NEWSLETTER - Volume 2 - Issue 5 - May 23, 2019
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Linda will be leading a teleconference call on July 16 th from 7-9 PM EDT to assist you in preparing for when Saturn and Pluto go direct. On that day there will also be a full moon in Capricorn and a moon Pluto conjunction. It will provide us the EMOTIONAL understanding of this important astrological event. We will use this energy to review answers to the questions I reference in my article below.

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Saturn and Pluto Retrograding = Powerful Changes
by Linda Brady

For the first time in 500 years the planets Saturn and Pluto will come together in Capricorn to create powerful changes in our lives and in the world. The planet Pluto is creating the transitional changes necessary to help us develop the attitudes and beliefs necessary for us to be fully planted in the Age of Aquarius. Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008. Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, is now conjoining Pluto. Together they are creating major shifts in old age time-honored conservative beliefs and traditions that no longer serve us. There was a time when hierarchical systems provided security and stability. There was a time that corporate bottom lines were more important than the needs of individuals. There was a time when many authority figures were an outside force that shaped our daily lives. There was a time when personal responsibility meant taking care of others and not ourselves. There was a time when God was perceived as an external force – the ultimate authority that only tended to weaken and disable our personal power. There was a time when organized religions were our only connection to God. There was a time when security was measured by our health insurance, our retirement plans and our financial bottom lines. There was a time when we unquestioningly accepted the beliefs of our families and lived our lives in their shadows.

Together Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn will help us purge these deeply entrenched beliefs. As cosmic, irresponsible children we were weighed down based on ideas and truths imposed on us before we had the intellectual power to disagree. These foundations may be shaky and will probably not withstand the earthquake rumblings of this astrological event.
Saturn and Pluto are now retrograding – Saturn on April 29 th and Pluto on April 24 th . Both are creating a consolidated energy to review, reflect and resolve some of the following questions before they go direct - Saturn on September 29 th and Pluto on October 3 rd . When planets go direct they are utilizing the insights of the retrogrades by taking actions on them.
  1. What illusions do you need to destroy to live a more successful life?
  2.  What old beliefs and/or traditions need to be changed so you can be more personally responsible.
  3.  How has your fear of change kept you from climbing your own personal mountain?
  4.  How are you able to embrace your inner Father and establish your own internal wisdom?
  5.  What tangible gains do you desire that you can accomplish using your own talents and resources?
  6.  What do you desire to be successful and do you have the persistence to achieve that success?
Five Hundred Years Ago:

  1. Cortez destroyed the Aztec Empire in search for gold.
  2. A few years later in 1532 the Spanish commander Pizarro overran the Inca Empire.
  3. Spain also began their conquest of the Mayans at this time.
  4. Martin Luther set the Reformation in motion by challenging the authority of the Catholic Church by nailing his 95 complaints to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany (a Capricorn country).
  5. Henry VIII established the Church of England, breaking with Rome in order to marry Anne Boleyn.
If we believe what Churchill said: “if we do not understand history, we are bound to repeat it,” what inferences can we glean from the last time this aspect occurred.
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On My Mind
by Michael Brady

Talking About Meditation...Again!

I am finding that meditating for one hour is importantly different from shorter periods of time. One hour gives you a half hour to: get your body relaxed, your breathing slowed and controlled, and your chakras aligned and open. It gives time to develop your concentration on the topic or focus of the day and get it well established in your mind. If you pursue doing an hour meditation it will give you 20 or 30 minutes of deep stillness where the real magic of your UNC (unconscious) mind can be utilized. So let me take you through my routine. Try it and see how it works for you. Read more to find out about Fire Breathing through the chakras...
by Carol Thigpen


Jones has been all about uncertainty
from day one

-should I even go look at him
-should I buy him
-will he be sound
-is he the one
-should I spend that much money
-why him
-then he’s sick or hurt
-will he recover
-what’s the message here
-nothing about Jones has ever been certain –
  he wrote the book on uncertainty
  and that
  is why
  he was “a gift from God”
  he is teaching me to love with
  uncertainty (ugh)

Being ok with it –
  embracing it –
  saying how it actually
  helps us grow.
  learning to accept
  and go with the flow
  no guarantees
no rule book.
no master plan.
no more “perfect”
I finally found my answer
and I know it’s true
because it touches my soul.
  my gift from God.
Feather is teaching me “to never give up.”
Jones is teaching me to “embrace uncertainty.”
by Karen Krull 

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