7th Edition | September 24 2020
The Caribbean Cooperative MRV Hub (the "MRV Hub") is a sustainable cooperative institution for conducting climate change relevant MRV in the Caribbean that generates objective data for use by Caribbean nations.
As part of The MRV Hub's commitment to keeping our members and interested parties updated we are pleased to share with you the MRV Hub Newsletter for September 2020 (7th Edition).

Wiley Barbour, Project Director
Covid-19 Update
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and affect millions of people internationally and in the Caribbean, The MRV Hub and its implementing partners (WINDREF, GHGMI, UNFCCC’s St. George’s RCC and UNDP) reconfirm our commitment to the region. We stand by our mission to foster regional and technical excellence while generating stronger policy relevant carbon accounting and member country development of green-house gas inventories.
On behalf of The MRV Hub’s steering committee, project staff and partner network we would like to extend our gratitude for your continued efforts in the fight against Covid-19 while always remaining focused on positive and sustainable climate actions.
MRV Hub Summer Academy 2020
The MRV Hub in its role and commitment to developing tools and other regionally-pooled institutional arrangements to support member countries hosted an 8-week online Summer Academy from June 17th – August 5th 2020.

The MRV Hub Secretariat made the decision to space out the original programming schedule into separate delivery sections to allow for online delivery and staggered scheduling. Invitations were extended to the 12 MRV Hub member countries in addition to MRV Hub organizational partners to nominate recently hired or assigned individuals.

Work Crew Update
The MRV Hub has now established its three initial work crews - Forestry and Other Land Use (FOLU), Data Management Systems (DMS), and On-Road Mobile Source. These work crews are an important part of the core support that the MRV Hub is providing to its member countries. The work crews are building capacity among their members through training, mentoring and learning-by-doing. Each work crew will develop tools and guidance, and co-produce MRV outputs for use by countries in their UNFCCC reporting.
Introduction to The MRV Hub Steering Committee
The MRV Hub Steering Committee consists of 8 members from each stakeholder group (i.e. member states, implementing partners, and regional organizations). The current members are as follows:

Chair                       Dr. Lennox Gladden                Representing Belize
Country Member       P.S. Roxie Hutchinson             Representing Grenada
Country Member       Ms. Shanna Emmanuel           Representing Saint Lucia
Country Member       Ms. Rochelle Newbold            Representing The Bahamas
Partner Member        Dr. Carlos Fuller                       Representing 5C’s
Partner Member        Mr. Damiano Borgogno         Representing UNDP
Partner Member        Mr. Vintura Silva                       Representing RCC St. George’s
Partner Member        Dr. Michael Gillenwater         Representing GHGMI

Country Members will serve on a rotational basis allowing each member state to have an opportunity to serve on the committee throughout the life of the Caribbean Cooperative MRV Hub project.

Recent and Highlighted Events

August 27, 2020 | Online: The MRV Hub jointly hosted and participated in the forth virtual exchange focusing the session on accounting and tracking progress for NDCs.

October 6th & 8th, 2020 | Online: How do you set up a cooling strategy in the Caribbean context? This online training consists of theoretical and practical modules. In advance of the training, participants will be asked to pre-collect data within training worksheets. The results will be discussed during the workshop. After the 2-day training, a working group will be established. 

Caribbean MRV Event Calendar
Over the past several months as our team has interacted with The MRV Hub network, we have collected and recorded information relating to meetings and events in the region. A "Caribbean Event Calendar" has been created and is posted on our webpage.
Please feel free to send us any important dates we may have missed or as events and meetings are announced.
Meet the MRV Hub Network

Ahyana Bowen is employed at the MRV Hub, working within the MRV Hub secretariat and developing tools and other regionally-pooled institutional arrangements. She is a Grenadian environmental scientist who holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from St. George’s University in Grenada. She received her master’s degree in environmental science & engineering from the UNEP Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development in Shanghai, China. She is also trained in climate finance acquisition proposal writing and project management.

The MRV Hub Newsletter is issued monthly and seeks to share important information about the Caribbean Cooperative Measurement, Reporting and Verification Hub. If you have items of interest you would like us to share please email us and we will consider including it in the next newsletter.


The CCMRVH is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) supports this initiative on the basis of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag, with additional resources and technical support provided by the UNDP/UNEP Global Support Programme.