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Newsletter - August, 2013

Stone Swimming Pool Drainers.

The task was set by our customer to produce these wonderful swimming pool drainers in 30mm thick Chollo Limestone. The brief was to manufacture the drainers with strength, functionality, durability and design in mind. Initially we were provided with a CAD drawing of the pool house design from which we carefully extracted each element and set upon designing a series of drainers that would compliment the the structure of the pool itself. 
When the stone arrived at our workshop its was firstly bonded to a piece of 4mm sand blasted Stainless Steel. We then WaterJet Cut approximately 17 slots in each slab before the final profile shape was machined. Each drainer drops flush into a gully around the edge of the pool allowing the water to circulate infinitely. 
Stone Grills 2
Stone Grills

Carbon Fibre Parts
Carbon Fibre Composites. 
Carbon Fibre is a notoriously difficult material to cut conventionally, but here at Aqua Dynamics its like 'water off a ducks back'! We often have the privilege of working with various composite company's that design and build anything from race parts for cars to drones and model airplanes. 
The WaterJet cutting process is by far the best way of machining these type of intricate parts that often also require extremely high tolerances of around + or - .01mm to be adhered to.
The pre-production of Aluminium drill templates is also often necessary because Carbon Fibre has the tendency to de-laminated when pierced. Finally drilling, cutting and countersinking where required. 
We can cut pre-preg carbon sheets in stacks saving 
time and money on repeat parts. 
carbon fibre 2
cc carbon
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