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               Newsletter - April 2019

Spring is here and it's time to put the spring back into your business.  With the Power of Lightning. 

Make the most of these two insightful features of Lightning Online Point of Sale!

Read on and be empowered.
From retail to e-commerce......Lightning delivers.  

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The 'Sales Journal' report provides
a wealth of information about both store and online sales and is one of the most used reporting tools

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PLUS, you can even select which fields are relevant to your needs.  

Delivery Services
If you're in the Wine & Spirits space and offer delivery services to your customers, now is the time to expand your reach.  Drizly and Minibar Delivery have taken over the market and Lightning has been integrated with them for two years.  From inventory data streaming, reporting analysis, closing breakdown and exporting.   Within Lightning you can even charge a higher online price to help you absorb their fees.  

Take a look.

  Please contact each service to establish an account. 

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