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2022 ALERT Conference Register Today!
We are very excited how our 2022 ALERT Annual Conference and Training Symposium is coming together! It will be held October 2nd through 6th 2022 in beautiful Charlotte North Carolina! This will be a full 4 day Conference hosted by Charlotte-Meckenburg PD and will be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Charlotte, 4800 South Tryon Street Charlotte NC. 

Track Day on Tuesday October 4th will be held at CMPD training facility. Registration for the 2022 ALERT Conference and Training Symposium is open! Click here for hotel reservations. Click here for conference registration.

 We have an exciting line up of presenters and topics planned including, Kevin Navarro, Michigan State Police, Hugh Anderson, Louis Callard, North Carolina Highway Patrol, Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD., FLETC, Vehicle Dynamics Institute, VALOR – National Policing Institute, and ALERT Board Members and Membership. 

Topics this year will include - Being a better driving instructor, Looking Beyond the Cones, legal updates, post incident critical stress management, critical decision making, modern police vehicle dynamics, Stop Stick Deployment Certification, post pursuit tactics, downed officer rescues, 2022 police vehicle testing results, (you will be the first to see the MSP testing results), an analysis of police vehicle and roadside LODD’s and many more!   

We will also have a great lineup of vendors at the hotel and track day! Registration, conference and hotel reservation information can be found at www.alertconference.org.  Don’t delay register today!!!

Our friends at Ford have put together a survey to help improve and better understand current police EVOC training vehicle usage. They have requested that ALERT International share it with as many EVOC trainers as possible in the law enforcement training community. The survey should take only a few minutes to complete. Please let me know if you have any questions. See link to the survey below.
ALERT Website
We are in the process of updating our ALERT website. We are looking for resources from our membership to share in our members only section. These resources can be course diagrams, lesson plans, best practices, EVOC lessons learned ect. that can benefit all of us!  We are also looking for ideas of what you, our membership, are looking for in a website and we are can do as an organization to better serve you as a resource! Please send ideas and suggestions to alert.president@gmail.com.
Membership Request for Information
I’ve have several different requests for information sharing.
#1 Could you put a request out to have anyone who has a “trailering” program contact me so I can compare notes to our very introductory trailering class? The training would revolve around towing trailers, weight issues, inspection, safety, et cetera. Also if they have found non-LEO programs that are good classes. Respond directly to: Michael.Rosignol@ocfl.net.  Sergeant Michael A. RosignolOrange County Sheriff's Office, 407-254-7840 407-254-7841
#2 If any agency would be willing to share their current pursuit policy.
#3 With an increase of Police Officers getting struck on the highway, does any agency specifically address ways to mitigate these types of incidents with vehicle positioning and lighting? I know TIMS addresses larger scale events involving fire departments, we are looking for information about one or two vehicle police vehicle involved incidents IE traffic stops, interdiction, disabled motorists ect, along major highways. 
#4 Has anyone’s agency seen an increase of shooting at vehicles at the end of pursuits/PIT’s? What training or techniques are being taught to mitigate officers being in vulnerable positions post pursuit/PIT?
Please email with any information you are willing to share to alert.president@gmail.com.
Z man Award

Mark Y. Zylawy, “Z-Man”, a highly regarded Portland police officer, died January 27, 2008 in a tragic and untimely accident at the age of 40. He worked as a district officer in Northeast Portland for 17 years with passion, dedication and enthusiasm throughout his career.
In memory of Mark and what he stood for in regards to Emergency Vehicle Operations Training, ALERT International has set up the ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. This award is presented on an annual basis for the best innovative idea in Police Driver Training in the past year. We give out this award at our annual conference on the last night at our banquet. Do you know of a training unit or an individual that has made an impact on EVOC? Nominate a trainer today!  We welcome your submissions at info@alertinternational.com.
Bruce Cabral Memorial Scholarship
ALERT International issues educational scholarships each year to children of ALERT Members. Applications are received between May 1st and August 1st each year. Applicants must (1) be a son/daughter whose parent has been a member of ALERT International for at least the 12 previous months (United States and Canada), (2) be a graduating senior (3) have a scholastic average of at least a B, or 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (4) plan to attend a college, university, trade or business school. Please email your application or questions to:  info@alertinternational.com  c/o Bruce Cabral Memorial Scholarship.
As many of you know we have a raffle the last night of the conference to help fund the Bruce Cabral Scholarship. In past years, we had many great items including TV’s, Yeti Coolers, knives, and many high dollar items from Cabela’s outdoors and other retailers.  So we have lots of items to raffle off, we like to have everyone attending the conference bring something from their agency to contribute to the raffle. Again it’s not too early to start gathering coins, shirts, or anything of interest to a police officer or trainer to bring to the conference.  The more items we have the more successful the raffle will be!
Social Media
Our Facebook page is constantly being updated with new information, articles, stories ect. If you haven’t already, please “Like” and follow ALERTS page. Ask all your LE friends to “Like’ as well. If you have any information you would like posted please send to us at alert.president@gmail.com.
Regional Events
Please consider putting on a regional training event this summer!!.  If you have any questions about hosting an event please reach out to any Board Member at anytime.
Thank you and stay safe!!

Geoff Bush
ALERT International President
A.L.E.R.T. International is dedicated to the encouragement and correlation of research and development as well as the sharing of information, ideas and innovations in the area of emergency vehicle response operation. Additionally, A.L.E.R.T.'s mission is to provide assistance to states in establishing effective and defensible standards for employment and training of law enforcement officers in the field of emergency vehicle operations. Another aspect of the mission is the promotion of a positive, professional image of emergency response trainers.
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