Pope Francis wants to hear from everyone, including the laity—whether active, somewhat active or inactive—to share what their dreams are for the Catholic Church. There are now two ways you can participate:
  • In person or by Zoom listening sessions where you gather with others in a small group setting to share experiences and hopes for our Church by listening to one another and the Holy Spirit.  We have added another listening session by Zoom for Monday, April 25, 6:30-8:00 pm. You can sign up on our Parish Website or call the Parish Office. 
  • By completing the Synod Survey - expires on April 30th.
We also encourage you to invite your family, friends and neighbors to participate. Everyone is welcome!

Synod Listening Session for LGBTQ+ Persons and their Family/Friends
We are offering a listening session in response to a recent request to provide an opportunity for some of our LGBTQ+ parishioners, neighbors and their allies to gather and share their experiences in a more comfortable environment. If interested, please contact Helen, 206-935-0358