Principal's Letter
Dear OLG Families,

Orientation is over and we are up and running! Our Day Camp and ELC in-person classes have been motoring along... it's been great to have students back on campus!!! While temperature checks, coordinating space in the gym on smokey days, and wearing masks all day are new, our kids are quickly adapting. All our teachers are making adjustments daily as well, and I hope you see many of the adaptations and fruits of our summer plans coming into play. One of the adaptations we took in our distance learning plans was introducing more synchronous time (i.e. live zoom classes). Students have been working very hard this week in all their synchronous classes, but we know that asynchronous, flexible, off-screen scheduling is also important for everyones' mental health and stability. Tomorrow our K-5 students have their first day of asynchronous learning opportunities. We hope this gives you a flexible time to catch-up on anything missing, check in with teachers in office hours, or get in some extra time with specialists like our Music and Spanish programs. We are also adding-in our Art and other community building activities in the near future.
As your children saw in today's all school mass, OLG face masks are in! We have one available for each student, with extras available for purchase. Pickup starts tomorrow, Friday, September 11th. They are in bags with family names at the front office. PS-2nd Grade will receive youth size and 3rd-8th Grades will have an adult size. For more information on sizing click here. For exchanges keep the bag sealed and immediately exchange with a staff member (we cannot take returns/exchanges of opened masks). If you would like to purchase additional masks, they are on sale for $5 each - Order and pay here. All proceeds go directly to the Parent Organization. Thank you Parent Org for heading up this great new "spirit wear!"
Speaking of spirit, I know a lot of teachers are encouraging wearing some "Blue Friday" gear tomorrow in honor of the Seahawks season opener this weekend. Don't worry if you're not a Seahawk fan, you're welcome to wear any Seattle sports team gear (including your very own OLG CYO Bulldog items)! Our Mass of the Holy Spirit today showed us many ways to hear God's voice, and we know that the best way is together, in community. Read on for more details of Jog-A-Thon, Band, CYO, Auction and more!

Yours in Christ,

Anton Kramer
Important Dates
Saturday, Sept 12th - Band Instrument Rental 10:00 am outside at Walmesley Center

Town Hall #2 Thursday, Sept 17th 6:30-7:45pm
  • Time to check-in as a parent community on Curriculum, Distance Learning, and more! Zoom Link on calendar

Mondays & Fridays - Packet Pick up/Drop off 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and by appointment. Check with your child's teacher when packets are ready
Parent Organization (PO) News
Join us 2nd Tuesday of each Month for PO Meetings!
What's Your Plan?
Greetings from the 2021 Auction Committee! This year's committee began meeting in June and is excited to have had the time and space to make significant changes to our approach to the Auction this year.
In case you missed the July meeting of the PO and our newsletter blurb last month (and let's face it – even if you read it, you forgot about it in the midst of back-to-school prep), we want to explain a few key changes to the way we're collecting Auction donations this year. Please read our FAQs and if you can, let us know your plan by Sept 30.

This is a communication date because as a team we need to assess items, help those needing ideas, and speak to those in financial hardship.

Thanks for letting us know your family's plan for your auction commitment. Finalization deadline remains
Dec. 4th, 2020!

Committee meetings are the First Tuesday of every month ! All are welcome!

Sept 1-25th

Jog-A-Thon is underway! Please share this link with your friends and family for donations. It is a virtual event this year. Kindergarten is currently in the lead! Remember if you ask 15 people to give $10 each, you reach your goal!

Thanks to Nathan Woodhouse for hiking up Mt Si for your Jog-A-Thon activity! Remember anything goes! Jump rope, walk, bike....have fun!
Please JOIN the ALL parent Facebook Group! We want to connect with you!
When clicking to join please answer ALL 3 questions in order to be approved.
Looking forward to a great year!
Back to School Essentials
Band! 5th Grade learn to play... 6th-8th let's keep it up!

Interested in Choir 6th thru 8th Grade? You mean we can sing?
Yes you can Middle School!
Cross Country is least remotely! Coach Dan Womac has been busy marking routes around Lincoln Park and is creating some awesome training videos for our runners. We all need a little break from zoom time at home and this is a great opportunity to get a little sport activity outside.

How the season works!
Find a route in your neighborhood (or use the route in Lincoln Park created by Coach Dan). Parents will need to time their kid (a phone stopwatch works great!) and then will post times on the shared spreadsheet during each meet period (a 5-day window). K-1st run .25 miles, 2-3rd run .5 miles, 4th and 5th run 1 mile, 6th-8th run 1.5 miles. There will also be a 2 mile category open to all grades should those feet keep moving. Each participant will get a t-shirt from CYO for participating and the enrollment fee will just be $15 (to cover the shirt)! There are four meets from Sept 15th to October 11th. Meet #1 is Sept 15th to 20th so jog (or run!) on over to the link below!

Awards from CYO
  1. The largest teams based on participation.
  2. The largest teams as a percentage compared to the enrollment at their associated school.
  3. Spirit award to the most creative teams, posting on social media, and celebrating the participation of the athletes and families – using #CYOteam20 (The use of the hashtag will help CYO track the engagement on social media).

Let's Enroll Bulldogs!
Loop The Lupe
Thank you to those who made our first "virtual" race a success. Check out participant's videos here including the VIDEO from our own OLG Parish Staff! We are OLG Strong!

Family Faith Formation “Open House” 
Saturday, September 20, 9:00-9:50 am by Zoom 
Families with children ages preschool through 6th grade are encouraged to participate.  Learn more about our upcoming programs for children and families, with a particular focus on nurturing faith in our homes. More Information and Registration
First Reconciliation/Communion Information Meeting
Saturday, September 26, 10:00-11:00 am by Zoom
Children who attended Sac Prep Year One classes last year or were in 1st Grade at our school will participate with their parents/guardians in this year’s program in preparation for both sacraments. More information and Registration
Youth Confirmation Information Meeting 
Tuesday, September 22 or 29, 6:30-7:30 pm by Zoom
If you are an 8th grader through high school and have not been confirmed, you are invited to attend an information meeting on either night. Parents/guardians and youth are asked to participate together. More Information and Registration
Are You An Adult Who is Considering Becoming Catholic?
You are invited to participate in a process of initiation and formation into the Catholic community of faith. A new Inquiry Group begins on Wednesday, October 7th, 6:30-8:00 pm by Zoom. Contact Helen for more information and registration

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for Us!

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