NEWSLETTER - Volume 2 - Issue 2 - February 18, 2019
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by Linda Brady
Photograph by Darlene Elkins

I know Mercury is retrograding, I just don't know what that means. Please help. I am a Gemini and know Mercury rules my Sun sign. I get nervous when there is a retrograde.

Mercury has been retrograding since March 6 and will be going direct on March 29. I believe that a retrograde provides us an opportunity to create a do-over, or a Mulligan if we play golf. I call it the 3 R’s – review, reflect and resolve. We have a chance to go back over the same road we have traveled for the last three weeks. The challenges occur when we need to be reviewing past events and have to deal with current life circumstances. We can lose our focus and become distracted especially in the areas of life that Mercury represents – technology, communications and transportation. Being aware and conscious of our relationships and environment is a good idea. We may know about the retrograde but others may not. This retrograde is in the sign of Pisces which is all about emotional sensitivity and automatic desires to take care of others before yourself. I would advise reading my prologue in Discovering Your Soul Mission; New Rules for A New Age now available on Kindle. We all need to review, reflect and resolve the last 2,000 years of the Age of Pisces too!
Uranus in Taurus and Chiron in Aries
by Linda Brady
Photograph by Darlene Elkins
Green=Taurus; Red=Aries

March 7th was a very busy day, astrologically. In addition to the start of a retrograding Mercury, Uranus transited back into Taurus and Chiron journeyed into Aries. Let’s explore Uranus in Taurus first. I believe Uranus is the voice of God coming to us through insight and inspiration. With Uranus in Taurus, this voice will encourage, inspire and awaken us to become more self-valued with a strong connection to our intrinsic self-worth and talents. Our urge to be creative is expressed through practical realities. Our love of the earth could manifest through innovations in cooking and creating usable art such as pottery. We could also have a unique, inventive approach to financial matters in the banking and investment fields as well as real estate. Carl Jung posited that we respond to our environment through four different filters: intellect, intuition, emotion and sensation. Taurus is an earth sign and therefore rules our filter of sensation. Our body is of the earth and responds to its environment through the senses of: hearing, sight, smelling, taste, and touch. Spiritually, the sign of Taurus symbolizes the mutual relationship that exists between matter and spirit. In Christianity…Jesus, the Son of God, was born of an earthly Mother. His God-like spirit manifested though his earthly Mother, Mary. Taurus also represents an idea’s need for physical form.

Now let’s look at Chiron in Aries. Chiron in Aries creates a deep fear that taking action could involve possible risk or a belief that the action is personally iimpetuous and impulsive. We can be afraid that others will think we are too proud of our accomplishments and we see that as dangerous. It makes it hard for us to claim our excellence.  We may feel insecure and lack confidence in our abilities to lead others.   New and/or innovative ideas make us feel nervous. We could have difficulty acknowledging our anger for fear it will cause us harm.

This astrological time can create healing by encouraging us to take small actions and paying attention to the outcomes which will most likely be positive.  Soon we feel encouraged to take larger risks and relish our more assertive self.  We will learn to take pride in ourselves and honor our individuality. We will claim our physical body and become active in ways that will make it strong and agile.  We will learn to access our anger and find creative ways to release it, making us healthier and less accident prone.  We will aid others in becoming their assertive, adventurous, active self. For more information about Chiron, please refer to Discovering Your Soul Mission – New Rules for a New Age by Linda and Michael Brady.
On My Mind
Everything You Need to Know About Sadness
by Michael Brady

Have you ever known someone who was feeling sad and at the same time was optimistic? Have you ever known someone who was optimistic and sad at the same time? see? They don’t go together. That’s because sadness is a feeling that goes with the future. Imagine yourself going forward as you look back, behind yourself. It would be easy to trip over something, perhaps fall down and hurt yourself. This could just affirm that whatever you were feeling sad about in the past (behind you) is going to continue to happen as you go forward. Over time, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of doom and gloom.

Prolonged sadness is always associated with statements (beliefs) about the past in which we “think” we made a mistake or did something unforgivable. Then we distort shame into guilt. Hmmm…sadness and guilt occurring together, sounds like depression to me. Maybe I need an antidepressant. That’s one version of reality. Let’s look at another version of reality.

Put your dominant hand on your heart. Now move it over to the center of your chest. Your hand is now on or in your heart center or heart chakra. A chakra is a point in the 3 rd layer of subtle energy fields (energy bodies) that permeate and envelope the physical body (the one you can see!). Our emotions are generated from our emotional energy body and controlled by the heart chakra.  The heart and heart chakra is a rational process of our experience. Emotions are the language our heart centers use to process (think) about our experiences. Your heart is where your feel sad isn’t it? You feel sad when your experience losing someone or losing connection with someone. People die and we lose them. People leave us and we feel disconnected from them. We feel sad at these times. We can also feel sad about “past experiences.” We can regret past events with people. We can regret actions we took or failed to take. If we add thoughts (from our head) that judge or blame, criticize or condemn ourselves…we end up depressed again.

With your hand on your heart, take 3 deep breaths. Think of some old sadness. Take 3 more deep breaths. Connect to that person and realize that sadness is always associated with loving someone. I believe God gave us sadness to alert us to do something. That something is to review how we loved that person who came to mend (even if it’s ourselves). Sadness is supposed to mark the completion of a round of love with someone. We are supposed to review and resolve and renew ourselves in the exercise of loving while we are here. Feeling sad in the service of learning how to do a better job on the next round or with the next person is designed to be a short intense experience. When we do it that way, our sadness resolves in hours to days, not months to years. And when that sadness dissipates, our heart expands and our heart center fills with a sense of joy...a literal sensation of expansive joy. And when we’re ready and interested in engaging with whoever shows up next…golly, that sounds optimistic, doesn’t it?

Maybe we’re here to learn how to love each other better as we go. Give yourself the opportunity to think of someone or something you still feel sad about…every day for the next two weeks. Put your hand on your heart and breathe, review, resolve, renew yourself about that person or experience. Really let go of any old and sticky thoughts or feelings. Anticipate and long for the feeling of joy and expansion. Wait for it, it’ll come. Sometimes all we need is a good day.
Photograph by Darlene Elkins
by Karen Krull 
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