Weather up and down creating a guessing game with harvest...

You all are noticing as well as our farmers that we are having some volatile weather this week. From the high temps and storms of yesterday to the chilly forecast coming up, we're just not quite sure how the harvests will look throughout the week. We do always say that "just like the weather, bag contents are subject to change!" but that will be even more true this week.

Each bag will get either a quart of Seedless Reliance grapes or a few handfuls of pears. So far it looks like the grapes are picking light but pears are coming in nicely. You'll also have four ears of sweet corn, a 3# bag of Yukon Gold potatoes, two acorn squash, a pound of either yellow or purple beans and a pint of cherry tomatoes. You'll all each have a head of broccoli or kohlrabi. We pick those fresh each daily, so we'll need to see how the harvest looks by the time your stop rolls around. Your Greeters should have signage at the table letting you know what's coming for you.

The Omnivores will each get a choice between one of our pasture-raised whole chickens or a pork roast (total pork roast weight between 2-3lbs.) The Vegetarians will get a dozen eggs (Vegans will have apples), some leeks, Longhorn peppers and Heirloom tomatoes.

The Large Shares will get the leeks and the Longhorn peppers too, as well as some peaches. The Large Omnivores will also have a pack of Green Onion Brats. The Vegetarian Larges will have a handful of delicious subs-- rolled oats, apples, an extra head of broccoli/kohlrabi and a pound of flavored pasta from Ohio City Pasta (please ask your Greeter for available flavors.)