Volume 1, Issue 4 | June 2018
June 2018
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Lately I have been thinking about the importance of growth and health in life. When I was young, mom would tell me to eat my vegetables and fruit, as it was good for me. And I did. I was also quite active in sports in those days, so I got plenty of exercise. And of course, it was important to get plenty of rest.

Now that I am 64 years and counting, this matter of staying healthy has become a bit more of a challenge. Now it is my wife who tells me to eat my vegetables and fruit because it is good for me (she doesn’t actually do that as I like most vegetables and fruit) . But now I must also consider eating foods with less or no carbohydrates, foods that will not add cholesterol to my body, and foods with less sugar, etc., etc. When it comes to exercise, well, quite frankly I am lacking in that area. I do like to walk and occasionally ride bike (when the tires are aired up), but I just don’t do it enough (know what I mean?). Rest comes easier after a hard day. I don’t even want to mention the matter of having to lose weight. Anyway, all of this must be kept in balance if we want to stay healthy.

A lot of this balance is also important in our spiritual lives, don’t you think? Let me share some ways that have helped me and will help you in your spiritual health and growth:

  1. Daily nutrition: you need to feed on God’s Word daily. You can do that by hearing, reading, meditating, studying or memorizing His Word. Joshua 1:8
  2. Fresh air: Pray on a regular basis. Prayer is oxygen for the soul. I Thessalonians 5:17
  3. Regular exercise: Put into practice what you hear and learn from the Word. James 1:22
  4. Rest: Trust and rest in the Lord to take care of you. Proverbs 3:5-6
  5. Fellowship: Worship and fellowship with other believers on a regular basis. Hebrews 10:25
  6. Regular check-ups: Take time out to examine yourself spiritually. Are you doing what God wants you to do and what His Word teaches you to do? II Corinthians 13:5

I encourage you to put these into practice in your life. You will be blessed and encouraged in your life and your Christian life will grow and become healthier each day. Everyone wants to feel good physically. Let’s want to feel good spiritually also.

Your Friend in Christ,
Bro. Loren
Upcoming Events
June 2018
5 - OCL Meeting - 6:30pm
6 - West Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting (at Primera
Iglesia Bautista - Laredo, TX)
10-16 - Mission Devine (see below for details)
11-14 - Area Kid’s Camp (Alto Frio)
12-13 - SBC Annual Meeting (Kay Bailey Hutchison
Convention Center - Dallas, TX)
14 - Flag Day
17 -Father’s Day
22-23 - MannaFest 2018 (see below for details)
25-29 - GA, Acteen Camp (Alto Frio)
RA Camp (Alto Frio)  
July 2018
3 - OCL Meeting - 6:30pm
4 - Independence Day Holiday (FRBA OFFICE CLOSED)
11 - West Zone Pastor’s Prayer Meeting (location TBA)
8-13 - Area Youth Camp (Alto Frio)
16-20 - Master’s Camp - Youth (Alto Frio)
23-27 - Emmanuel Camp - Youth (Alto Frio)
29-Aug 1 - BGCT Annual Meeting (Arlington Convention
Center - Arlington, TX)

Around the Association
FBC Charlotte recently hosted a “Missions Fest” to raise money for their mission trip to Tacoma in July and to highlight what their church is doing in missions. They also used the opportunity to introduce the church to Loren Fast, our new DOM
In celebration of Cowboy Fellowship's Heritage Days they hosted a horseless and horseback ranch rodeo in mid-May. Teams of 4 participated in various ranch rodeo events.
25 students participated in Game and Movie Night at FBC Carrizo Springs.
We are currently in search of some gently used office furniture. We're looking for:
*love seat
*reception area chairs
*desk chair
*guest chairs for DOM office
If you have any to donate, please call the FRBA Office. 
48 ladies representing 17 churches gathered at HEB Foundation Camp over the first weekend in May for a wonderful time of spiritual growth, fellowship, and relaxation.
God was definitely in our midst, providing us with a last-minute campsite upgrade, great weather (after we got through the rain on our way there) and a fantastic group of women to spend time with.
The weekend included worship, singing, Bible study and prayer along with opportunities for sharing & reflection as well as canoeing, hiking, swimming, sleeping, reading, campfire time, tears, laughter and lots of hugs.
Vacation Bible School Schedules
3rd-7th - FBC Charlotte
4th-6th - FBC Big Wells
7th - FBC Big Wells Family Night
11th-16th - FBC Carrizo Springs
- FBC Pearsall
18th-23rd - Moore Baptist Church
19th-21st - Black Creek Baptist Church
24th-28th - FBC Cotulla
- Hosanna Baptist Tabernacle
- Somerset Baptist Church
9th-13th - FBC Christine & FBC Devine
Operation Christian Love
by Beth Ann Brundrett
Mano de Dios Soup Kitchen in Piedras Negras is continuing their service to the children now that school is out. They continue to feed them, keep them safe and teach them of Jesus. On the Day of the Child back in April, 360 plates of food were distributed and 360 new garments (along with other gifts) were all given out. The construction on the new facility will be a large open area but it will have a roof to protect from the sun and elements with restrooms, a storage pantry and a larger kitchen. Please pray as this construction continues and pray also for the volunteers that assist in this.
Receiving donations from FBC Carrizo Springs
Iglesia Bautista Jerusalen is continuing to hand out sorted clothing from their church along with food and meat. The chicken they purchase for OCL and the remaining venison is given to orphanages, soup kitchens and families with extreme needs on both sides of the border. Thank you for your donations that fund this program. Special thanks Alma & Tim Chaires from Jerusalen and to Jack & Nancy Seals along with Debbie Brundrett that help obtain the venison and deliver it.
Donations from FBC Carrizo Springs being unloaded in Eagle Pass.
Some of the residents from His Island Home for Veterans in San Antonio will be special guests of the Sam Craig Ministries at the upcoming “We’ve Got Your Back“ free event at the Talbert Ranch Lodge near Cotulla. Special thanks to David George from Castle Hills Baptist church in San Antonio for furnishing the transportation.

Jack Seals (accompanied by Nancy Seals & Debbie Brundrett) presented an OCL Ministry program to the Norths San Antonio Chamber of Commerce . This group supports OCL and was interested in finding out the areas of service OCL covers.
Group from Cotton Logistics that donated a huge trailer load of twin size bedding, sheets blankets & comforters.
Volunteers led by Wayne and Ann Barber from the Hillcrest Baptist Church in Jasper, Texas are coming to Eagle Pass (with a trailer load of toys, children's clothing, feminine products, bicycles & other items) the first week of June. They will be sorting and boxing these donations at Iglesia Bautista Jerusalen. On Tuesday night June 5th, they - along with Sister Ursula Herrera - will be hosting a local Bible study group at the Catholic mission house where they will be staying.  Frank Banda Ministry will present the program.
Casa Paz de Amor in Piedras Negras receiving
a recent load of toiletries

HUGE THANK YOU'S go out to all of you who made this year's retreat happen!

The Somerset Baptist Church ladies got on their phones, and helped make sure everyone was notified of the last-minute change in campground.

Faith Smith & Lindsay Cartwright (Cowboy Fellowship of Atascosa County) jumped right in and got everyone registered and assigned to a cabin as they arrived.

Barb Boswell provided us with lots of spiritual encouragement and quite a few laughs over the weekend.

Roberta Osio (Belen Baptist Church - Dilley) & Leslie Gonzalez (Primera Bautista Fellowship - Cotulla) shared their musical gifts to lead us in praise & worship.

Taylor Ramirez & Evian Salgado served as our ever-faithful lifeguards.

Angela Stelzer & Ada Sledge (Somerset Baptist Church) pitched in and made our kitchen run like a well-oiled machine...and NEVER let us run out of coffee (for more than a few minutes anyway).

Billy Morse (Interim Pastor at Moore Baptist Church) came and led us in Sunday morning worship along with a very meaningful communion service. His wife, Julie Morse , helped us with the sound system all weekend.

Skye Kayser (FBC West Portsmouth, OH) provided us with a yummy dinner on our last night.

Crystal Barkley (Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Stockdale, TX) helped document the event for us with her photography.

Operation Christian Love loaned us a trailer so we could get all the supplies up there (in the rain)...and Loren Fast (FRBA DOM) helped us load, and drove the trailer up there for us. Alford Brundrett (OCL) drove the trailer home.

Scott Scantlin (LB's husband) went above & beyond the call of duty for weeks, helping get food prepared, packing boxes, helping with retreat shopping, loading the trailer (in the rain), and so much more.

Throughout the weekend, EVERYONE got involved in making the event a success - helping out in the kitchen, cleaning up around the camp, participating in discussions, reaching outside their comfort zones to make new friends and try new things. It was truly a GROUP effort!
Check out our FRBA website for more great pics from this event!
Comments received about the Ladies' Retreat:

We had a wonderful time in the presence of God and fellowshipping with our sisters in Christ. Looking forward to next year’s retreat....

I am so thankful to GOD for allowing me to be part of HIS beautiful sister in Christ family... Can't wait to join y'all next year or maybe possibly another conference soon.

Transforming lives in three days. This women's retreat was meant to provide women a place to reduce stress, reflect, worship, receive instruction and develop ministry gifts along with encouragement on issues that women commonly face. Thanking God for the deliverance of the time, space, and place for His work.

Absolutely rejuvenated in Christ! (Annette Terrazas)
Greatest experience of my life. And great He is all of the time, Amen. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity the great father God has given me.

Just to unplug and focus on the Lord with no distractions was amazing. Usually, I have kiddos hanging off of me constantly, which I Love!, but it was nice to have time for just me & God - NO DISTRACTIONS.

The environment was absolutely wonderful. I saw and felt God all around me. The studies were not just heard, but experienced.

My soul & my spirit feel content. I thank God for this opportunity.

This retreat was my first one and I went with some reservations. I learned so many things from [Barb's] teachings and from all of you beautiful sisters! I learned that I have to take some time to recharge if I'm to serve those whom GOD had put in my path. Most of all I learned to keep Joy in my heart n mind. The joy of the LORD is my strength, after all!!!!!

Sometimes we need to be with a group of like-minded women in Christ to relax, renew, and find our centers. This ladies retreat was the perfect way to restore our vitality, connect with our innate joy, and experience the healing power of sisterhood through God in a gorgeous natural environment.
Our 2nd annual Ladies' Retreat was a great success! We'll have more pictures & all the details in next month's newsletter!

coming June 22-23, 2018 .
MannaFest is a Christian music festival featuring regional and local Christian artists and worship bands. The Lord, Jesus Christ is the star of the show! Come out and join the fun, excitement and relaxation of being with family and community to join in worship and praise.
FRIDAY Presents "Youth Day" from 2:30pm to 10:00pm. Gates Open at 1:30pm.

SATURDAY is the MAIN EVENT beginning at 11:00am and lasting until 10:00pm. Gates will open at 10:00am.
Food Booths will also be on-hand for purchase and enjoyment.
TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED on-line at our website or from area churches.


ALL PROFITS will go to Helping Abused and Neglected Kids (HANK), Mission Devine, and SnowBall Express (Serving the Children of our fallen military heroes).
  • These women's Bible studies and many more are available through our resource library!
Faithful, Abundant True: Three Lives Going Deeper Still
(7-week DVD study or weekend retreat)
Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed: A Study of David
(6-week DVD study)
both featuring Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore

Click here to download one of our checkout forms. Then just complete it and
bring it by the office to borrow a Bible study to meet your needs.

We’re also accepting donations of used DVD Bible study kits.
If you or your church have some that you are no longer using, we’d love
to have them here to share with other churches in our Association.
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