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It's Week 11 out of 15 total in the Winter Share, and it's all slowly beginning to shift towards spring-- farmers are planning, planting, and getting ready for the growing season. This week's bag is filled with some convenient weeknight dinners, custom-made by some of our favorite local producers.

There are just five share weeks left-- two weeks in March (including this one), two weeks in April, and the first week of May. Then we'll take three weeks off to get ready, and then the Summer Share opens on Wednesday, May 30th! If you know anyone who wants to join us for the rest of Winter, they can hop on anytime and we'll pro-rate their share. Send them here to start their subscription whatever week they'd like.

The ground is still frozen, but many of our farmers have already started growing. Some even started in heated greenhouses as early as December and January, but at Wholesome Valley Farm we start (germinate) our seeds in plug trays in a cold frame. We've got loads of flowers (pictured above), tomatoes, peppers, celeriac & celery already going, and melons going in soon. Once they're ready to transplant, we'll move them directly into soil under row cover-- basically a big plant blanket-- to maintain some warmth during cold spring nights.
This week, we have a special, custom Swiss Chard & Feta Ravioli that we had made for you all at Ohio City Pasta. Each package contains 12 ravioli (12 oz total), serves 3-4 people depending on what else you're having and how hungry you are! Cooking directions are included on the packaging, but keep frozen until you're ready to prepare and then toss them into boiling water for 6-8 min and serve right away.

We've paired the pasta with a pint of Ohio City Provisions' House Tomato Sauce, an 8 oz bag of 100% Guernsey Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (Paint Valley Creamery), a pint each of frozen cantaloupe and blackberries (perfect for smoothies, or maybe a margarita for a little taste of summer!), a head of buttery lettuce from Green City Growers, & a pound of dried beans (you may see Navy, Kidney, Adzuki or other types.)

The Omnivores will also get a pack of four juicy Green Onion Brats, and the Vegetarians will get a quarter peck of apples and a dozen eggs. Gluten & dairy-free members-- please check in with your Greeters about your substitution options at the stop.
Edible Cleveland's Spring 2018 Issue

One of our favorite local partners, Edible Cleveland , just put out their beautiful Spring issue. We'll have big stacks at each stop this week, so be sure to take one home with you and read all about the cool foodie-goings-on-about-town!

Payment Reminders

If you got a Payment Reminder yesterday, please make that payment online or bring cash/check to your stop this week. Just a reminder that your account needs to have a $0.00 balance to sign up for summer.

Some exciting news to announce-- we found a great new location close to downtown for our Summer Share! Our new downtown home is at Tyler Village (the location of the Cleveland Flea in the spring, summer & fall.) We're so excited to be moving into this great space, which already serves dozens of local companies, schools, fun stores and more. Click here to see where else we're headed this summer.
Want to pick up a few extras for more meals this week? A few things we have in store that would go great with other items in your bag:

  • Pizza Dough (2 pack, $5)
  • Yogurt (quarts, $5 - $7)
  • Frozen Blueberries (5 lbs for $22)
  • Sunflower Oil (for salad dressing, $5)
Just like the weather, bag contents subject to change!
Omnivore Share

Swiss Chard and Feta Ravioli* - 12 oz
Tomato Sauce - 1 pint
Shredded Mozzarella - 8 oz
Frozen Cantaloupe - 1 pint
Frozen Blackberries - 1 pint
Lettuce - 1 head
Dried beans - 1 lb
Green Onion Brats - 1.25#, 4 links
Vegetarian Share

Swiss Chard and Feta Ravioli* - 12 oz
Tomato Sauce - 1 pint
Shredded Mozzarella - 8 oz
Frozen Cantaloupe - 1 quart
Frozen Blackberries - 1 pint
Lettuce - 1 head
Dried beans - 1 lb
Eggs - 1 dozen
Apples - 5 to 6
* Swiss Chard & Feta Ravioli Ingredients:
Dough - organic unbleached soft winter wheat flour, eggs, salt
Filling - Swiss chard, Ricotta cheese, Feta cheese (pasteurized sheep's milk, pasteurized cow's milk, water, salt, rennet and cultures), caramelized onion, salt & spices.
Bag contents in recipe: Dried Beans
Bag contents in recipe: Dried Beans, Green Onion Brats, Tomato Sauce
Bag contents in recipe: Green Onion Brats
Bag Contents in recipe: Eggs, Cheese,
Bag contents in recipe: Apples, Eggs
Bag Contents in recipe: Ravioli, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Green Onion Brats