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NEWSLETTER - Volume 1 - Issue 4 - December 22, 2018
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  1. The Three Wise Holiday Pieces by Linda Brady
  2. Holiday Gift Ideas
  3. Our Great Awakening by Linda Brady
  4. On My Mind by Michael Brady
  5. Inspiration Circle by Karen Krull
  6. Suzanne Murray Promo
Three Wise Holiday Pieces by Linda Brady
Have a Blessed Christmas
This blessed Christmas season I will be honoring Mary, the Mother of Jesus, in a richer and more personal manner. She is the symbol of the divine feminine that becomes the divine Mother to the sacred child. Mary is the physical embodiment of the sanctity of earth through which spirit will manifest. She joins with many other archetypes of the Great Mother – Eve, Demeter, and Isis to name a few. In each case the Great Mother became the manifestation of the divine feminine principle that gave birth to a God force that she loved and nurtured. As with all archetypes that we collectively create; this divine feminine principle is within us all, male and female. We too have physical bodies which are connected to the sacred earth. We too have the divine force that is giving birth to acts of love and generosity. We are the divine feminine integrating our spirit and soul as we journey on the sacred earth.

A Christmas Meditation
“Welcome to you Divine Mother of the Divine Son, and Goddess of the Harvest to your sacred earth as Saturn continues its journey through your constellation. It is through you that the intentional uniting of spirit and matter occurs. Through this marriage we are witnessing divinity planting its earthly seed. The results are sacred form and ultimately the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is through you that we become vessels of sacred service. It is through your connection to the sacred earth that we more clearly understand the mind, body and spirit aspects of the holistic Age of Aquarius.”
A Joyful Winter Solstice

Many of you celebrate the traditional winter holidays of Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza. I celebrate the Winter Solstice and Christmas. To me they are basically the same. Both holidays represent the time of the year that the Sun, or Son, returns…December 21 st . December 21 st is the longest night of the year with the promise that the next nights will be shorter. The Sun returns for longer periods of time. Ancient man knew this. They would light bonfires that they hoped would attract more Sun light for the next day. It worked every year so they continued it every year, I believe that Jesus was not actually born on December 25. Early Christians used that date because it was close to the honored Winter Solstice. The inherent symbology was the same. The Sun would return each year at this time. Christmas lights and Winter Solstice bonfires heralded the return of the Sun. No matter what you celebrate, I hope the sacred light of this season burns deep within you and brings you joy, optimism and a hopeful view of next year .
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Years ago I was window shopping near my Presidio home in San Francisco. I walked by a book store window featuring a book called The World of Serendipity by Marcus Bach. I remember being curious about the word “Serendipity,” but not curious enough to go into the store and purchase the book! Fifteen years later, one of my students gave me that book and it literally changed my life. It touched my Sagittarian core, the part of me that is indefatigably, blithely optimistic. The ideas in this book touched my inner child, who has contained my deep faith in God, my soul and the Universe. This book gave me a sense of serenity that I had always known could be the foundation for my life. It put words to my natural philosophy. Read more...
On My Mind by Michael Brady
God Get Me through Christmas…In One Piece!
Have you noticed there seems to be more crazy drivers on the road than ever? Recently, Linda and I had an experience while driving on an Interstate Highway. Linda was driving and we were in the left lane going approximately 70mph (within the speed limit). Suddenly, the car in front of us came to a complete stop! This caused Linda, and the two cars behind us, to brake really hard in order to stop.  Read more. ..

by Karen Krull

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~ Suzanne Bellavista Murray, MS, Life Coach & Karmic Astrologer
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