Principal's Letter
Dear OLG Families,

It is summer break! We did it! Checkout the video of all our Catholic Schools and a year we will never forget!

With Covid still around then we know many parents and families are not experience a huge change of pace around the house, but we hope as King Co. moves ever closer to Phase 2 and beyond that playdates and safe in-person meet-ups can resume.
And at the same time, it is not summer break around here... at least not yet! With the recent moves towards Phase 2, our School Office is currently open (summer hours and constraints listed below). Our staff has been very busy with final returns/pickups of items, cleaning, wrapping up grading and report cards, sitting on hiring/interview teams, and of course, planning our safe return in the Fall!

Speaking of interviews and hiring, we have had some amazing candidates in our interview process and have verbal or written commits for all of our positions! Hooray! As we roll into summer, I will be introducing each to you and updating our positions on our website to match. I'm excited for the energy, talent, and experience we have in our new hires and the gifts we look forward to sharing in next year's adventures!

I would like to take a moment to update you on our planning for safe return in the Fall now that we have guidance from both the State and Archdiocese. We know from our previous parent surveys that there is a strong preference for in-person learning on campus where possible within public health guidance (ie. spreading out to follow social distancing guidelines, masks, etc). We also know if we are forced to return to full school remote learning then focus on the consistency of a reasonable set schedule with optional components, attention to social and emotional health, and more are required. We know the special value community has at our school and the difficulty of replicating virtually what we do so well in-person.

Our teams are actively drafting our plans for what is possible for all on-campus and if necessary, continuous remote learning in Fall 2020. We have measured our classroom sizes to determine how many desks/students are able to fit to meet spacing guidelines, and are analyzing potential schedules, and re-imagining each of our roles as we embark on a new paradigm of student learning during this ongoing pandemic. In the next few weeks we will be seeking input from you as well in a variety of forms, so please keep an eye out. In fact, the first input opportunity I have is for helping Sal with some desk updates next Wednesday, 6/24.

My goal is to have a draft of our full plans available before the end of the month, and I am committed to ongoing communication throughout the summer.

I am in continuous communication with our neighboring Catholic schools as well to ensure our system is equitable and fair for all. All three of our West Seattle schools are seeking as full a reopening as possible within the safety precautions and restrictions we are bound to. A huge shout-out to our teachers/staff for pivoting so quickly from end-of-year wrap-up right into fall planning, and for all parents for your input, flexibility, and understanding as we move forward.

Also a huge shout-out to our founders and supporters. We are blessed with the foresight of OLG founding families and the Archbishop in 1962 building a school with well ventilated, large classrooms. We are blessed with all the donors through the decades that have helped provide us with stability and a foundation for growth and additional space in gym and parish center. Most especially I want to thank all those who've donated to our recent special School Fund Drive appeal for extra Tuition Assistance, PPE purchases, cleaning programs, and everything else that will carry us through this crisis.

We realize that these are difficult economic times and are committed to making it work for all our family’s situations while maintaining our robust academic program and fulfilling our educational mission. We hope our efforts together will make a difference and I encourage anyone experiencing financial hardship to reach out to myself or our school office to engage in the support you need. Thank you for all the support of OLG parish and school community!
Yours in Christ,

Anton Kramer
Important Dates
Wednesday, June 24th – volunteer hours: Desk Selections Seeking 2 to 3 moving volunteers; contact Sal if you are available!

Summer Office Hours
  • Thru June 30: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm or by appointment
  • July & early August: By appointment
  • Starting August 10th: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Have a great summer!

Save the Date... we'll be safely returning to action this Fall!
From the Development Office
Thank you for all who have given generously!

You can still help us reach our $20,000 Goal!
Share our donation posts on Social Media or Donate here !

These funds will :
  • help families impacted by COVID-19 through increasing our pool of tuition assistance.
  • increase our Chromebook accessibility
  • update teacher technology & online learning platforms
  • help in safety/PPE/social distancing updates required for re-opening

Thank you for your continued support!

Looking for other ways to help?
During this time at home social media has been our link to each other and the world. Can you share one of our posts ? Comment , like, sharing on Instagram and Facebook expands OLG's reach to the community. Please take a moment each day if you can and share!
School Happenings
Y earbooks are Here!
Cash/check/credit card orders - $35
Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm or by appointment

New this year: Sign yearbooks digitally !
Summer Learning
Summer Math and Reading
Parents: We highly encourage you to keep your student on the suggested schedule so they can maintain the skills they have learned this year. Students in these current grades will receive:

  • Kindergarten - a packet with math and reading review - available at school
  • 1st grade - a packet with math and language arts review - available at school. Please continue to use your individualized book lists and RAZ to find “just right” text and books! Students are encouraged to read aloud 20 minutes a day.  
  • 2nd-4th grades - a math packet is available at school. Students are encouraged to read 20-30 minutes a day. Kids A-Z reading resources will also be available. 
  • Grades K-4 - Math Whizz and XtraMath will be available to students throughout the summer. We recommend that you continue to use these resources! For optimal results, use Math Whizz for 45 minutes a week and XtraMath 3-5 times a week.
  • Grades 5-7 Math - mandatory summer math packet - available at the school, or the digital version is on Ms. Savio's website.
  • Grades 5-7 Reading - Summer reading assignments were sent via student email or available on Ms. Hobbs web site.

Also, check your student's report card for comments and recommendations (report cards will be mailed next week). Here is an  article on easy ways to avoid the summer "loss".

Students in K-4 who complete and return their packets to next year’s teacher on the first week of school will be eligible to participate in an  ice cream party . If you have any questions please contact  Mrs. Lawler. Middle schoolers (no ice cream party) just tests and a book assignment in September. Have a fun and safe summer!

Bridget Lawler, K-5 Math Specialist & AST Coordinator & OLG Middle School Teachers
Vacation Bible Camp - register by June 30th
Vacation Bible Camp will be virtual for PreK-5th grade. Please notice the new dates July 20-24. School families can make arrangements for continued technology assistance after June 12th. Volunteers needed for Crew Leaders. More here
Chicken Soup Brigade: Do you have 2 Hours a Month?
OLG is looking for a couple volunteers to join our Chicken Soup Brigade team. This program helps our homebound, aged, and chronically ill neighbors to get groceries and nutritious meals. Volunteers pick up the food in Georgetown and deliver it to people in need in West Seattle/White Center. Drivers commit to doing deliveries once a month on the approximately 2-hr Thursday afternoon route. Working in a team provides great flexibility and a chance to build community with others.  Interested? Contact Jennifer   

Breakfast Foods Needed
Catholic Community Services (CCS) has been working hard to keep their shelter guests safe during this time of pandemic. In collaboration with our local Scouts, we are running a breakfast food drive. Please consider donating instant oatmeal, dried fruit, fruit cups, individually wrapped pastries, peanut butter, jelly, jerky, and durable fruit (oranges, apples, etc.) by June 21. Contact Jennifer for drop-off information.

Bishops response to DACA: Click here
Archdiocese resources on the sin of Racism: Click here

Our Lady of Guadalupe,  Pray for Us!

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