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NEWSLETTER - Volume 1 - Issue 2 - October 25, 2018
Our Mission: To provide, with reverence, practical karmic astrological information to help our readers with significant life issues concerning relationships, work, and personal/spiritual growth.   We encourage you to send your stories and/or questions to:
Please join me in sending healing thoughts and energy to our friends and animals in
South and North Carolina. I am using sage green as I send energy to them because it represents Taurus energy. This will aid them in the rebuilding process. May God, and their Souls, bless them. ~ Linda Brady
Photograph by Darlene Elkins
Uranus in Taurus by Linda Brady
As a gateway to the Age of Aquarius,
Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and the Age of Aquarius. Since it takes Uranus about 84 years to go around the Sun, the average individual will only experience one Uranus return. Uranus is the first of the trans-personal planets, which means it affects the collective as well as the individual. Uranus is associated with sudden unexpected changes and events. It is an "awakener" and symbolizes the urge to experience freedom, intuition, individuation, originality and independence. It is a “personal hurricane” rushing through our lives, taking down whatever structures have outlived their usefulness. Surprise is also linked to Uranus. It is the planet that represents shock and whatever is shocking to us. Uranus is often the only thing that shakes and breaks our chains. It is typical of the cycle to show us we never knew how trapped we were until we realize what freedom actually feels like. Uranus is always connected to the mind of God, from whence all creative invention comes. As intuitive connections are made with God, change occurs for the individual and for the world. Each generation will break with the traditions of the generation before it and take on the unique energy of its particular Uranus. It is the energy that generates opportunities to create freedom and independence. Through Uranus we will recognize the previously held beliefs that have enslaved us. Uranus will also provide the intuition and clarity necessary to hear the voice of God, reminding us of the blessings we would be wise to hold onto. Learn more about your personal Uranus by reading Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for a New Age by Linda and Michael Brady .

In Taurus: 5/15/2018 - 11/6/2018
Retrogrades in Aries: 11/7/2018 - 3/5/2019
Taurus represents the body. As an earth sign, it is the filter of sensations – touching, hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting. It symbolizes the mutual relationship that exists between matter and spirit. Throughout history there have been many myths telling of a God being born of an earth mother. In Christianity, Jesus was born of Mary. His God-like spirit came through an earthly woman – spirit through matter. Taurus knows that its desires need to be fulfilled from the material world. Taurus therefore, represents an idea's need for physical form. With the form of an idea recognized, it can be created. Taurus then provides the strength, determination and stability necessary to support and manifest that idea.  

Uranus in Taurus wants us to create practical, daily practices that lead to freedom, creativity, individuation and serenity. The following bullet points may help:
  • enjoy life’s simple and physical gifts of good food through smell and taste
  • enjoy activities that put us in touch with nature and our bodies
  • take time to cultivate patience
  • be connected to the joys of the present
  • reorient our relationship with money and possessions
  • discover what truly makes us happy and feel fulfilled
  • create new ways of increasing income or earning power
  • concentrate on beautifying and pampering home, garden, and…self
  • heighten awareness of personal needs and wants
  • heighten awareness of values
  • unclutter home
  • lean on what’s really valued, discard rest
Churchill said if we do not understand history, we are bound to repeat it. By drawing on the past, we can understand our present and prepare for our future. Unlike mainstream time, astrology time is circular, not linear. Astrologers know history repeats itself. It’s been about 84 years since we saw Uranus in Taurus, the sign of the bull. Take a look at what was going on 84 years ago. Let us know what you find @!
TO MY READERS WITH PLANETS IN THE SIGN OF SCORPIO, ESPECIALLY NEPTUNE IN SCORPIO —This time we’re in is a great opportunity to transform any Scorpio beliefs that have caused you to feel frightened, extreme, controlled, critical and self -destructive. Scorpio’s intense feelings often have no end and are challenged to know how much (emotion) is enough. Taurus, its polar opposite, gives Scorpio a floor to stop the emotional decline. I welcome any comments you may have on how Scorpio has impacted your beliefs and/or emotions. (See the chapter on Neptune in our book… Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for a New Age to determine if you have Neptune in Scorpio.) ~ Linda Brady
On My Michael Brady
Photograph entitled "Transition" by Darlene Elkins
Conflict...Golly, there’s a lot of conflict in our world today. Just turn on the news for 20 minutes, then watch and listen. How do you feel after you watch? My first reaction is mental confusion. I then switch back and forth between the two warring news worlds. I watch CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC. Logically, either side seems to make a “good case.” It is apparent that they (the news networks) are in an adversarial conflict. It’s either this or that, us or them. There seems to be more opinion rather than reporting. Reporting is defined as relaying the facts about: who, what, where, when and how of an incident. The “why” covers opinion. There’s an awful lot of opinions lying around these days. So getting back to “how do you feel after listening to the news?," I feel frustrated. Frustrated is part of the 5 word model of emotions…mad, glad, sad, scared and ashamed. Sometimes I feel damned frustrated (really mad!). And then I say to myself, what if the world is unfolding…more or less…as it should? Did you know that conflict can be either destructive or constructive? In other words, conflict can lead to a negative outcome or a positive outcome. Adversarial conflict is characterized by extreme outcomes, that is…all or nothing. This constitutes destructive conflict. I get all the goodies, you get none. Constructive conflict is characterized by a win/win outcome. I get more than half the goodies, you get what is left over (i.e. out of 10 somethings, I get 6 and you get 4). There’s this “neat” little strategy in the emerging field of conflict theory. It is designed to produce optimal cooperation in groups. It only has two rules of play for interaction. The first rule is: when in play, always respond to the last move…”tit for tat.” The second rule is: whenever there is a break or free space in play, always re-engage by offering a win-win move. The observation of people interacting in relational games, using this strategy was and is...when a cohesive sub-group of around 20% of the population used these rules of play, the whole population rapidly adopted it. And cooperation was optimized. Okay, so back to the real world. When you feel torn between two sides, when you think things are going to “hell in a hand basket”…look for the people or groups offering win/win choices or scenarios amidst all the chaos, in free spaces, or after a heated exchange. Those people or groups are fostering the eventual win/win outcomes…for everyone. Maybe destructive conflict leads to conflict. Constructive conflict leads to cooperation. Cooperation leads to win/win. We do not live in the end of times, the end of the world. We live in a time of great transition, great maturation. Maybe we are in the throws of growing up. Have faith, be optimistic, do what you can to foster cooperation.
As the Water Rises
by Monica Cavell
Raindrops in rhythmic trickles
Start methodically as music
But in its relentlessness
Incessant in its arrogance
The rain drowns the melody and
There is too much water
The ground cannot hold it
It wears away under the pressure
To be more than it is
To open itself up
To receive more than it can hold
As the water rises the ground remains level
And we begin to feel small
Seeing ourselves less than the world around us
We are forced to let go of everything that moves too slow
Release anything that softens under the drench of falling water
While our palms still ache for substance and strength
Yearning for something worth hanging onto
We face the truth
That in this apocalyptic rain
Nothing external can save us
But it’s the fear that overtakes
It fills the lungs
It bloats the body and floods our senses
As the water rises we face a choice
To stand as immovable as this stubborn ground
Or find a way to rise above the rising water
There is too much water
The ground around cannot hold it
But as the water rises
The light of truth reveals
That the inner ground is immense
And contains the full worth of our being
Within the expanse of our underground
Contains the vault of our valuables
Self belief releases to the surface
Everything we need to transcend the rising water
And lift ourselves to a higher platform worthy of our being
Raindrops come and go
Methodically as music
And when the downpour begins
The inner ground remains stable
From the depth of our authenticity
A melody rises to the surface
Above and beyond any arrogance
It sings a new landscape crafted from pressure
Able to be more
To open itself up and
Thrive in any form of weather
Photograph below of Linda and Michael's dog named Darlene Elkins
The following question led me to my Serendipity story... how can a tragedy be Serendipitous? . I have been paranoid my entire life that one of my pets would die in a terrible accident. Then on a snowy day in northern Vermont, the car Michael was driving spun out of control on Interstate Route 91 going 70 miles per hour. I believed we were going to die. My little 12 pound Shih Tu was in the front seat, on my lap. I knew he would be a loose cannon in the car. I took off my seat belt and covered him with my body as the car hit the embankment heading for trees. I heard a voice whispering, “You are doing what you always feared you would not do- protect your pet even if it meant your death.” I was so happy. Ti was going to live. We hit the trees, totaled the car and walked away unhurt. My deep, karmic fear began to dissipate that day. What a wonderful Serendipitous gift! ~ Linda
Contributed by Karen Krull
Photographs by Darlene Elkins

Q&A with Linda Brady
Thanks to everyone who sent in a question. I'll answer more in our next edition. ~ Linda Brady
QUESTION: I am thirty years old and have Saturn in Capricorn. I see from your book that I had Saturn in Capricorn when I was born. That is my Saturn return, right? I have been having reoccurring dreams for the last few months. They all have a German man who is threatening me with pain. Please help me figure this out. C.K.

ANSWER: Yes, you are in your first Saturn return which helps you understand your male shadow for the first time as an adult. The German man is a clear symbol of Capricorn (since Germany is ruled by Capricorn). I believe he stands for your male side and who you have been in past lives. So something about a past life in Germany is causing you pain in this life. It also symbolizes actual men in this life which you have attracted to give you insights into your karmic male side. Healing relationships in this life, especially forgiving those who have caused you pain, will help you figure out your karmic past.

QUESTION: My husband, an Aquarian, flies a lot for work and has developed a fear of flying. HELP! L.S.

ANSWER: The planet Mars has been in the sign of Aquarius for months. Aquarius rules aviation and Mars rules karmic conflict and how we have been in warlike situations in past lives. Because of the conjunction between Mars and your husband’s Sun he could be remembering another life when he was an aviator and crashed. I believe we cannot be afraid of something unless we have experienced it. His fear is old and contaminated and he could be at the age when he had the accident. I would recommend past life therapy for him to see for himself what happened, so he can release his current life fear. 
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