Hispanic Senior Adult Camp -
Session 2 (Alto Frio) - CANCELLED
22nd - FRBA Executive Board Meeting
(location TBA)
9:30am – Fellowship
10:00am – Business Meeting
24th - FRBA RESTORE 2020 Ladies' Gathering - CANCELLED


Thursday, August 06, 2020 Virtually
From 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
Cost: $30

Well, it was probably inevitable, but we have decided to go virtual
with our iCare Conference this year. I will certainly miss seeing
all of you, as well as the delicious sandwiches that
Grapevine Café was going to bring!
We will move to a Zoom platform for the opening, all of the sessions
and our lunch speaker, Candace Payne, aka “Chewbacca Mom .
We will have proctors in each room to ensure that each of you
still get your continuing education credits.
PLEASE pass the word about iCare to your friends, colleagues, church
staff and anyone else that you think might be interested. My prayer is
that with us going virtual, those that had been holding back out of concern
of COVID-19 will now sign up. We are also no longer limited to how
many can be in a session – no fire marshal to worry about this year!

We will have a set of break out sessions just for church staff/pastors.
As of right now, we are still having all of our sessions.
However, if we have less than 5 signed up in a session, we will
cancel that session and you will be allowed to join another one.
If that happens, we will let you know the day before.
As it gets closer, we will send out the links to your sessions and
instructions for each. For this reason, please register by August 3rd .
Thanks again for your support and encouragement for our conference.
Know that we are praying for each of you and that this will be the time
you need to be refreshed and learn something new along the way.

STCH Ministries is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that has been caring for children and families since 1952. We provide homes, support, counseling, and life-skills training to those in need, and also reach beyond our borders through international missions.
This year's TBMA Conference has been rescheduled for September!
Click on the picture below for details and registration!
Around the Association
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Congratulations to Bro. Frank Flores (Asherton Baptist Mission/Gethsemani Baptist Mission) and Oralia (Aranda) Flores . They were united in marriage on Saturday, July 18th.

We wish them many blessings and untold happiness in the years ahead.
VBS at Crosspoint Fellowship in Pleasanton!
(Click HERE for more pictures.)
FBC & Crosspoint Fellowship of Pleasanton had 51 attendees at their annual
Family Camp which was held at Alto Frio July 26th-29th.
Families used a combination of RV’s and hotel rooms for their accommodations.
(Click HERE for more pictures.)
Operation Christian Love
by Beth Ann Brundrett
The changes God has made in our worldly plans have given us many blessings. Perhaps we cannot share hugs or in-person fellowship, but we can enjoy our families that perhaps we did not have time to properly appreciate before. Enjoying a sunrise or sunset has become more precious.  As the recent rain refreshed the drought-ridden firmament, this change has refreshed our appreciation for the things that we have not had time for. Online worship services are such blessings. Listening to the beautiful music and looking out at God’s handiwork at the same time touches our soul in a way that no man-made building can. Not being able to be with others gives us time to think about them and reach out in other ways. Receiving a phone call, a text, a note or even a card touches our hearts with warm thoughts and appreciation. Grief for loved ones suffering and dying is difficult to bear alone. Let us try to find a way to reach out and remember to pray for all.

Two of the orphanages in Coahuila, Mexico, have been dealing with COVID-19. Fortunately, previous donations made through OCL have been able to assist with necessary medication and other needs.  Casa Hogar Misericordia (House of Mercy Methodist Orphanage), in Nava, had two with COVID-19. They had followed all the rules. They had been restricted to the home since February. However, a cook that came in as relief personnel, even though not sick, brought the virus into the home. Thankfully, with instant care, treatment, and isolation of the two, along with God’s Mercy, the virus did not spread further. Casa Hogar Vision de Amor, in Ciudad Acuna, is still struggling. Only Delfino Juarez, the husband of the director, Irma Juarez, has had the virus. Their living quarters in the home are separated from the rest of the facility. The children and staff are all ok. However, Delfino is suffering and very weak. Please hold these two homes (and the others) in close prayer that they may be spared if it is within God’s will. Anyone wishing to assist with the medicine and medical costs may donate to OCL indicating your wishes.

The King Ministry is adapting to its new home and are most appreciative. Their prayer support is a blessing through this time.
Plates of food ready for distribution by Banda Ministries.
The Banda Ministry is feeding souls and bodies at their downtown homeless shelter church in Piedras Negras. They are handing out food at their Periodista Bethesda Church to the local poverty stricken neighborhood, and Gobernadores housing area. OCL is sending food to these locations as well as the prison. OCL venison is their primary meat source. A special thanks to those that donate to this program, and to Nancy Seals and Debbie Brundrett for continuing to deliver it.
First 2 refrigerators donated to Casa Hogar Paz de Amor
Casa Hogar Paz de Amor (Peace and Love Orphanage), Piedras Negras, lost 3 refrigerators due to recent flooding. OCL received enough donations to replace them. Sister Ursula Herrera graciously went to Piedras Negras and met with Brother Alex. They shopped at Home Depot in Piedras Negras and purchased 2 of the refrigerators. Home Depot delivered them immediately and did not charge for delivery. An OCL individual donated more funds allowing the purchase of a third one as well. Sister Ursula came to the rescue again.

Nancy and Jack Seals help with clothing purchases and Nancy has been sorting and packaging clothes for all 8 of the orphanages as well as for families & elderly at La Mano de Dios. Some have been delivered to Sister Ursula and she took them to the respective orphanages. Clothes for the other homes area being prepared and will be delivered soon.
Brother & Mrs. Supulveda with pan they made
and sent with Sister Ursula.
On August 21st, La Mano de Dios Soup Kitchen Ministry will celebrate the elderly for Grandparents’ Day. The soup kitchen is still closed but they hand out meals and food daily. For this special day, OCL has made a large donation to purchase food for baskets for all those that come by. OCL is also sending clothes for this. When Sister Ursula delivered items to them, Brother & Mrs. Sepulveda made pan (bread) and gave it to her for us. They told her to FaceTime Alford and I so we could have a virtual coffee time together. It was very special even though we didn't get any of the pan ourselves. Just seeing it brought wonderful memories of times shared.
Sister Ursula enjoying fresh pan for all of us!
January 1st thru July 31st
Income: $85,423.14
Expenses: $84,165.98
Income: $89,000.52
Expenses: $81,123.46
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Walking By Faith - Lessons Learned in the Dark
by Jennifer Rothschild
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