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"Thank You "  For the Bibles your donations provided to the Canaan Baptist Church Bus Ministry that brings precious souls from the community that would not be able to go to Church otherwise. This will be the first Bible any of these souls will own. "Thank you" 
UnitedStatesBibleSociety: Newsletter
June 1, 2015 

Welcome to the Monthly Newsletter of the United States Bible Society. Our goal is to keep you informed on our Community and Ministry. Below is a word of encouragement, a thanksgiving, a look back, a look forward, our financial statement, and what we need to meet the vision the Lord has placed on our Hearts. Please enjoy and Pray over this Months Newsletter.

Being Transformed
Renewing Your Mind

At my daughters graduation her youth Minister reminded us of the statistics of how many graduates put God behind while they launch out into the World. Our youth today are bombarded with information and it seems that all of this information is having an affect on their thinking and as a result - their actions. In our Daily Devotion Bible Studies we see Paul addressing this issue of the mind. It has been an exciting month as we have traveled through the Book of Romans and started the Book of 1st Corinthians. I love how Paul explains how we can have the Mind of Christ and we can know How to do the Lord's Will. He defines the experience we have when we are Saved with the Holy Spirit indwelling the Body of the Believer. The Saved individual is now flesh and Spirit and Paul explains how we are to walk in Spirit as we mature in Christ. Our Bible is an important key in this process as Romans 12:2 states, And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Our youth today and all believers need to take an account of this battle that is going on in our minds and how we need to acknowledge the Spirit of God in us and renew our minds with daily Bible reading and Church attendance. How about you? Are you being Transformed by the renewing of your mind? Let us learn from the pages of the Bible that explains that we are to renew out minds with His Word to have the Mind of Christ - which will give us the power to present our Bodies as a living sacrifice - to see our lives continue to grow in the Lord even though the world is constantly trying to influence us to walk astray.



Thank You
My Personal "Thank You" 
"Thank You," to all those who are apart of this work as we continue to reach the world. We had another month of large numbers with Webhits, Souls Saved, Bibles Distributed, Devotions Emailed, Bibles Downloaded, Audio Bibles Accessed, and Online Bibles Accessed. It is a total team effort as You Pray, Supply Funds, Make Visits, Answer Emails, Place Phone Calls, Provide Bibles, Deliver Bibles, and Share the Gospel. Your labor is not in vain as I receive mail every day of souls being saved and lives being changed. Let us be encouraged to press to the mark of continuing in the Lord, to do His Will, and His Work in these last days.
Looking Back
The Lord Prevails :  
May was another showing of the hand of God as our site that was totally destroyed was able to be resurrected from the destruction. After much prayer the Lord led us to a source that was able to recover the data to get the site back online. The work that I completed on the temporary site of Bibles4free will now be the new framework for . We will have to repopulate Bibles4free to get the traffic back to the old numbers but we see daily improvements as the numbers are increasing daily. Praise the Lord !!! May still produced high numbers in web hits with 1.7 million and 2,954 Bibles distributed. Financially, our Church Partners gave $14 thousand dollars in the cost of Bibles being delivered but we still did not connect on all request with $3 thousand dollars needed for delivery of Bible Requests that are beyond our Church network. Going forward we are trusting the Lord to meet every need. I never thought the Lord would use us in such a large way but we realize that it is Jesus-Christ doing the work. We Thank the Lord for what He is doing and again thank you for asking the Lord how you can be apart of this Ministry. 

May Results
1,704,457 Web Hits
057 Souls Saved
2,954 Bibles Distributed
1,000 Tracts Distributed
709,279 Devotions EMail
22,879 Subscribers EMail
49.82% Distribution %
2015 Results
9,110,356 Web Hits
1750 Souls Saved
20,128 Bibles Distributed
5,000 Tracts Distributed
2,789,867 Devotions EMail
22,879 Subscribers EMail
48.93% Distribution %

Ministry Results
28,981,731 Web Hits
18,950 Souls Saved
328,470 Bibles Distributed
2,388,400 Tracts Distributed
27,538,512 Devotions EMail
22,879 Subscribers EMail
51.44% Distribution %
Looking Forward
A Better Outreach: 
Our focus will now be to build an automated data base Bible Request Platform to integrate with our growth. I have tested the automated system and can build it but it will take a lot of work. We will leave running as long as the aging framework will support the site. We will continue the to eventually replace on the new html5 platform which will have our new free online study Bible.  This will cost us both time and money. Pray that the Lord will help me balanced with all the details. I know the Lord is in control and will make all things new and better.  Many ask how they can Help: 1-You can Pray, 2-You can Give, We are praying that the Lord would prompt others to help us get to a goal of 100% fulfillment of All Bible Requests. You can make a difference in giving to this Ministry as your spare change will change lives with every $5 donation placing a Bible in the hands of a needy soul.  Prayer is needed more than any financial gift as God is so faithful to meet the needs through the prayers of of the Saints of God. Thank you for Partnering with us. Our goal is to reach the world in Evangelism and Discipleship using the Word of God in Print, Electronic forms, and Audio forms as we fulfill the great commission.  We look forward to working with you this year. Thank You !!
Our Prayer Requests
Please Pray for Us and These Needs: 
Please consider taking our Needs and Requests before the throne of our Lord.

1) Fulfill the Bible Requests.

2) Funding for our Needs.

3) Souls to be Saved.

4) New Converts to be Discipled.

5) Translate obscure Languages.


Please Contact Me with Any 

Questions or Comments, 

Thank You, David Burnette, Director : U.S.Bible Society

Email : | facebook : David W Burnette

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Our Financial Report and Financial Needs

Ministry 501(c)(3) Finance Report for May 


Thank you for viewing our New Finance Report. 
 Financial Report   
Financial Needs

$        096 Beginning Balance
$        080 Donation (Pay Pal-Bibles)
$        200 Donation (BBC-General Fund)
$        050 Donation (CBC-General Fund)
$        748 Donation (RB-General Fund)
$      4000 Donation (SN-General Fund)
$    14770 Donation (Churches-Bibles & Postage)
$    19944 Total Donations + Beginning Balance
($ 14770) Printed Bibles & Postage
($     000) Printed Tracts & Postage
($     767) Gospel Communications
                 352-Internet Service
                 034-Phone Server Fee
                 070-Website Server Fee
                 005-Website App
                 011-Internet Security
                 295-EMail Server Fee
($   1929) Ministry Operation
                107-Vehicle Insurance
                215-Vehicle Fuel
                104-Water Service
                 614-Phone Service
                 332-Power Service
                 157-Natural Gas Service
                 180-Building Insurance
                 035-Vehicle Taxes
                 185-Accounting Service
($      000) Ministry Building & Repairs
                 000-Building Supplies
($      000) Salaries
($  17466) Total Expenses for Month
$       2478 Ending Balance

$ 3,000 Additional Funds to Meet All Requests

To Give

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About Our Finances

Words cannot express our appreciation for all who give to the United States Bible Society. You may Direct How Your Donation is used by placing your preference in the Category in FOR/PURPOSE section of your Check or Online Pay Pal Donation Form. All unspecified Donations will go into our General Fund to be dispersed by need. Please contact us if you have any questions on how we direct funds. As Director, I also contribute to this Ministry and receive no personal support for our work. What a joy it is to give so others can receive God's Word. 

Thank you,
David Burnette
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