NEWSLETTER - Volume 2 - Issue 4 - April 23, 2019
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In the last five years we released the Souls of Tara our Collie and Ti our Shih Tzu. We are blessed and overjoyed to announce their Tiara. She is a combination of a Shih Tzu and Bichon and weighs in at approximately five pounds worth of soft fuzzy fur. Her chart includes a strong axis of Capricorn and Cancer. She's an absolute snuggle bunny and quite stubborn about moving when you want her to do something different than what she's already happily doing. It was love, and rekindled spirit, at first sight!

Having this blessed soul in our presence reminded me of the book I was honored to co-author with Janey C. McCarthy and Marty Humpheys... NO MORE GOODBYES. We wrote it to celebrate our relationships with our Soul animals. In the process I learned about Arabeth, a guide to animals on the other side. It was her responsibility to unwaveringly oversee the performance of a binding agreement between people and their pets. Articles #1 – 7 address some of life’s most meaningful lessons learned from this agreement.

Article 1: To love all living beings unconditionally and with a full heart.

Article 2: To honor and experience the full expression of our emotions, so we can:
  • Remember that pain creates understanding;
  • Learn how to transmute fear into love;
  • Share our deepest emotional secrets and not be judged;
  • Share our emotions with others to support them in their time of grief and pain.
Article 3: To remember the mysteries of the other side, so we can:
  • Understand that the short life spans of pets help us experience;
  • Comprehend the transformational cycle of life and death;
  • Understand the process of soul creation;
  • Understand the philosophy of reincarnation;
  • Learn about soul contracts and the need to honor them.
Article 4: To welcome our spiritual guides into our life.
Article 5: To live without criticism and judgment.
Article 6: To learn to relate to people with trust and vulnerability.
Article 7: To learn true perfection through serendipity so we may celebrate and honor life in every precious moment.
Q&A with Linda Brady
This last retrograde was a nightmare. I can handle communication challenges and even computer glitches and an occasional car repair. I did not expect the constant self judgement and criticism and how obsessed I was with finding what was wrong with me.

I really know how you feel. I hope my article below sheds some light on your “nightmare” experience. Imagine 2,000 years of living those beliefs.
Beautiful caterpillar creeps on big green leaf. Caterpillar of the Old World Swallowtail  butterfly of the family Papilionidae. The butterfly is also known as the common yellow swallowtail
The Lesson of the Caterpillar
by Linda Brady

I was a bit intellectually clinical when I wrote about Mercury retrograding in Pisces in our March newsletter.  I did not fully expect the emotional depths we would need to navigate during the three week period from March 6 to March 29. I remember one night I was unable to sleep because I was obsessed with every emotional misstep I experienced over my life. Of course, my filter was very Piscean. I thought about those situations and felt…I was wrong, it was all my fault, I hurt people and they would never forgive me. It was very extreme thinking and feeling! It took me a while, but I was finally able to follow my own advice. For every experience that caused me emotional pain, I found a third option to mitigate it. Fast forward to time with my clients and I found myself reminding them of the CREATIVE THIRD OPTION in extreme circumstances! Many of them were feeling caught in that extreme trap too.

The retrograde showed us how the Age of Pisces has brain washed us to believe in extremes – heaven/hell, good/evil, right/wrong, perfect/inadequate and so on. We live this belief every day. Think about how often you say the words always or never and pay attention to your body’s emotional reactions when you do. I bet you are feeling more stressed (scared) or irritable (mad). Now think about being more creative by using different words that symbolize a THIRD OPTION. Now review how often you get lost in Pisces extremes beyond mere words. I guarantee you will be more serene and comfortable when THIRD OPTIONS become your new belief.

A few days ago I walked by our car and saw a caterpillar slowly meandering down the car’s hood. I got scared that he would fall off the car and die. I decided to save it by putting it on a leaf and lowering it to the grass. On its way down it fell off the leaf and toppled to the road. It did not move. I had killed the little guy. There was a time when I would have felt guilty for hours. I listened to my Soul whispering “Find the third option, Linda.” So, I googled the symbolism of caterpillar and found that caterpillar often played dead when threatened. I waited praying that he would move. Ten minutes later he moved onto the leaf that should have been his parachute to safety. I was then able to reread the caterpillar symbolism and was amazed that it represents patient transformation! Nothing extreme about that.

For more Pisces beliefs that need transforming I would advise reading my prologue in Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for A New Age now available on Kindle. We all need to review, reflect and resolve the last 2,000 years of the Age of Pisces too!
On My Mind
by Michael Brady

***A note from the the March Newsletter, the last sentence of Michael's article read "have a nice day." It should have read "have a nice cry!"

Going Through the Files - An Introduction to My Article

When we moved this last month it required sorting through our stuff and weeding out what is no longer needed. Going through a file cabinet, (yes, we still own one but in our defense it is just a 2 drawer!), Linda came upon an article I wrote some years ago describing the Jungian model of growth and change.

I was more of an egg head back then. The article is a little academic (ah youth) but it's still worth a read, worth review. So I offer it up again for your perusal.
POEM and Prelude
by Carol Thigpen

I was dealing with a long standing health issue for one of my horses after he had a major fall. I pretty much dealt with why this happened and what I needed to learn from the experience....yada, yada, yada. Still, there was so much uncertainty as to the outcome. Would he be ok? Would we ride again? Would I feel safe? So much uncertainty. I hate uncertainty and as a result I worried. Then I remembered Linda Brady said, “emotions trump thoughts, every time." So I decided to go into the emotion. When I felt the worry mounting, I would go into the emotion behind it. I would acknowledge the emotion driving the worry and see where that took me. It took me to another level and another perspective. I learned to embrace uncertainty instead of dreading it. That’s what helped me...turn the corner.

Turn the Corner

I am looking at each day
  as a new adventure.
Not a repeat of yesterday.
But a new day with its own
 awarenesses and challenges.
I’m going to embrace each day.
See what each day brings.
Get out of the repetitive rut
 (which can feel very secure
   and stable) – until it isn’t –
and look forward to
 all the new stuff.
I like this. It makes each day exciting,
 like a voyage
that is just around the corner.
by Karen Krull 
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