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        The Power of Lightning
                                                 By Computer Perfect

               Newsletter - August 2020
Does your store have Curb Appeal?

Curb Appeal has become the mantra of the day! The ongoing pandemic and the need to social distance has resulted in consumers being reluctant to come into brick and mortar retail locations. The majority prefer to use an eCommerce site to place their orders and then curbside pick-up to collect their items. 
NOW is the time for your you to address how you will handle business during the pandemic and in the future.The very first step is to get an e-Commerce site that is fully integrated with your in-store inventory and sales systems. Here is where Computer Perfect comes into the picture. 
Computer Perfect has spent years (and substantial amounts of money) researching and building templates for E-Commerce websites for its key markets. With all the spadework done, putting up an E-Commerce website becomes easy, quick and cost effective for you. 
To be up and running really quickly, we would recommend the Storefront version of our E-Commerce package which will  allow you to showcase all your products with descriptions and prices and enable you to take orders that require curb pick-up. 

Computer Perfect has also revved up the process of developing mobile apps for e-Commerce and is pleased to offer this as an add on feature. 
For more information use the link below to take a look at our complete  E-Commerce offerings on our website. 

Your customers will just love the seamless process of ordering their requirements online and then conveniently picking up their orders via curbside delivery. 

Whoever said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results has obviously never had to reboot a computer.

-William Petersen
Did you hear about the monkeys who shared an Amazon account? They were Prime mates.

Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
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