August, 2013
President's Message


Sharon Mitchell

We are just about to begin the most exciting phase of the Impact 100 year. 

The Grant Review Committees have completed their work of selecting the five Grant Finalists, and CIRC (Community Investment Review Committee) has completed its work of confirming the financial viability of the Finalist agencies and proposals.  Additionally, planning is well underway for the Finalist Announcement and the Annual Awards Celebration (AAC), and Recruiting for next year has begun.


This year, we will have the opportunity to select the Impact 100 Grant Recipients from five strong Finalists.  We are fortunate to live in a community that has such vibrant and creative non-profit agencies.  When the Grant Review process began, we had Letter of Intent proposal from 102 local agencies.  These were carefully reviewed, and 45 agencies were invited to submit Grant Proposals.  After serious deliberations including a number of site visits, the Grant Review Committees selected the five Finalists that we will soon meet.


The entire Board hopes that you can join us for the Finalist Announcement on August 6h when we announce the five Grant Recipient Finalists.  This event is always enjoyable, and it is a great opportunity to invite friends and colleagues who may be interested in becoming future members. (This event is free!)


We also hope you can join us for the Annual Awards Celebration (AAC) on September 24th.  This event is the culmination of the Impact 100 year - the opportunity for you to hear from the Finalists, cast your vote, network and enjoy other Impact 100 members, enjoy a delicious dinner, and see which organizations receive our 2013 Grant Awards.  This is also a wonderful opportunity to invite your friends and colleagues who are interested in learning more about Impact 100 and potentially becoming new members.


Please remember to register for these events, and invite your friends today!!!


I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Finalist Announcement and the Annual Awards Celebration.


Warm Regards,

Sharon Mitchell

President, Impact 100

 I'm IN for 2014!


Hard to believe - it's time to start planning for 2014!  We're excited to see that members are committing to 2014 and we ask each of you to update your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram status as you commit to Impact 100 for 2014.  Send an email saying "I'm IN!" to administration@impact100.org and we'll get you set up with this great photo and allow you to share your excitement!  
We are 1/3 of the way to our first grant for 2014 and we'd love to have the first one funded before the Annual Awards Celebration! 


*For every 10 memberships committed to before the Annual Awards Celebration, we'll give away a FREE Impact 100 technical workout shirt!


The IMPACT of Impact 100



In 2011, Impact 100 funded a grant of $112,000 to Stepping Stones to create the area's only weekend respite care program for individuals ages 12 - 17 with severe autism and sensory challenges and who have a coexisting disability in the area of mental health. 


Currently 8 individuals have been identified and are currently enrolled in the program.  Support is very strong for the program and some future goals are to increase the number of participants to 12 in the program and to open the program to girls.


With your grant we designed 5 indoor sensory spaces for these individuals and a 6 outdoor station sensory trail and purchased all of the equipment.  Additionally, because of your grant, Stepping Stones received grants and donations from Push America, Cincinnati Rotary, PNC Reakirt Foundation, Spaulding Foundation, Macy's Foundation, Louise Taft Semple Foundations and the Hunefeld Charitable Trust totaling over $75,000!


The Impact 100 grant allows Stepping Stones to meet a critical need in the community.  It provides 1:1 staffing for the program as well as an onsite nurse, kitchen staff and additional staff member for resources.  As told to Sam Browne of Stepping Stones, "This program has made an impact!  It is a one of a kind program that is being hailed by the Regional Autism Advisory Council, Hamilton, Clermont and Warren Counties Department of Developmental Disabilities, The Kelly O'Leary Center for Autism and most importantly parents...parents needing a respite... a respite for their son/daughter and also a respite for the family.  Without a break, families can fragment and shatter.  It is estimated that the divorce rate is in the 80% rate for families with a coexisting disability."


*we'd love to hear and share more stories - please email them to socialmedia@impact100.org 

Impact 100 T-Shirts
Like to work out?  Like to support Impact 100?  Consider donating to Impact 100 and getting a stylish 'technical' workout shirt displaying the Impact 100 logo on the front and where we're social on the back.  Suggested donations are retail value of $20.  We'll have these available at upcoming events.  Questions?  Contact us via Facebook or email at info@impact100.org. 

One and Done
If you're willing to volunteer for up to two hours helping Impact 100 between now and 
December 15th, please email volunteer@impact100.org.  Volunteers will be needed for 
a variety of tasks ranging from envelope and packet stuffing to helping set up at events, 
to making phone calls.  We promise to say THANK YOU nicely and you'll have the 
gratification of knowing you're helping transform our community!


Member Spotlight

Kim Watts McMillan

Impact 100 Board Member 

Who I am. 

I am Kim Watts McMillan - I am a professional coach and trainer for EIII Consulting, an organization development practice.  I am a retired P&G Research & Development Director.  I am a wife and mother of two young adults.  I am also a chief advocate for motivating students from diverse backgrounds to embrace STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics studies and careers.  


Note - Kim also walked her first � marathon this year - CONGRATULATIONS!


What got you involved in Impact 100?    

Upon relocating to Cincinnati, my friend suggested I join Impact 100 to meet wonderful women and see all the great work being done in our communities. 


What keeps you a member?  

I stay with Impact 100 because I enjoy the camaraderie and seeing the transformational difference being made in the community based on our efforts

Hands On Opportunity


Here's a great opportunity to see firsthand how an Impact 100 grant is making a difference.


The Freestore Foodbank, 2008 Impact 100 grant recipient, utilized its transformational grant to underwrite the expansion of the PowerPack program to more schools.  The PowerPack program provides food to students over the weekend to ensure they have something to eat.  A typical PowerPack contains: canned fruit, 2% milk, cereal, red beans and rice and applesauce.


Join fellow Impact 100 members and families (family members must be 13 years or older to participate) to pack PowerPacks in October to be distributed to students in need.


We expect more details and a registration link for this October event to be included in our next newsletter.

Impact 100 is getting social!

We've always been social and we're getting more so!  You can find Impact 100 Cincinnati on Instagram (Impact100Cincinnati), Pinterest (Impact100Cincy), Facebook (impact100Cincinnati), Twitter (@impact100) and LinkedIn!  Please GET SOCIAL WITH US by clicking on the icons below! Join the discussion - comment & share!




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Sponsorship Opportunity
Interested in supporting Impact 100?  Own a business or want to show your Impact 100 spirit?  Consider sponsoring Impact 100's Annual Awards Celebration - you'll be seen by hundreds of like minded women from our community!  Contact Yvonne Thomas at yvonne@cinci.rr.com to learn more about sponsoring this wonderful evening! 

Upcoming Events
August 6 - 
Finalist Announcement at Wyoming Fine Arts Center
September 24 - 
Annual Awards Celebration at the Mayerson JCC
October 8 & 15 - 
Wine, Women and Wishes
Mark your calendar for either Tuesday, October 8 or Tuesday, October 15th.
Fischer Homes is graciously hosting Impact 100 members and friends at four
locations (North, South, East and West) with wine, appetizers, decorating ideas / trends and a fun evening. More information coming soon.
October - 
Power Pack
December 3 - 
Giving Tuesday


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