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 Pastor Evbota says Thank You for Providing the Ministry Bibles this month in Nigeria.
UnitedStatesBibleSociety: Newsletter
September 1, 2014 

Welcome to the Monthly Newsletter of the United States Bible Society. Our goal is to keep you informed on our Community and Ministry. Below is a word of encouragement, a thanksgiving, a look back, a look forward, our financial statement, and what we need to meet the vision the Lord has placed on our Hearts. Please enjoy and Pray over this Months Newsletter.

Spiritual Warfare
Wake Up and Get Dressed for the Battle

Last Month we faced many challenges as it seems one thing after another was happening against us. It started with our email system being crashed, then hackers attempted to steal our domains in Asia. Couple this with our washer, dryer, hot water heater going out and my frustration level was going up. More situations and circumstances happened in the next couple of days and in prayer the Lord reminded me of the spiritual warfare that we face daily. With record numbers of people we are now reaching we are actual advancing on the enemies territory. We should be expecting an attack, and in doing so, be prepared for enemies advances in our lives. In spiritual warfare we are instructed in Ephesians Chapter 6 to put on the whole armor of God and in Judges Chapters 6-8 we see the account of Gideon and how the Lord shrank his army to those who we alert to the task at hand. In making application we see that we have all the tools needed to defeat the enemy and win the battle if we are dressed and awake to fight the enemy. In getting prepared for spiritual warfare I remember Dr. Stanley would tell us to wake up and get dressed for the battle before we even faced the day. As we put on each peace of our Spiritual Armor we gain awareness of the wiles or tricks of the enemy. How about you? Do you see that you are facing Spiritual Warfare? Don't loose these battles but follow the example of the Scriptures and Wake Up and get Dressed for the Battle.  

Thank You
Your Labor is not in Vain. 
"Thank You," to all those who are apart of this work as we had a record number of Web Hits with 1,435,907 for August. We also had another good report of Souls Saved, Bibles Distributed, Devotions Emailed, Bibles Downloaded, Audio Bibles Accessed, and Online Bibles Accessed. Thanks again, for everyone who Prayed, Supplied Funds, Made Visits, Answered Emails, Placed Phone Calls, Provided Bibles, Delivered Bibles, and Shared the Gospel. Your labor is not in vain as I receive mail every day of souls being saved and lives being changed. Let us be encouraged to press to the mark of continuing in the Lord, to do His Will, and His Work in these last days.
Looking Back
Another Record Month:  
In August we faced many challenges but the Lord is faithful as we again reached more than we ever have for a month receiving 1.4 million web hits coupled with the contacts we make through e-Devotions, Church Services, and email correspondence made our Ministry connecting 2.6 million times in 120 countries. Praise the Lord. I never thought the Lord would use us in such a large way but we realize that it is Jesus-Christ all things are possible. We changed our Email Server to handle the increase volume of traffic and it was a lengthy project but praise the Lord as the new one has a lot more search options to help those we minister too. We Thank the Lord for what He is doing and again thank you for your prayers and gifts. 

August Results
1,435,907 Web Hits
404 Souls Saved
3,876 Bibles Distributed
1,000 Tracts Distributed
757,640 Devotions EMail
24,440 Subscribers EMail
60.03% Distribution %
  2014 Results
    5,494,577 Web Hits
    2112 Souls Saved
    27,133 Bibles Distributed
    7,000 Tracts Distributed
    3,694,769 Devotions EMail
    24,440 Subscribers EMail
    57.84% Distribution %

Ministry Results
14,272,421 Web Hits
15,942 Souls Saved
293,239 Bibles Distributed
2,375,400 Tracts Distributed
21,878,718 Devotions EMail
24,440 Subscribers EMail
52.04% Distribution %
Looking Forward
Our Next Step: 
Still looking forward to getting up and running as our new online store as we will attempt to sell Bibles with the goal of providing more Bibles to ship to our friends where no Church Partner is currently able to reach. We are continuing will continue to fix up our Ministry Office with the goal of hosting more Bible Studies for our Local community with a special thanks to for the funds to complete these projects. We are continuing to work on the Life Application notes that I send in our daily devotion to our commentary section of our Online Bible. This will make each Chapter of our Online Bible a devotion in itself with a Chapter of Scripture, Matthew Henry Commentary on the Chapter, and now my Life Application Notes all on the same page.  We are working out the bugs in our Phone Gospel Message that works with the Tracts we had printed. This allows the caller to hear the Gospel Message and Order a Free Bible from our toll free phone number that is on the tract. We are continuing in the change of our focus from automating our Bible Request Search and Placement with a focus on individual ministry and prayer for each who contact us.   If the Lord lays this on your heart you can give and we will apply the gifts to this specific need.
Our Finances

Ministry Finance Report for August 


Thank you for viewing our New Finance Report. We have divided our Finances into 2 Sections. To the left is the (Bible and Postage Fund) All donations made to this Ministry by mail or PayPal will be placed into this fund. 100% of the donations will go to cover the Cost of Bibles and the Shipping. To Your Right Below, we also have an (Operations Fund) which covers the Physical Costs of Ministry and All of our Electronic Projects from Downloadable Bibles, Bible Translations, Internet Devotions, etc. A Special thanks to and Belmont Baptist Church for being our funding Partner on these Costs. Words cannot express our appreciation for all who give to the United States Bible Society. Funds given are only a small portion that is invested as thousand of Church Partners provide Bibles daily at their cost. As with any Ministry we have costs to provide our services. As Director, I too contribute to this Ministry and receive no personal support for our work. What a joy it is to give so others can receive God's Word. We continue as our Friends Pray and Give. Thank you.
 Bible and Postage Fund  
Operations Fund
$ 0000 Beginning Balance
$ 0050 Donation CBC
$ 5000 Donation SN
($ 038) Bibles & Shipping (USA Por ME) 
$ 5012 Ending Balance

$ 0000 Beginning Balance
$ 0200 Donation BBC
$ 9494 Donation
($ 200) Salaries
($ 267) Insurance-Build.
($ 120) Insurance- Veh.
($ 273) Phone
($ 468) Power
($ 125) Water
($ 211) Natural Gas
($ 039) Alarm Service
($ 143) Internet Service
($ 053) Server-Internet
($ 295) Server-Email
($ 300 )Fuel-Repairs
($7200) Remodeling Costs
$ 0000 Ending Balance
Our Need
We continue as others Pray and Give: 
1) Fulfill the Bible Requests.

2) Funding for our Needs.

3) Souls to be Saved.

4) New Converts to be Discipled.

5) Translate obscure Languages.


We continue as others Pray and Give. Please consider taking our Needs and Requests before the throne of our Lord. If the Lord prompts you to give simply click on the "Give to the U.S.Bible Society" to go to our giving page.


Thank You, David Burnette, Director : U.S.Bible Society

Please Contact Me with Any Questions or Comments, 

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