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June 2019

June brings with it milder weather, more daylight hours and the official beginning of summer. The season goes by quickly and we encourage you to commit to having more fun and acting like a kid again, whatever that means to you. For me, I am torn between trying as many varieties of frozen treats as possible and getting out to see more parks this summer. Oh wait, I can do both, maybe even at the same time!

Sue Vermeulen & Jennifer Bravo
KCNA Staff
Health & Wellness
June is Men's Health Month
June is not only the month we celebrate Father's Day, but it is also Men's Health Month. While nursing is dominated by women, men are increasingly choosing to join the ranks of this celebrated and respected profession. Thank you to all the men who are making a difference as excellent nurses in our community!

Let's take the month of June to encourage the men in our lives to be proactive and schedule preventative exams to check their health, especially test that evaluate the prostate, colon and heart. Speaking of men making a contribution to the nursing, see below for information about local nurse Stefan Torres who is making a difference in our community.
Local Nurse Advocates for Nurses & Patients
Feeling uninspired and in need of motivation? Nurse Stefan Torres could be your antedote. He is a local nurse out of Edmonds who runs  Nurse Weekly , an educational video channel on Facebook and YouTube.

He is passionate about helping patients heal as well as connecting and inspiring his fellow nurses. His videos reflect that dual intention, running the gamut from the benefits of breastfeeding to working through professional dilemmas in his video series, C arpool Consults with nurses. To see his latest videos, click here.

Torres has won numerous awards including being presented the first UW Bothell Alumni of the Year award,  chosen out of 21,000 alumni from over 30 years. He is also one of only two male nurses to be added to the UW’s School of Nursing list of 100 Distinguished Nurses of Influence . To learn more about his activities, check out his website here .

Continuing Education
Free Independent Study: HIV Combination Prevention Plans
Combination Prevention: Working With Clients to Stop HIV Transmission

Free Independent Study O nline Continuing Education opportunity!
HIV prevention is entering a new age with the advances in biomedical interventions such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and treatment as prevention (TasP). People have more options than ever before to develop a personalized prevention plan. However, providers are failing to routinely deliver client-centered care to their clients, often not incorporating or offering biomedical prevention as a part of their HIV prevention options. Take this course and learn about the new options and how to incorporate them into a combination prevention plan.

To explore more about this topic, click here .

KCNA Happenings
KCNA Members Elected to Serve WSNA
Congratulations to the following KCNA members who have been elected by their peers to serve in leadership roles with WSNA. Thank you for representing the King County nursing community!

Board of Directors:
Jennifer Graves, Vice President
Rosa Young, At Large

Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare:
Clarise Mahler, Vice Chair
Edna Cortez, At Large
Ruby Crisostomo Tan, At Large

Professional Nursing & Health Care Council:
Heather Stephen-Shelby, Education
Vesna Jovanovich, Ethics & HR
Anne Hirsch, Research

WSNA Nominations/Search Committee:
Judy Huntington
Jan Bussert
Suzanne Baek

2020 AFT National Convention Delegates:
Ruby Crisostomo Tan
Clarise Mahler
Suzanne Baek
Edna Cortez
Julie Drake, First Alternate

ANA Membership Assembly Delegates:
Jan Bussert
Jennifer Graves
Judy Huntington
Edna Cortez
Ingrid Anderson
Barbara Friesen, Alternate
Rosa Young, Alternate
KCNA Election Results Are In
Congratulations to those elected to KCNA leadership positions! Thank you for being willing to step forward to serve the organization.

President (2 yr term, 2019-21):
Antwinett Lee

Treasurer (2 yr term, 2019-21):
Anne Poppe

Members at Large (2 yr term, 2019-21):
Judy Albers
Frankie Manning
Brittany Rios
Heather Stephen-Selby
Emily Vinson

Nominating Committee (1 yr term, 2019-20):
Tamryn Aalvik
Chris Henshaw
Hannah Jeong
KCNA Board at WSNA Convention
Back Row (Left to Right): Anne Poppe and Darlene Von Lehman
Second Row: Antwinett Lee, Rosa Young, Judy Albers, Carolyn Clark, Pam Newsom, Emily Vinson, Frankie Manning and Executive Director Sue Vermeulen
Front Row: Heather Stephen-Selby and Brenda Balogh
Planning Has Begun for New Program Year
The KCNA Program Committee is gathering ideas and will meet in July to discuss and finalize programs for the July 2019 through June 2020 calendar. The committee will be making choices about topics for upcoming educational opportunities and events.

Since we will be celebrating the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale in 2020, the committee will be looking at fun ways to mark the special occasion. There are already some exciting ideas being considered, so be sure to stay tuned for announcements coming soon!
Nursing Profession
Survey Gives Current Overview of Nursing in WA State
A new survey has been released by the Washington Center for Nursing that provides a comprehensive view of nursing in the State of Washington. The results of this survey will be helpful in finding the best ways to support nurses in education, career advancement, and job satisfaction.

Here are a few findings from the survey:

  • Washington state has 71,386 registered nurses (977 registered nurses per 100,000 people.)
  • The number of licensed practical nurses continues to decline. Currently, Washington has 9,859 LPNs (135 LPNs per 100,000 people.) 
  • The number of ARNPs licensed in Washington continues to climb steadily, 5,981. That is an increase from 50 ARNPs per 100,000 Washington population in 2006 to about 82 per 100,000 in 2018.
  • Over 62 percent of RNs surveyed have baccalaureate degrees or higher.
  • Washington’s RNs are quite satisfied with their jobs and roles, although some report feeling overwhelmed.
  • RN median salaries in WA are higher than the U.S. as a whole ($70,000 in 2017) but vary by age, setting and educational attainment.
  • The proportion of RNs who are white is higher than the proportion of white residents in the state as a whole.

To read the full survey report, click here .
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer with the Hepatitis Education Project
The Hepatitis Education Project offers free HBV & HCV screening at numerous Seattle sites such as health fairs, treatment centers, immigrant and refugee service providers and shelters. They also advocate on behalf of patients and are always striving to educate policy makers to improve the public health response to hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

They are always looking for nursing professionals to assist them as volunteers to do screenings as well as to become active as advocates. Click here to find out more about volunteering.