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NEWSLETTER - Volume 1 - Issue 3 - November 26, 2018
Our Mission: To provide, with reverence, practical karmic astrological information to help our readers with significant life issues concerning relationships, work, and personal/spiritual growth.  We encourage you to send your stories and/or questions to:
  1. Turkeys DO Fly by Linda Brady
  2. Chiron in Aries by Linda Brady
  3. Uranus in Aries by Linda Brady
  5. An Answer to Linda's Challenge
  6. On My Mind by Michael Brady
  7. Wouldn't It Be Nice - Poem by Monica Cavell
  8. Q & A by Linda Brady
  9. Inspiration Circle by Karen Krull
  10. Suzanne Murray Promo
Turkeys DO Fly!
A few years ago when I lived in Jay, Vermont my inner child "Lynnie" and I were talking about how her old Pisces beliefs were keeping us from being as prosperous as we could be. She did not want me to charge anyone for my work. Her deep belief was that money was not important. She really did not understand when I told her that we needed money for her to have her treasured cupcakes and to buy food for her beloved dogs. Money would only come if I charged for my work. She was really struggling. As we were talking about this, I looked out of my living room window and saw five large turkeys flying over my deck. I was always told turkeys did not fly. But there they were, flying. Lynnie and I were very excited. She was happy because she loves all creatures of the earth and I was happy because I knew they had been sent to us by God and my Soul. I ran to Animal Speak , the wonderful book by Ted Andrews, and looked up turkeys. He wrote..."turkeys are the earth eagle, symbolic of all the blessings that the earth can provide. Their cycle of power is autumn. They represent bounty." I told her we were given a gift by God and He wanted us to have good things in our life. If God sent the turkeys and they were telling us it was okay to have money, she was okay with it. I was thrilled. The turkeys accomplished their mission. We have now incorporated them into our Thanksgiving celebration. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of you, and may you too be blessed by the symbol of the turkey.
Chiron in Aries

Chiron entered the sign of Aries on April 17, 2018. Chiron is a large comet which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Astrologically, Chiron symbolizes the “Wounded Healer,” showing us the area in our chart where we remember being deeply wounded.  The wound is karmic and that emotional pain occurs not only in the past, but also in our current life.  We chose the family, situations and the soul contracts that bring this pain to the surface.  That wound continues throughout our lives until we finally seek relief and heal. 

I believe Chiron’s journey began with the Age of Pisces and is therefore symbolized by 2000 years worth of wounded healers, victims and sacrifice. We have lived for 2000 years under the cosmic umbrella of Piscean martyrdom, extremism and a child-like need to be taken care of.  We are in the Age of Aquarius now and it is time to create the changes needed to achieve our Soul’s mission and live a spiritually rewarding life. Real change is not only possible, it is our birth right.  The “Wounded Healer” within us, when made conscious, can transform into the “Sacred Healer/Teacher,” and through our own intense experiences, we will seek to help others. Chiron in Aries is afraid to take actions that involve possible risk, or that is personally viewed as impetuous and impulsive. Being afraid that others may think you are proud of your accomplishments makes it hard for you to claim your excellence.  You may feel insecure and lack confidence in your abilities to lead others. New, innovative ideas make you feel nervous. You may have difficulty acknowledging your anger. Healing begins when you take small actions and pay attention to the outcomes which will most likely be positive.  Soon you begin to take larger risks and relish your more assertive self.  You learn to take pride in yourself and honor your individuality.  You begin to claim your physical body and become active in ways to make it strong and agile.  You learn to access your anger and find creative ways to release it, making you healthier and less accident prone. You aid others in becoming their assertive, adventurous, active selves.

On September 25 th , 2018 Chiron retrograded from Aries into the sign of Pisces and will be there until next February. Once again we are in a time to review, reflect and resolve what was occurring during the seven years of the Chiron in Pisces transit. Please review the Prologue in our book, Discovering Your Soul Mission- New Rules For a New Age to help you navigate these next few months.
Photograph by Darlene Elkins
Uranus in Aries...
Review, Reflect and Resolve

On November 7 th , 2018 Uranus left the sign of Taurus to retrograde back into the sign of Aries. During the seven years of Uranus in Aries (from March 13 th , 2011 to November 7 th , 2018) much was learned and experienced. Uranus is our urge to manifest unique creativity through freedom of action and a strong need for spontaneity. Impatience and restlessness will occur without it. Excitement and adventure are essential.

This seven year journey of Uranus in Aries gave us a giant leap into the Age of Aquarius by providing us with the desire to embrace the pioneer spirit, find our independent, confident and integrated male and female selves and claim our divine inner triangle of mind, body and Soul. With Uranus in Aries, the Universe’s voice will encourage and inspire you to become more confident, self-aware, self-contained, assertive, and action oriented. You may experience a deep urge to be uniquely creative and inventive.

Uranus in Aries represents will, assertion and our need for action. It stimulates us, warms, excites and cheers. It provides quick energy, counteracts feeling depressed, encourages constructive anger and increases physical strength. It symbolizes the spiritual warrior and promotes the pioneer spirit in all of us. Through this energy you will find your independent, confident, male side and be free to take the actions that inspire you.

Your personal hurricane might cause accidents that are caused by repressed anger, recklessness and impulsivity. This encourages you to take conscious actions that lead to more spontaneity and freedom. You need to find creative, innovative ways to finish your projects.

Until March 6 th , 2019, during the retrograde, we all will have an opportunity to review, reflect and resolve what we did not finish during those seven years. How wondrous it is to do a cosmic Mulligan – a do-over - to complete our Uranus in Aries experience.
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My sincere thanks to Jan B. for responding to my research what was going on 84 years ago. She wrote, “On August 19, 1934 in Pre-World War II Germany Adolf Hitler becomes Fuehrer. In Russia Stalin began his massacres and in China Mao Tse-Tug spread the communist doctrine. At this time in history, the rising leaders used people’s fears and prejudices to rally support and create a scapegoat for the world’s problems. She wrote “sounds all too much like what is happening now on many levels.”

Remembering astrologers believe all history is circular and not linear, what do you think about the similarities between 1934 and now?
On My Mind
I believe a daily meditation of twenty minutes, a half hour, forty-five minutes, or an the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

We were born in the Age of Pisces and have spent many years with one foot in Pisces and one in Aquarius; however, since Saturn joined Pluto in Capricorn on December 19 th in 2017, the Age of Pisces is formally over and we are in the Age of Aquarius for the duration of our lifetime. Now we must have both feet fully in it. I believe if we aren’t maturing into the Age of Aquarius, we are struggling to hold on to the values and issues of the Age of Pisces. It is time for us all to be completely done with Pisces issues and use our energy to explore Aquarian themes and manifest that energy into our physical, mental and spiritual life. 

Saturn’s transit through Capricorn, then Aquarius, ends March 21, 2020. Saturn then retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 7, 2020 to December 17, 2020. After that, it will be direct in Aquarius. So, between now and December of 2020, we are being called on/or pushed to review, restructure and transform our deep unconscious, sub-conscious beliefs, emotions and values. In other words, it’s time to let go of 2000 years of our Age of Pisces learning. 

The goal of meditation during the Age of Pisces was to disconnect from the earth plane while in our bodies. I learned to meditate in 1976 and practiced that form of meditation for years; however, in the past year I’ve adopted daily meditation in a different form. I’m shifting to a focus of just being. And while it’s a challenge for most of us to stay focused for more than 20-30 seconds, I’ve been able to tune into myself more and build my ability to stay focused and present to: my body, my sensations, my emotions, my conscious rambling thoughts, and whatever is happening within me moment to moment. 

In the first phase I internally declare this mantra while breathing deeply…”here is just here; now is just now; I…am…here…now.” And I pay attention to the calm inside. 

In the second phase I choose body issues, or an emotional issue, or a problematic mind set on which to stay focused. I say, “what if my life is unfolding, more or less, as it should?” This always calms me. The “more or less” part gives me a chuckle. For example: I focus, breathe, and keep my blood pressure in mind as I say: “I am healed, restored, loved, transformed and am manifesting a BP of 130/85, with a pulse of 80.” I’m beginning to see real impact on my body with this approach. Note: within the past year, my BP has been creeping towards problematic numbers. I began to meditate focused on that and therefore am treating the issue with the natural remedies of light therapy and, wait for it…meditation. On January 15, 2018 my blood pressure was 156/98 with a pulse of 83. This past week I got a reading of 134/76 with a pulse of 82. That is an acceptable BP for me at age 67 and I’m not taking any medications! Yea!!!

In the third phase I alternatively focus on letting go of the outcome. Some days I spend most of the hour focusing on simply breathing in, and breathing out. It’s an hour of doing nothing

Interested in giving it a try? Try meditating everyday for a month. Try my way, or experiment with your own approach, as you go. I’d love to get your feedback or questions. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Wouldn’t it be nice if
I could fly
stand in my backyard
gently lift myself up over the trees
into the blue
through the clouds
and into the blue above that
What If I could
walk on water
stand on the beach edge
step on the white foam and keep going
tiptoeing, until I reach the horizon
What if I could
take a nap on a cloud
feel the soft breeze of the atmosphere
6,500 feet above the ground
feel it blow across my face and around my ears
What If I could
visit the stars in the sky on a weekend
stand on my front lawn at night
point towards a twinkling light
and transport myself slow and pleasant
into the warmth of a star’s heart
Wouldn’t it be nice if
I could fly

Photograph by Darlene Elkins
Here is a link to listen to the full version read by Monica:
Inspiration Point...
Linda and Michael Brady's book: Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for a New Age is available on Amazon and Kindle.
Q&A with Linda Brady
Thanks to everyone who submitted a question. I'll answer more in our next issue. ~Linda Brady

I have a Taurus Sun in the 10 th House. I got scared when I read your article about what Uranus in Taurus could do during the next 8 years. Will I lose my job? Thanks, Terri

Uranus in Taurus does create changes but only to structures that are keeping you stuck. Do you love your job? Is it a vehicle for you to do your Soul’s mission? If the answers are yes, you have nothing to worry about. If the answer is no, then you might want to decide what work you would value more and begin to make the changes for yourself.

I have a business coach who is a 96 year old mentor. He has helped me with major business strategy questions. He gave me an assignment to help me identify my work team under new criteria……are they “givers” or “takers?” I thought that was an odd question when I first started being coached by him. However, recently I came to observe the people I have around me and clearly identified them as Givers or Takers. Do you have any karmic astrological information based on this criteria? Thanks, Jill
That is an interesting question, Jill. I have a variety of answers. In an astrological chart, the 5 th House represents how we give love, the 11 th House is how we receive it. One could look to an individual’s 5 th or 11th House to determine which is dominant. However, I believe the answer is much more complicated by karmic relationships of either obligation or conflict. If I have a relationship with someone that I feel obligated to, I would probably be classified as a GIVER to create karmic balance from the past. And if I am owed something from a past life, I would be a seen as a TAKER. So I think it depends on the soul contract that has been entered into by two people. I guess I would be reluctant to classify a person as either a GIVER or a TAKER.
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