This week, you'll all be getting a pretty AND heavy bag: a spaghetti squash, 1 to 2 eggplant, a pint of cherry tomatoes, an onion, two red peppers, 5 to 6 apples (mix of Golden Delicious and Cortland) a bunch of beets and a head of broccoli. The Omnivore Shares will also get a choice between a 1# bulk roll of our spicy pork chorizo or a 1# bulk roll of our Italian Sausage. The Vegetarians & Vegans will get a head of cauliflower and a pound of purple wax beans.

If you get a large share, you'll also be seeing handfuls of pears and some of the season's final Heirloom tomatoes. The Large Omnivore shares will get some cauliflower as well as a pack of pork chops (two per pack, 1-1.5# total), and the Large Vegetarians will get a pint of Tomatillo Salsa and a bag of Shagbark Seed & Mill's Corn Chips.