In her moving Ted Talk, Ruby Sales, activist, educator and theologian shares her experiences during the Southern Freedom Movement in the 1960s. Despite traumatic events, she continued in the movement and now talks to audiences about pathways to healing the deep wounds caused by racism in our country. Sales has spoken not only about race, but also about class, gender and reconciliation.

In her talks, Sales challenges each person to look deep within themselves to find the answers to these two questions: "Where does it hurt?" followed by "Do you want to heal?" Listen to her inspiring Ted Talk here .

 Her story is featured as part of an oral history project in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Sales has degrees from Tuskegee Institute, Manhattanville College, and Princeton University. She also received a Masters of Divinity from the Episcopal Divinity School.

In 2007 Sales started The Spirit House Project that documented over 2,000 state-sanctioned deaths against Black people, 98 percent of those counted in that number were unarmed. “It is not by accident that Black Lives Matter is a theme today,” said Sales. She believes “Black Lives Matter” has always been a theme of the fight for justice, even in slavery. Information about The Spirit House Project can be found here .