News - August 2021
Volunteer Highlight: Carol Burgeson

This dynamic lady has a very special connection to the Living Legacy Center: she is Elizabeth Hilbun's mother. She got involved through Elizabeth and Teresa Trull when the center was getting started and served as a director in 2017. She now leads the effort to bring the benefits of the LLC to Mineral Wells, TX.

What are some ways the Living Legacy Center helps people?

 Although the LLC helps many people with legal, financial, and resource needs, I remember two examples of how the Living Legacy Center helped in different ways. These two unrelated persons needed to find their way in the midst of personal crises. 

One began helping by painting and doing needed work at the Cypress North Houston Rd. location. Through many hours of volunteering her creative skills in writing and learning became apparent. The LLC helped this volunteer receive career counseling toward finding a more professional position in social service. 

The other person was a family friend who also did some handiwork after hurricane "Harvey." Through several months of being with our staff he was able to obtain the profession he had dreamed of through his twenties and thirties. 

The LLC helped both of these adults find the right resources to enable them to find the right employment and a more satisfying emotional life.

What do you find rewarding about working with the Center?

Sometimes we tend to look at our particular non-profit organization as having the answer to all the world's problems. Well, it can be a great place to serve God and the community. Other organizations will help too. I think it is important to know that when we work TOGETHER we will make a lot more progress. Let's do that and be happy for being a part of an ongoing successful Living Legacy Center.

What is your advice for other volunteers?

I believe being a partner with LLC can help persons understand that love, perseverance, joy, patience and action are part of the lives of all who volunteer at the LLC. Let's keep on keeping on and remember the best thing we can do is Show Up. God is in charge!

We continue to make donations to the Cypress Assistance Ministries. Our volunteers make it possible to help the local community.

Special thanks go out to volunteers from the engineering firm Freese and Nichols (pictured). They came by on July 31st to clear some flower beds, put down more wood chips for ground cover, and help with general gardening.

The Oasis Garden can always use bagged leaves. We also use coffee grinds and other organic materials for compost. If you have any please bring them.
Events can be reached from the Oasis Garden Facebook page.

August 14 (Sat)
  • It's the August Funky Fest! We will also be collecting donations of school supplies for getting back to school. Join us for a full set of activities from 8 to noon.
  • Coffee and Meditation
  • Cooking Class
  • Kids and Crafts
  • Rubber Duck Raffle
  • Disco snacks and treats

Links to July's Summerfest videos:

Recurring events
  • Farmers Market: the market is open every second Saturday
  • Knitting Circle (Mon, noon - 1:30pm via Zoom)
  • Lectio Divina (Wed, noon - 1:00 PM via Zoom)
  • Time Travelers (2nd Mon of each month, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM via Zoom)
Volunteers Welcome!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others 
— Mahatma Gandhi

Volunteer times are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 8 am to 1 pm, or by appointment.

Contact: Nashley Banister (919) 793-8443