15th Edition | 9th December 2022
The Caribbean Cooperative MRV Hub (the "MRV Hub") is a sustainable cooperative institution for conducting climate change MRV in the Caribbean that generates objective data for use by Caribbean nations.

As part of the MRV Hub's commitment to keeping our members and interested parties updated we are pleased to share with you the MRV Hub Newsletter for December 2022 (15th Edition).

Wiley Barbour, Project Director
Highlights from COP27, Egypt
The MRV Hub enhanced the negotiating teams for Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) at the 27th Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP27) from November 6 to 18, 2022. COP27 saw MRV Hub technical staff supporting their countries in the negotiating streams of Mitigation, Science, and Transparency. The team provided their national delegations with wider distribution to cover critical areas of national and regional interest while also supporting the broader negotiating group of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) in providing their expert opinions and insights into the discussions on other thematic areas such as loss and damage, climate finance, and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (carbon markets).
Amidst the hustle and bustle of the negotiations, the MRV Hub also hosted and participated in several side events.

What are MRV Hub Work Crews?

The MRV Hub Work Crews are:
  • Aimed at increasing the number of specialists dedicated to the GHG inventory teams in the region
  • A key part of the Core Hub Support to member countries
  • Used to develop tools and guidance and increase regional GHG expertise
  • An opportunity for capacity-building and mentoring, peer learning and co-producing MRV outputs for use by each country’s UNFCCC reporting with trained experts

Work Crew outputs support:
  • Filling existing gaps in MRV system components
  • More transparent and accurate GHG inventory reports
  • Improved activity data sets and emission factors for mitigation modeling
  • Sharing of best practices through cooperative work, the production of guidance documents & tools                     
  • Informing domestic policy and priorities
  • Regional institutional memory

New calls for participation will be posted to the website in the New Year! In the meantime, contact info@mrvhub.org if you're interested.

MRV Hub Summer Academy "Capstone" 2022

The 2022 Capstone Summer Academy event took place in St. George’s, Grenada from 3rd – 7th October and welcomed 11 delegates from MRV Hub Member countries, Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis and Trinidad & Tobago.

The theme for Capstone 2022 was COOPERATION, as it is the cornerstone for the model of regional cooperation being created at the MRV Hub and is the catalyst for tackling our toughest challenges. During the program, each participant focused on a specific work package discussed and assigned prior to the training with direction from their respective supervisors. The schedule was intentionally designed with built-in opportunities for hands-on training, individual work, peer-learning, and discussion. Also included were two field-based working sessions, facilitated at Perseverance Landfill in collaboration with the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority and at the Mt. Hartman Dry Forest in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries, and Cooperatives.

MRV Hub Presents at Regional Heads of Government Meeting
The Bahamas

The Bahamas High-Level Dialogue on Climate Change for the Caribbean, held 16-17 August 2022 in Nassau, was held to foster momentum on the road to COP27 and provided an avenue for communicating key messages, actions, and activities that emerged from the Glasgow negotiations. Many of the participants spoke of the urgent need to address loss and damages associated with climate change impacts in countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. Ministers shared lessons learned from previous efforts to manage climate risk and the challenges related to the implementation of existing risk assessment and risk management approaches. A common refrain during the two-day dialogue was a call to confront the lack of traditional insurance options against climate risk for many communities in the Caribbean and proposals for an international mechanism to create an international solidarity fund to compensate communities for damage caused by slow onset climate events, such as ocean acidification and sea level rise.

The MRV Hub Director, Wiley Barbour, addressed the heads of state and other high-ranking government representatives at the Bahamas Climate Dialogue and spoke about the role of the MRV Hub in helping Caribbean Countries comply with the new rulebook and guidelines for data collection and reporting under the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the UN Paris Agreement, and connected that work to securing climate finance for domestic policymaking as well as international reporting.

Collaboration with Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
The MRV Hub facilitated through the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) a series of workshops focused on nine target countries (The Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Haiti, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago) in the CARICOM sub-region participating in the GCF-Readiness Project titled “Strengthening the Foundation for a Climate Responsive Agricultural Sector in the Caribbean” (GCF CARICOM AgREADY, in short).
The first workshop, Virtual Training Programme for Agriculture was held 22nd March – 7th April 2022, and aimed to improve the enabling conditions to design, implement and evaluate options for enhanced climate data collection action in the agricultural sector. The specific objectives of this training workshop were to provide an introduction to data collection procedures and calculation methodologies associated with agricultural GHG emissions, including emissions from both livestock and croplands.

MRV Hub Participates in IKI Exchange Workshop

The MRV Hub presented our unique experiences at the IKI Technical exchange workshop On Engaging the Private Sector in Climate and Biodiversity Action held virtually November 29, 2022.

Speakers during the event included Sören Kirstein, Coordinator of the IKI interface project for Central America and the Caribbean ACCION Clima, German Development Cooperation GIZ; Berit von Kurnatowski, Policy Officer at KC4 – International Climate Initiative, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK); Iván Delgado, Director of Climate Change Directorate, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica; and, Annelie Janz-Huber, Policy Officer at KC4 – International Climate Initiative, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

The objective of the workshop was to exchange experiences and lessons learned between IKI projects, their partners, and other relevant stakeholders and to identify potential for synergies. The forum provided useful opportunities for networking as well as highlighting ongoing work in the region and the most effective ways to communicate, engage, encourage and sustain interaction with stakeholders from the private sector. The MRV Hub was able to share our applied and successful model of capacity building through cooperation and meeting and working with stakeholders “where they are”.

Caribbean MRV Event Calendar

The MRV Hub and its network collect and post events relating to climate meetings and events in the region. This "Caribbean Event Calendar" has been created and is posted on our webpage.
Please feel free to send us any important dates we may have missed or as events and meetings are announced.
Meet the MRV Hub Network

Kalifa Phillip is a Technical Support Associate with the Caribbean Cooperative Measurement, Reporting, and Verification Hub (MRV Hub). Kalifa supports the Modelling and Projections Programme in assisting countries with conducting mitigation assessments to complete various UNFCCC reporting requirements. She also supports the coordination and organization of MRV Hub capacity-building events, outreach with member countries, and performs other administrative roles.

Kalifa is a Grenadian national, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical & Process Engineering, from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago. During her tenure at UWI, she conducted research into various climate change decarbonization technologies, industrial symbiosis, and desalination practices. As a member of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) Grenada, she is an advocate for climate action throughout the Caribbean. Her advocacy efforts are highlighted through her committed involvement in CYEN’s project entitled: Improving National Capacity for Sustained Engagement and Action of Climate Change (SEAC) Project, in Grenada. This project aims to equip young people with the tools and skills necessary to advocate for local climate action.

Previously, Kalifa worked in one of Grenada’s leading financial institutions where she acquired knowledge of financial management and customer service. This experience has equipped her to serve as the Rotaract Club of Grenada’s Finance Director (2022 – 2023).

One of her life goals is to find innovative ways to contribute to the development of Grenada’s Energy & Agricultural sectors, and by extension the Caribbean, utilize both academic and non-academic knowledge. Outside of work, she enjoys dancing, cooking, hiking, and exploring new restaurants/cuisines.
GIZ: Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change ll (C4 ll) - Call for Proposal 

The MRV Hub is pleased to share this important "Call for Proposal" from our colleagues at GIZ.

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