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We survived another winter! Thank you for sticking with us. We hope you join us this summer but if not we look forward to seeing you come fall!

If you are joining us for summer the season starts June 5th. We'll see you in three weeks!

See you at the stops,
-Your Fresh Fork Market Team
Notes from the Office
As a reminder credits do not roll over to the summer share! If you have any remaining credits on your account make sure to use them up at the back of the stop or through a special order this week!!!!!!!

If you received a payment reminder please pay online or bring a check to the stops this week. Bring cash or check for extras at the stops. Nothing can go 'on account'. Please bring back your bags too! Thank you!
Featured Products
Mother's Day Brunch Bundle
Perfect for Sunday Morning. Includes a dozen eggs, maple syrup, bacon, blueberries, and corn pancake mix.

Ramp Pesto
Garlicky and delicious. Made with Ramp greens, extra virgin olive oil, flat rock cheese, salt, black pepper. We enjoyed eating it with crackers.

Trevor's Corner
The milk that we offer is non homogenized and minimally pasteurized. We currently carry milk from Paint Valley Creamery, which is the dairy arm of Wholesome Valley Farm in Wilmot, OH. This milk is from an all Guernsey cow herd.

Guernsey cows are renowned for their quality of milk. Old timers and artisan cheese-houses love them. They don’t produce as much milk as modern Holsteins, but the milk they do produce is rich in butterfat and protein. This product is a “true whole milk.” This means that it is whatever butterfat comes out of the cow. Most whole milks are actually a calculated formula of fat, usually around 3.25%. You are probably scratching your head asking why. Well it is simple. If a dairy is putting a nutritional label on the side of the carton, then every carton has to have the same nutrition. If the milk changes in butterfat from milking to milking and throughout the year, then your label isn’t true. So what dairies do is separate the milk first then mix cream and skim milk together to make a 3.25% butterfat milk.

This Guernsey milk product is not separated in any way. It has a very rich flavor with a full mouth feel. And because this milk is from grass grazed cattle, the fats are loaded in good Omega 3 fatty acids, including CLAs. This milk is an excellent choice for toddlers and young children who need the extra fat and nutrition.
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Ramen Noodles
Frozen Veggies (variety)
Stewing Chickens
Green Onion Brats
Ramen Noodles
Frozen Blueberries
Rolled Oats
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