This week and (very likely next) will be an all vegetarian bag. But you'll have lots of hearty and hefty produce to tide you over: green cabbage, turnips with greens, two red peppers, 5-6 apples, a head of broccoli, a pint of cherry tomatoes and a three-pound bag of sweet potatoes. The Omnivore and Vegetarian bags will also each have a dozen eggs, and the Vegan Bags will have a stalk of Brussels sprouts.

In order to make some lemonade from all these lemons, here are some fun Pinterest Boards and cooks to follow that feature all vegetarian recipes:

The Large Shares with all have two Delicata squash, 8 oz. of spinach, a sleeve of lettuce and a 1# package of Smoked Breakfast Sausage Links processed at Ohio City Provisions: hand-linked, fully-smoked sausages, about 6 or 7 links per package. Contains: pork, water, maple syrup, sorghum syrup, salt & spices, in sheep's casing.

The Large Vegetarians will get a stalk of Brussels sprouts and a choice of cheese instead of the sausage (available cheese options listed at stop.)